8 Unique Bikes From Eurobike 2019

Sep 6, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

FRM's Anakin full-suspension bike uses a unique type of carbon said to be extremely lightweight. It's baked at a lower temperature for 6-hours in the mold and comes in at around 10kg (22 lb) with an SRM powermeter. Price? 11,390 EUR.

Hillstrike have retrofitted their snow bike with wheels and an electric motor for navigating the perilous halls of Eurobike.

This is Max. His bike appears to have zero pedal feedback although we weren't allowed to see the suspension's workings beneath the cover.

Alutech Cycles had their Fanes bike fully decked out with DVO and e*thirteen components.

Kate Courtney's shiny silver Scott Spark RC.

Early Rider's Hellion brand has a line of hardtail and full-suspension kids' bikes.

King Bike Co's Rewind Play has a loud color scheme going on.

These folks took one heck of a trip to get to Eurobike and have a full-on touring set up. Complete with a four-legged passenger.


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 So , if you switch the head and seat tube #'s around on the Anakin, you'll have something current.
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 @j-t-g: DON'T TRY IT!
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 @j-t-g: Its over Anakin, I have the higher seat tube angle!
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 Try spinning, thats a good trick.
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 Always amazed how easy is to brainwash us Americans. Go ride a “trail country” bike on your “long” strava 16 miles ride. Leave these “outdated” bikes to people that race or ride 40/60 miles in a shot. A nation that believes every single bs on the media. Wonder why they dont teach adequate math, history and critical thinking.
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 @RedRedRe: 16 miles?!!
I dont do epics.
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 Don't try jumping the Anakin unless you're on the high ground.
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 Certainly don't try riding it through sand.
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 WHAT IS THE DOGS NAME? Three shots of a bike with a 90 degree head angle that costs as much as a nice car and no info on the dog?!?
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 King,,,,,err Klein.
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 The cable routing is the opposite of Klein though
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 I feel like bike marketing guys have just been waiting for years for a material like carbon. Sure it's been around for a while, but the technology to make it slightly different hasn't. Slight alterations here, different weave there, 2% stiffer (0.02); bam, double, triple, who knows, maybe 8 times the price.
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 I don't trust anyone who buttons up his jacket like that.
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 i don´t know what max thinks or how tall he is.. but it seems max´s bike is a bit too small for him.. i guess?
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 ''a loud colour scheme''. No, it has a Klein colour scheme going on.
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 FRM's not trying hard enough, 10 kilos for $11000?! Hardly a record is it?
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 Love the styling on the King. Looks like a rad getting around bike.
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 Just got my son a early rider a week ago. Guess I ll have to sell the car and upgrade him to full sus now.
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 Hey guys, Early Rider = Little Shredder. Pretty cool they are doing a bike in a box here. Any clue on the cost and suspension spec?
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 Nice, how about you take that sweet new carbon baking technology and use it to make a bike that isn't ass-backwards and 10 years old.
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 need to up the coverage on ski bikes ! I am all in!!!!! after 1 run you will be too!!!! converted or factory !
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 Alutech Cycles has a nice looking bike.
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 The original Fanes 6 (not this e-bike version) was released a year ago. Indeed looks really slick with cable routing Rocky Mountain could learn from (the bit where it transfers from front to rear triangle). It also has a NFC chip built in for measuring your bike geometry.

Seems like they also discontinued their ICB2.0 recently. Was a cool sensible bike. Wonder if they (or their community) have a ICB3.0 brewing up.
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 An e-snow bike.. a snow e-bike?? Whatever it is it is proof we are living in the matrix
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 Pretty sure I blocked e-snow-bike content.
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 @shotouthoods: stink bike lies more fake filters just like their fake accounts and Views to sell to advertisers
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flag pinnityafairy (Sep 7, 2019 at 6:11) (Below Threshold)
 More proof stink bike is grabbing at every advertising dollar possible whether their readers care about it or not. They would pry the gold out of their grandmother's teeth if they thought they were batteries in it and it would make you chew the bulshit they push.
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 @pinnityafairy: This is a free website for you ... so what are you bitching about? Go elsewhere.
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 @modcitizen: you're entitled to your opinion even if it is wrong. Quite the impressive profile you have posted I assume your riding skills are as good as your profile. Smack and b******* stalkers always want to hide behind a naked or fake profile too scared to come out and show who they are. Cheers enjoy your E toys I hope you get lots of pleasure sticking them under your ass.
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 these were meh, except that one off bike that was rad. rest were bland
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 King completely inspired by Klein!!
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 Looks like Anakin must go up to the high ground.
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 I'll let you in on a little secret Its pulleys, dingus. Just another engineer hunk, trying to preddal his technology.
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 @ Daniel Sapp this site for bicycles not electric mopeds. Please find somewhere else to post toys for underperforming oversized pathetic examples of humanity. This site is for bicycles not motorized electric mopeds.
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 Is that the DVO Jade X on the Alutech Cycles bike?
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 Rewind Play looks like a Klein
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 What bike is Max riding?
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 His company name is Norland cycle
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 That rear end looks like it would flex like crazy.
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 @kusa: thanks
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Man, that Max guy is a crazy cat. He’s been at Eurobike for years, just walking around talking about his bike to anyone who’ll listen. I don’t know what his end goal is - whether he’s trying to sell bikes or sell his designs to a manufacturer, who knows.
Either way, don’t make the mistake of making eye contact with him - you’ll be there for an hour...
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 Those Spengle wheels need burning.
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 ...and those under/over the chainstay mech & brake cables need attachin'!
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 That mullet is so hot!

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