Video: Emily Batty Shares Thoughts & Feelings on Olympic Postponement

Apr 20, 2020 at 9:55
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThe longer something goes unaddressed, the harder and more challenging it is to continue moving forward. I've been stuck on silent mode the last couple months, mainly because I struggled to convey how I thought and felt and because things happened so fast. Sharing this video as a conversation starter and to address everything that is going on in the world at the moment.Emily Batty


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 "breaking my silence"

Everyone in the world has thoughts and feelings about this situation, and not everyone is doing 25-minute long(!) (professionally-produced?) talking heads. The ego behind thinking the whole world has been waiting and wondering why _you_ alone are being "silent", is pretty significant. Either that or the need to please the marketing machine that literally runs your life...
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 If you re not interested ...don watch it . She s got a big fanbase and that fanbase want to hear sth whats wrong with that .....
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 Nailed it. This is one of the most pretentious things I've ever seen. Did Ted Williams do an interview complaining about how his baseball career was put on hold during WWII? (where he was a pilot...contributing in incredible ways)

There are far bigger things going on right now. Ego isn't a strong enough word.
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 @JeffreyJim: I'm sorry you feel that way. Just sharing my thoughts and feelings, nothing more and you don't have to watch it.
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 Filming this video has really helped me move forward. As I mentioned in the video, things changed pretty fast and I was struggling to find the right words and message. I'm sorry you feel the way you do, just a girl sharing my story, thoughts and feelings, and trying to do it in a semi professional way. Nothing more.
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 @EmilyBatty: not to be a dick, but you could put something out that comes across more balanced from a "world view" perspective. Most of us have had our lives disrupted in pretty big ways, a number of us unsure how we're going to make ends meet. I'm not sure 25 minutes on this topic is remotely appropriate right now.

Saying "yeah, it sucks but I'm looking forward to things when competition restarts and the Olympics come around next year" is about all there is to say, no?

Encouraging your fans to manage this psychologically well is something you can do. I've been super impressed with riders like Bruni (and others).

Anyone with a voice can connect with their fans in really meaningful ways right now. I don't think this is the best way to do it, but that's me.
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 @JeffreyJim: Appreciate the honesty. This is just a starting point for me - there are many other things that we would like to accomplish like starting a small business relief fund, raising money for all the NFP youth programs that might now survive the downturn, and so much more. I believe everyone is just trying to do their best at the moment and I needed to address my silence before anything. I too love what everyone is doing on social. It's great to see how innovative people have been. Take care.
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 @EmilyBatty: Ignore the peanut gallery.
Thanks for sharing, it was not forced.
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 @EmilyBatty: You all are being pretty harsh. Everyone is suffering in one way or another with this outbreak. It sucks, we are all dealing with it, and making sacrifices in one way or another.

This is a bike site. She is a bike professional. Some folks follow her and want to know whats going on with her training, mental prep. It isn't easy to train up for something and then have the rug yanked out from under you (we are all experiencing that in one way or another whether as athletes or in our profession). For those who want to listen, it is a release from the doom and gloom that we are constantly bombarded with on regular news programs. Her story is her story and you should be grateful that she is willing to share it. And, if you don't like the message, don't watch, or, don't complain just because you don't think she is doing it the way you think it should be done. Make your own video if that is how you feel about it.

Looking forward to Summer riding of any kind. Thanks Emily for taking time to try and connect with your fans.
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 @EmilyBatty: First - apologies, words can seem so much harsher on a screen than would if I could talk to you in person. I don't mean to be so harsh.

You are a great athlete, and I know you are a great person. I've made a number of missteps with my own content over the years. I could have been more tactful, and for that, I apologize.

Keep on keepin' on, good luck in future races this year, stay healthy and kick ass in the Olympics.
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 @Clemson: Yes, for those of you who are not interested? There’s a video where the rider’s handlebars are too wide you can watch instead.
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 @JeffreyJim: Thank you JeffreyJim!
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 @JeffreyJim: Thank you Jeff!
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 This may be partially true, but also may just be an outlet for someone..
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 Wow, this was quite harsh. I didn't watch the full video as I haven't really followed this athlete in the first place. But it seems to me that if she wants to share thoughts and feelings with an audience she already feels connected to then by all means go for it. And yeah this audience has this kind of emotional connection, they can't just absorb the happy stories and reject her if she's got something difficult to say. It is a slap in the face to think you've friends (or well, pen friends) and they slam you when you're open, honest and vulnerable. And it hurts me to see it happen right here.

