Full Video Highlights: Black Sage FEST 2018

Aug 28, 2018
by Fest Series  

bigquotesThanks to Kyle Jameson for coming together with me on this idea of bringing fest to Oregon. I’d say it’s going well and has some potential for more madness in the future! Also huge thanks to Clay Porter & Metis Creative for slaying this video. Couldn’t do it without 10 Barrel Brewing, Oregon Dirt Park, Red Bull, Host Campers, & Oregrown.Carson Storch

Sunset trains were becoming common place by the end of the night.
Sunset trains.

The superboob was a rider favourite section. So many scrubs. Black Sage 2018.
Bas on the superboob.

Local boy event organizer and crowd favorite Carson Storch.

Dustin Gilding flip canning the biggest jump on course. Black Sage 2018.
Dustin Gilding.

Aggy wipping to the moon. Black Sage 2018.
Classic Aggy.

Jordie Lunn put down his signature corked 7 on the trick jump. Black Sage 2018.
Jordie is a nut.

Mentions: @TheFEST @carson-storch @redbullbike


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 Everyone's an effing critic. Wicked video, different take vs normal fest vids but you gotta switch it up to keep it fresh. MOAR Clay Porter pls!
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 Hmm interesting reactions. I mean I love me a good thrasher metal ripping fest recap vid, but I thought this was equally awesome even though it was different. Those jumps are almost as big as the balls of the people sending them, and the tricks were sick. WTF even was that at 4:53..no foot can to indian air?! Insane. Kudos to Carson and Kyle for putting on another unreal event.
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 dang, that moto-whip was less of a whip and more of a 240 and then reverse.
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 In the back of my mind I was like "That CGI is terribly done, real motorbikes don't move like that".
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 @Pedro404: amen. I was like “nah.... oh wait... hang on... ???? “
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 I really liked the edit and the music! A nice change from the usual Fest edits.

One questions, where was Andreu Lacondeguy?
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 Epic!!! And I was asking the same question to myself...
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 You can tell it's a Clay Porter edit because the riders rarely take off and land in the same clip. Not as bad as others I've seen from him (coughDeathGripcough) but it still irritates me. I know I sound pedantic and I can just watch other videos, but y'know, ripping on people who are better at something than you is what the internet is for.

That's why I love Alex Rankin videos. He documents something that happened because it was rad, instead of trying to make it look all artsy fartsy and cutting out half the clip becasue the slo-mo takes up too much time.
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 Yeah its odd to me how a number of people jump on it like its the greatest edit ever and poetic simply because of the music with a silly nonsense voiceover and most of the clips being slow-mo. It looked like he randomly dropped clips wherever and not once was an entire trick shown or more than a fraction of the jump line. The massive front flip shot, one of the banger tricks of the session, the rider was halfway cut off with the clip ending before he was close to landing. It wasn't the worst edit ever but damn, what a missed opportunity.
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 needs more metal, bit mellow for a fest video
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 Weird vibes for sure. But it provided me the headspace to reflect on how truly massive and mental these jumps and tricks really are. I kept waiting for the last minute or two to switch back to raging metal distortion though!
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 Actually I was like, finally a Fest video without that annoying music. ha!

(downvote suit on)
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 @Billjohn6: Positive spin. Just a pinch of metal or chaos though?
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 I may be out of the norm, but I thought the cinematic tune was pretty on point for this high-flying rad af ballet in the air.
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 The music is whatever, but I can't stand random shots of a rider in slow motion in the middle of the trick. Everyone who edits a MTB video should watch a skate or BMX video first and take notes. You won't see a cut to the middle of a guy going down a staircase without showing the takeoff or the landing. If you want to mix it up with elevator music that's cool, but it's a video about people doing jumps, at least show them taking off and landing.
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: Yeah I'm kind of with you on that... I kept thinking it was only going to be like that for the intro but it just kept going.
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: exactly! Fest is aboot huge jumps!
Apparently with no take offs or no landings.....
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 @dave1234: Agree, piano worked well with the slo' mo'. Awesome as usual, more FEST through the year please!!
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 Best riding in the world stands out even more against that soundtrack, rather than the typical banging beats. Best edit I've ever seen, by a long shot...Storch for President. Jamieson for Secretary of Awesomeness. Porter....Ghandi?
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 That gave me the chills ! Poetry in Motion. Best Contest Video ever. Im so pumped, i need to Trash something in my Livingroom
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 gave me goosebumps.. i like, super stoked
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 People complain about everything instead understand. Music was just perfect for the mood of the video. Fantastic!
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 Last years Black Sage edit is probably my favorite edit of all time. Hard to beat perfection.
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 wait, didn't this happen in may? and its just hitting the front page now? i don't mean to be critical but that seems odd
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 Well. That was nothing short of beautiful. I like the normal thrash-metal Fest videos, but this one with all the slo-mo really lets you appreciate the shapes that these guys are throwing. Absolutely superb edit from Clay.
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 Who died?
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 Best Comment.
2nd place: Where's the metal?
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 This video's great. The Fest guys have created a playground for superheros where everyone wins.
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 Great vid. Cool angles, and good timing with the video and audio. Bomb a$$ riding, too, of course.
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 F@ck the haters, art inspires... slow motions are sick, Jordie is nuts.
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 Where's the metal..........?
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 Everything that happens at 1:06 is perfect. Well done.
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 Nice work! I like the change of pace with slow-mo, down tempo music and a story line!
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 That was beautiful......amazing job dudes.....loved it!
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 Solid group of riders
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 WOW, normally I’m not a fan of slow motion or music in these vids....BUT.....this was pretty much perfection!
Well done.
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 Carson for president
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 Bike-cheks pleasssse Wink )
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 Seriously, anyone remember this:
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 Cmon guys, we all have different musical tastes, but Clay Porter nailed it, stunning vid.
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 Sponsored by Moldgrown
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 So sad, Oregrowns rep is forever tarnished... haven’t been in there in 7 mo. Gross.
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 Well, this is fucking beautiful.
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 the best edit so far; I like this combo: soft music and hard riding. music is there as a great background to that bike riding. awesome!
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 Prognarcore to the gills. Bro-bra’s and core-ha’s
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 Might have well have used that god awful
Big Grin
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 A true master class on how to stretch out one minute of content into a seven minute snooze fest.
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 a friend who doesn't ride walked into my place as i was watching and wanted to know....." why is this edit sofa king pretentious?...".....
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 @stacykohut: Because they're not out there to push their limits and have fun, they're like out there to be inspirational superheroes that fly around more majestically than any human ever has. This isn't just riding a bike, this is like painting a Picasso! Its art in motion!

Oh shit, I dropped my fake reading glasses into my latte. I hope I didn't get any foam on my man bun....
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 Totally SICK..SICK SICK...
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 So so cool and fun. Can't wait until next year.
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 Thank you!
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 I rewatched this with some credence clearwater revival over it made way more sense
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 wow ! a fest vid without the usual hair metal music! still way awesome!
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 This was awesome. Wicked riding and different video style. Loved it
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 That video was awesome. I need a still of that last Storch 360 in the sky.
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 Can we get a better music selection, like some Metallica, B Sabath, even throw some Hip Hop in their?
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 Like in every fest video besides this one? LAME
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