Interview: Myriam Nicole Spent Most of the Race Season on Crutches

Sep 1, 2019
by Sarah Moore  
It s good to see Myriam Nicole s death stare in the start hut once again.

Myriam Nicole won World Championships as a Junior and has won medals in the Elite field multiple times, but had never pulled on the rainbow jersey as an Elite until today. After a serious foot injury in April had her off the bike for four months, it seemed unlikely that this would be the year she would finally win World Championships. Against all odds, starting with over a dozen riders still to go, she lay down a time that couldn't be beat. She finished just over a second ahead of Tahnee Seagrave, who was also coming back from an injury of her own. Myriam Nicole's French teammate Marine Cabirou rounded out the podium with the bronze medal. I caught up with her immediately after the event.

Has the win set in yet?

I still can’t believe I won. That wasn’t the plan after these last six months of bad, bad, bad times. With the team, with the coach, everyone made it to do a good comeback. We didn’t have pressure, I just wanted to be back on my bike and feel good.

So this was your first big race in a year after injuring your foot in April. How did you make such a strong comeback to become World Champion?

Finally, after all this work, I was a bit pissed off on training every day. I didn't want to go to the gym anymore. I was like 'I just want to race'. So I was just so happy to be on my bike. So I think everything went well because I was so happy to be back. You know, during the season, sometimes you're like 'I don't want to see my bike anymore' but not right now. I love it so much and I want to ride so much.

Myriam Nicole is back with a bang riding to the qualie win by over 2 seconds after a long time away.

What kind of physio have you been doing?

At first, I had two months of crutches, so I was not allowed to put my foot on the floor. Two months is really long. Then I had another surgery in June. After that surgery, I went to an athletes rehab center in France and we did things like learning how to walk again. Saying that I feel like I've forgotten where I've come from. It was two months ago I was learning how to walk.

When did you first get back on your bike?

The 5th of August.

Myriam Nicole hasn t been hanging about this weekend. She looks to be back up to speed already.

Two weeks ago at Crankworx, you didn't do those finish line jumps. And you didn't do them here either. Why was that?

There are two reasons. I have had many crashes on jumps so I'm not confident to do these. It's not like I had a lot of time on my bike so I don't have the confidence. The second reason is I'm scared to case it and hit my foot again. That would be quite bad. On the bike, I don't feel it, but right now it's painful. I can't wait to put some ice on it. I didn't do them as well today, that was the plan. I knew that I lost because of that, well I had made my choice. But I didn't want to go to the rehab center again.

Why do you think the French team is so dominant?

The sport is getting more professional and we’re doing the right job. Me and Loic have the same coaches so I think we’re doing good work. There is such a good atmosphere and everyone is pushing.

Myriam Nicole drops back into downhill action here in MSA.


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 I saw her drink a full bottle of champagne right after her win, the real win here is how fluent she is in this interview.
  • 5 0
 Damn right! She made it look easy (talking about the bottom up Smile ) !!
  • 4 0
 I came here to make that same comment. I really didn't see a lot spraying out. She's very impressive in many respects
  • 24 0
 You can really tell her heart is in it. Good to see her taking care of her body and being smart about her recovery too. Congrats on the win and riding smart!
  • 22 7
 Wins world champs after being back on the bike for less than a month. What a weapon!! And she's gorgeous to boot!
  • 25 0
 I think Loic is rather handsome to boot. Sorry to confuse matters.
  • 7 0
 And also relearning to walk only two months ago.

Comeback of the year? Got to be right up there with Jenny Rissveds on the XC side.
  • 3 0
 @tbmaddux: both of those wins made me grin from ear to ear
  • 2 0
 @endlessblockades: I think Finn is the new Zoolander for WC
  • 15 0
 She is impossible not to root for. Great, gutsy ride.
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  • 11 1
 I wonder if Amaury had to show her his tits?!
  • 2 3
  • 7 0
 So dominant Wink . Congrats! Really earned this one
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 A healing thought for Rachel Atherton by the way: I hope she will recover from her achille tendon`s injury as well as Myriam recovered from her broken ankle to see both of them back to the battle.
And congrats to Tahnee Seagrave for her silver medal after that unfortunate break.
Those women are great warriors.
Total respect Smile
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 Redbull sure knows how to pick their champs congrats Pom Pom
  • 2 0
 Amazing race run. I’m sitting here three years after dislocating my foot on the bike and I still don’t walk without pain.

She is tough as nails to have done this.

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 A physical therapist can help with that. One fall doesn't have to mean endless pain for the rest of your life.
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 @InGoodFaith: Pretty sure Nicole is actually a trained/licensed physical therapist and will be a professional after her WC career.
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 @endlessblockades:I'm talking about Gttroy
  • 5 5
 Her and Loic have the same coach... are they doing squats with stretch bands attached to the barbell on balance boards while juggling jars full pf broccoli sprouts? Only to jump into a set of 10 burpees, Assault bike sprint, to flossing with 20lbs plates, finishing a set with weighted banded pull ups? Nino and Kate do that, must be working!
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 Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe go....

Your gym routine rules!

So lame, I wish Jenny would have won XC and finally delivered PB from trollbot#1
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 @wildedge586: is there a toomah in yo Humaaah?
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 It will be something to do with it. She did really well. A legitimate win considering she was up against Tracy.
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Schurter getting his last champs before MVP takes over, probably didn't matter what he did in the gym in preparation as long as everybody else kept trashing their bikes
  • 2 0
We probably won't see MvdP anymore after the olympics next year. There is just too much money in road cycling.
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 Such a sweetie, but a killer
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 When you're fast you're fast. Congrats.
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 SOOOOO glad Nicole is back. She will be as strong and confident as before, I know this one.
  • 2 0
 Great to see her back and what a return with WC Title.
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 Go Pompom!!
  • 3 0
 Welcome back Pompon!
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 That was awesome, congrats!
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 This chick is Honey Badger bad ass.
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 We missed Miriam!
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