Emily, take care and all the best.
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 @just6979 -
1. Didn't she say she was getting messages what is going on? People tend to not get messages that people don't want to hear from them, so when someone says they want to hear from you, you talk to them
2. She's from Canada - they all apologize way too much to the point where people from "rougher" cultures feel embarassed.
3. She's an athlete, many of them are self centered. I wouldn't get to where I am with my trolling if I wasn't egocentric. So fair enough.
4. Find the sarcasm.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I wouldn't say athletes are egocentric. They realize their result is a team effort. Especially an athlete on a big team has a lot of people working towards that same goal, to allow this athlete to do well at the races. So the athletes kind of owe it to the team (and they also feel it that way) to give it all they've got. To train, to race, but also to eat, rest and work on their confidence. Now I don't personally know any pro mountainbiker personally but in my mind they've always been quite clear about this. I recall Sam Hill said after the 2008 DH worlds (where he lost time in the finals due to a crash) that he felt he let his team down.

So for an athlete to stay fit, relaxed etc is not something they just need to do for themselves. It is something the team demands too.
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 @vinay: huh, well it's a team effort for Emily in the same way Taylor Swift has a team working for her. Come on... some are more or less ego centric in an extrovert way. Off course. Idea that "narcissism" is a terrible treat is an absolutely ridiculous concept only people with limited introspective can make. So I didn't mean self centered as a derogatory term. Do you listen to music? Guess what, most of them are narcissists, it's just that some feel the need to admit it/ prove it. Emily just did a bloody "speech", did she ask Pinkbike to post it? Maybe, or did tey just find it and posted it. I didn't listen too much to it, but hell I clicked on this and I didn't click on 99% of shit popping up on me on any News site I mistakenly open.
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 @WAKIdesigns: She says below that she didn't mean for it to be on the Pinkbike homepage. She posted it to Youtube AFAICT.
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 @iamamodel: That's what it looked like to me. But oooooooh someone is bummed out because they clicked on a video they didn't like what it is about. Wasn't that an ego centric act?! Accusing others of your own traits is extremely common. I do it too. i don't blame people too much for it.
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 @EmilyBatty: Keep these vids coming. Not everyone appreciates the chance to get a world class athlete's perspective on their cycling life, but some of us do. Looking forward to seeing your journey back to competing once races begin again.
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 @chriskneeland: Let’s just get meta outraged here and bash people who have issues with videos they don’t need to watch... then you can outraged at me being outraged by people being outraged. I listened to most of it because I wanted to know if she has any advice on face masks or other inflammatory subject. I am now Outraged for not being able to be outraged about anything she said. If I was at least a natural medicine guy into essential CBD oils and homeopathy, I could bash her for using antibiotics, but I’m not. It wouldn’t be fair anyways since antibiotics are mushrooms and I love all sorts of mushrooms. But anyways, Emily is using my favorite tires, she posts videos of her deadlifting and doing push-cart sprints, working with a damn buff coach, she’s into Porsches and Redbull - I am 100% behind her whatever she says. My only criticism of her is that bloody awful green postworkout detox drink she made in one of her videos long time ago. I literally bought something like this at some eco holistic shop. Bleh!
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 @JeffreyJim: "not to be a dick"

No ego there...
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 @JeffreyJim: pick a side
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 Hahahahaha brilliant
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 My daughter watched the world cup on Red Bull TV and had just started doing some bike racing of her own last season. We had the chance to meet Emily last year, she's very down to earth and took time to engage fans. Enjoyed the video and hope to see more similar content.
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 @EmilyBatty: ignore the negativity u don't need it right now. Kia kaha
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sorry, I do have heard the name Taylor Swift but I'm not familiar with her work or her attitude. As for narcissism, I don't know and I don't care as my statement was about egoism, which isn't quite the same. Sure I do listen to music and I wouldn't say that there aren't narcissist and egoists among them, but to say "most of them" is a stretch. At least I don't think it is quite the case with the music I listen to. My all time favorite musician was Chuck Schuldiner. I absolutely love the drum work Gene Hoglan did on the "Individual Thought Patters" and "Symbolic" album from his band Death. Steve DiGiorgio performed bass on "Individual Thought Patterns" (and a little bit on "Human") and later on the "The Fragile Art of Existence" album of Chuck's later band Control Denied. Both Gene and Steve have played and recorded on and off (currently on) with Testament too and even though I think they did great job there I've never heard the kind of freedom I can hear on those Death and Control Denied albums. In later interviews I read that Chuck explicitly gave them all the freedom to do whatever they wanted as long as it made for good music. Whereas with Testament Gene seems much more serving. He says he just does as he's asked to do and tries to be the best drummer he can be for them. Obviously what makes for the best music is a matter of taste. Testament definitely sounds tight and massive. I personally prefer the more loose freedom I can hear on the Death and Control Denied albums. What I meant to say here is that Chuck (Schuldiner, Testament has a Chuck too) did care a lot about his music but he wasn't as directive about what and how others should play. And yet at the same time as great of a drummer he is, Gene Hoglan is willing to put himself in the background and serve the band. I suppose the same goes for Steve DiGiorgio though I admit I haven't read interviews of him about his work with Testament. So yeah, I wouldn't consider any of these musicians egocentric. Maybe there are others who are, but these probably happen to be the ones I'm not paying attention to.

At the sports end of the spectrum, there sure may be some egos out there and it sure serves a goal, but again I do think that these athletes are very aware of the team supporting them. Especially with relatively small teams we see in mountainbike sports. Maybe in those big government funded/pushed sports associations it may be different but in the smaller teams we see in mountainbike sports I don't think this is quite the case. Athletes typically speak highly of their mechanics, staff etc. If any ego is too big, I would say it the nationalism surrounding stuff like the olympics. I do understand the event is a big deal for athletes too but as I mentioned before, I hate the olympics. Olympic committees go to silly lengths in the hunger for medals, often over the backs of athletes. And it isn't even just the olympic committees. The audience getting pissed off when an athlete fails to perform. Look at the shit going on in the soccer champs. Do soccer players have an ego? Probably. But this audience that goes ape shit when an athlete makes a mistake in the heat of the moment. A missed penalty shot. "How can you miss a penalty shot? You're being paid millions to score. Booo!" Sorry, if there is one ego too big in sports, it is the national ego.
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 @JeffreyJim: Pick a side and be a dick about it! haha
Seriously though, while you may want to elaborate on our post, there is by no means any reason to apologize for your opinion, I think most people share it. There is a lot bigger things going on here. And who even knew she was being "silent" in the first place?
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 @cky78: I'm assuming her YouTube followers are who she's addressing, not the pinkbike comment cesspool.
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 @vinay: I don’t know why you find “ego” or egoism so derogatory since you seem to be a rather intelligent guy...
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 @chriskneeland: Could be! Good call. You're never too far away from this cesspool though. haha
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 @cky78: I'm only here for the cesspool.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Nah, ego is fine as long as people keep themselves accountable. This national ego shit that goes with the olympics sucks, because people make their ego dependent on the performances of these athletes. If ego is built upon own achievements or at least perceptions of ones own qualities, I'm cool with that.
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 I think the hate here is a bit unnecessary. I think this is pretty relevant, personally. I would love to hear from more pro's on how they are impacted. All of my 2020 plants have been derailed, and it's totally disheartening for me. Stories like this sort of help solidify that we're all impacted - no matter who you are. It gives me another perspective, and I value that. Emily has been pretty candid on her past successes and struggles, and I respect her authenticity. Thanks for being genuine and opening up, Emily. Let's see more of these.
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 Thanks for this! @privateer-wheels It's such a hard balance to address what everyone is going through while not instilling the fear factor, offering a message of positivity, while still being as real and true to who I am. This certainly hasn't been easy for anyone. My heart goes out to the many people who have been deeply affected by this. Thank again for taking the time.
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 *2020 plans* not plants Smile
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 @privateer-wheels: was gonna say all this spare time your plants should be f*cking awesome right now.
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 Emily, you rock. I don’t think you need to apologize so much for your radio silence. Stay well and looking forward to seeing you compete again... hopefully sooner than later. ????
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 Thank you!
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 I’ve not watched the video so cannot comment on the contents but I scrolled down to see the comments, and you know, hats off to Emily for actually taking the time to answer and reply to the comments (both good and bad) fair play.
Stay safe all.
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 @EmilyBatty Really neat to see you responding to the comments, including the rude ones with humility and grace. Those who follow you know what you're about. I've seen your work as a member of the Durham Mountain Bike Association (So thanks for all you're doing there, and around the Province). It's very refreshing to hear from you, and you certainly don't owe anyone an apology. Whatever you're status is with racing, it's not always the podium results, it's what you're doing along the way and you're such a great ambassador to the younger generation but I'm glad to hear you are getting back to the top.
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 Well done Emily, being open and honest and sharing feelings can help not just you but those watching in isolation all over the world. Stay positive, stay at home and stay healthy everybody
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 Awe Thank you! @BigAge
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 Lot of uncertainty of the near future of racing. Without coordinated widespread testing by the all the countries there is no real plan except to wear masks and wait for a vaccine. Nothing wrong with being silent on social media during these humbling times, much of the goofing off on Instagram seems oblivious to the fact that thousands are dying every day and people are losing loved ones.
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 I really don't get this sentiment. People are ALWAYS dying, so what makes these deaths more important? Why must the world go around being all somber and mopey, what is the performance for? I get it, the world is changing and things are serious in some places, but this sort of mandatory guilt is ridiculous.
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 @dirtyburger: People are always dying but people aren't always unnecessarily dying.
Less than 3,000 people died on 9/11 and yet almost 20 years later people say never forget 9/11. Over 50,000 people are going to be dead in my country because of the incompetence of our federal government dealing with coronavirus and yet we are supposed to not care now as loved one's die?
How are all the supposedly pro-life people all of a suddenly so anti-life?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Not sure about the pro/anti life thing is about as I'm not from freedom land. I reckon you'd be hard pressed to define a "necessary" death, hence the term unnecessary means very little to me. Nature is powerful and should be respected, viruses happen and are a part of it. There's hardly a perfect response when responding to unprecedented natural events in-situ, as such, blaming governments Is a bit much. Everyone is doing what they think is best.
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 @dirtyburger: A government's #1 priority should be to protect the health of its people so many governments deserve blame and should be held accountable. Im some cases criminal prosecution will be clearly justifiable.

You may not know anybody who has died yet but you eventually will. The normal human response when lots of people are tragically dying is humility and sadness, were you raised by emotionless robots or something?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I disagree with your first point, if that were the case then all "non-essential" operation of motor vehicles would be banned.

While it is statistically improbable that I know someone that has died from that virus specifically, I have experienced loss of life. I simply do not rank the "tragicness" of natural deaths. Again, people are always dying, just because it's not on the news doesn't make them any less significant, and it would be unreasonable to expect the entire world to act in a way that you may think it appropriate for all these deaths.

Either way, just my view though. Peace.
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 @dirtyburger: Sorry but if you don't think a government's #1 responsibility is protecting it's citizens your priorities are dead wrong.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: IMO "protecting", and "protecting their health" are two different things. The latter is a subset of the former.
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 @dirtyburger: What about "protecting lives"? Is that not the subset at the top of the list?
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 @dirtyburger: Yeah it's a subset and a damn important one. Get a clue idiot, when we get into a world wide depression because of this, do you think your soulless priorities are going to be of any help?

Also your point about motor vehicles is just retarded. Most modern countries take significant measures to protect both the safety AND HEALTH of drivers.

Peace? F off I have no respect for your careless opinions.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I upvote your reply and you respond with insults. Excellent, have a nice life mate.
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 @dirtyburger: Your attitude represents the carelessness that got us into this mess and the carelessness that continues to make it worse. Your attitude puts my loved ones lives at risk so F off.
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 Huge fan from the USA. So glad to see you again and I'm looking forward to seeing you regain your dominance in the highly competitive women's field. Last year was tough but you again were National champ and in my opinion rode well in the world championships. Not bad for an "off" year. Get healthy and get back to kick'n butt!
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 Thank Eric! Really appreciate the words and encouragement. Take care and hopefully we will cross paths on the trails sometime soon.
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 "We need to desperately rely on each other, and I think that's why it was so hard to eventually get to filming"

That's kind of why this whole this alienates/upsets some people, because most of us aren't trying to "get to filming" our "responses", because we have regular jobs (or maybe currently no jobs) and can't just throw on a sponsor hat in a video and get paid. We're just living through it, working from home, Zooming with family and friends (relying on each other), trying to keep fit without getting hurt or violating physical distancing guidelines.

"because I feel guilt about wanting to share my feelings"

Guilt about the feeings? Like, "stupid virus, messing up my plans because I was feeing good!". Well, guess what, that's pretty much EVERYONE! So don't feel bad about that.

Or guilt about wanting to share them? That' might be another thing that makes this whole vid a bit unlikable: everyone in the world wants to share their feelings, that's why "Zoom" became a verb almost instantly. Everyone is talking to friends and family about the situation. I talk to my wife about it pretty much everyday, and she works in a hospital in infection control so there is way more than some race results on the line for us. I'm terribly sorry if you feel a public video pronouncement of your feelings is the only thing that will help you feel good... maybe talk to your friends and family more.

"and not addressing it early, it just got worse and worse"

So I guess I don't get why some simple "Yeah, I was in hospital with an infection, but it wasn't COVID-19, and I'm OK, and so is my family" responses to inquiring folks on social media was not good enough. I have friends with family members who actually died from COVID-19, and not one of them has yet put out a 25 minute video about their feelings. There is a group text or a social post at the most.

So maybe I'm taking this a little personally, but maybe if the Redbull hat wasn't there (you got PAID for this: social media posts/responses don't pull in sponsor money without hashtags, but I guess that would be just too blatant), it wouldn't feel so... insincere. Yes, I 100% understand that the answers were very probably sincere, but it just doesn't feel that way. It feels like the "radio silence" became a build up until something slick could be created and draw tons of headlines and exposure.

"if you want to look at it as an opportunity"

NOPE NOPE NOPE. There was never anything stopping you from talking with your family and friends. Would you say it was an "opportunity" when someone dies and you see extended family or old friends at the funeral? NO, because you're at a funeral and someone has died! Shit, currently there probably wouldn't even be a physical funeral for more than immediate family, so even if you did consider that an "opportunity", well, that's gone for the time being

Also would help if we could hear the questions from behind the camera.
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 @just6979 Hey Justin White, I understand things are stressful. I, too, have family on the front lines. I feel sport is not above any of this, which is why I went quiet. I put the video out for all of my supporters, who I haven't updated until now. I never had intentions of it making the PinkBike homepage. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but maybe look for the good as opposed to the bad? If you need someone to talk to, message me personally on Instagram. I'm here for you, man. Things will get better.
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 That was windy for my wind bag lungs. But I see your point. Kind of tired of hearing from people who have a platform on high to speak from. I am done giving a shit about feelings, I’m just to exhausted. (I think we all are to some degree) if some girl wants to put on make up and wear a golf hat and try to reinstate her importance, go ahead, sweetheart. I don’t give a shit if you put out a video or don’t say a word about this weirdo thing. I just want normal.
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 I really don't think you need to apologize silence just as much as I don't think it's your responsibility to address the current issues we are all facing; you're getting some heat because of the title sounding like you thought everyone was expecting this from you.

Your job is to race bikes and you're darn good at it. I've been following your social media activity for over a year now and I know you're not full of yourself and that you always have good, positive vibes and you wear your heart on your sleeve; the average pinkbike reader doesn't have that context so I can see how this could have come off a little egoish. It's hard to be in the spotlight and have shade thrown at you like this.

It's good to hear from you again and that you're feeling better, can't wait to see you battle it out with the other competitors in 2021! Good luck!
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 Thank you for understanding.
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 Can't believe this video is making y'all batty! Emily, thanks for sharing. This American will be rootin' for a Canadian this coming Olympics!
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 To everyone complaining:

She is a public figure and has a following (at least in cycling); Im sure part of her job is doing this type of stuff. Her fans like to know what’s going on and she has a outlet to do this.

No one wants to know what’s up with your family... no one wants to know what’s up with my family. Not being special is a hard truth that many can’t accept. Get over yourself.
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 Emily is great and hopefully she takes all the time and breaks she needs.
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 Thanks you for supporting!
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 @EmilyBatty: of course! I’m sorry you have to deal with these rude people on here. As you said in your video we’re all going through this and you’ve been very open by sharing your experience. Hang in there.
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 A bit harsh - at least she has the courage to engage some of the Critics. I met Emily in 2014 at the meribel DH/XC World Cup. I think she had just finished checking out the course so I introduced myself and started asking how she was, did she like the course and questions about her bike. She was so helpful and friendly and I thought authentic. I asked her how light was the bike? She handed it to me and I picked it up - it was light! Then she removed the garmin computer from the bike so I could feel the “ true weight” without the garmin - it made me laugh ???? sometimes the little things people do stick in you’re mind! I enjoyed the video Emily and I am glad you and your family are well.
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 @EmilyBatty . You had a responsibility to your fans, its part of your job. Everyone should understand that. Your timing may not have been the best but certainly there were kids and followers out there that enjoyed hearing from one of their hero's - no matter the content. There certainly are some take away's for you here but continue doing what you believe is right. No one has any answers to this thing. We are all effected and all trying to react, cope and forecast something that no one has ever dealt with.
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 Just curious, did your power to weight ration from 18 to 19 and your watts change that much? Or is the field really that tight front to back?
  • 7 0
 Thanks for the question! Both my fitness and ideal race weight was off all together in 2019. It was a challenging year on a few levels to be quite honest + the pressure of trying to qualify for the Olympics at the same time just compounded everything and especially after 2018 was so good.
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 @EmilyBatty: I appreciate you staying around to answer people's questions and respond to statements l, both positive and negative. It will be good to get things back to (more) normal. I hope we get some kind of season this year. Can't wait to see you have again.
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 @EmilyBatty don't say you want a top 3.. We want you to win!! Claim it.
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 lol! so true, something I have always struggled with.
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 The audio from the person asking questions was very low and hard to hear,although I could easily hear Emily. Seemed like he wanted to hear himself talk truthfully, too long and winded for me. Thanks for sharing!
  • 1 0
 Thanks for sharing. Honestly stole the first sentence of your captioned statement to describe my sentiment towards work right now. You’re an amazing athlete and you’ll get back on top of the field again.
  • 1 1
 @EmilyBatty Love on those puppy’s of yours, I know you will. They know something is going on and all they want is to love us through it (and get back out on the trails). Keep on rocking it girl, loved this interview. Can’t wait to see you back with everyone!
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 lol, Emily Batty is straight up lurking in her own posts comment section.
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 Bro she said in the video she was watching social media even if she wasn't posting alot.

Emily - I'd highly recommend avoiding pinkbike comment section if you're looking for support or encouragement. If you aint rocking Minions, baggies, full face and a dropper you're gonna get blasted fo sho.

Welcome to Thunderdome! Smile
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 @davidccoleman: I wasn't saying it was a bad thing, just the thought of her sitting at home constantly refreshing her browser to see who she can respond to is pretty funny. I'd honestly be doing it too if the rolls were reversed.
  • 12 0
 I wouldn’t say lurking more like having a conversation. Unfortunately the jerks are out in full force.
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: 100% agree. There is a level of humility and humbleness to taking the time to address comments and commiserate with anyone feeling the same way, down here in the comments. Not a lot of pro's will truly open up, or take the time to converse about it. Its nice to see - or at least I think it is.
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 @privateer-wheels: well said! She’s done absolutely nothing wrong. People are strange.
  • 3 0
 Yep I am still waiting for the first win as well. Thanks for sharing.
  • 3 3
 This is great news. I'll be sure to relay to all the ICU patients in my hospital that the Olympic competitors who ride bikes for a living are finding ways to move forward.

#mystory #blessed
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 I appreciate you staying around to answer people's questions, both positive and negative. It will be good to get things back to (more) normal. Best of luck to you.
  • 2 0
 Good stuff, big respect for putting this will hopefully be all behind us soon...
  • 3 0
 She also replies to a lot of your comments... Not many pros do it.
  • 1 0
 Emily has been a part of some really exciting races and I hope she finds the front again!
  • 2 1
 She’s like the Josh Bryceland of XC, everyone’s anticipating and rooting for her 1st win!
  • 1 0
 Sweet Jesus there is a god
  • 4 4
 Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast...
  • 1 0
 She's 31 bois
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