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Sep 14, 2020
by Scott Secco  
Gorrest Fump: Gorrest remembers his first bike.

Views: 7,644    Faves: 65    Comments: 13

Rubbin' Wood - Men On Bikes: Where's Cary Elwes when you need him?

Views: 6,443    Faves: 25    Comments: 1

6 Years on the Bike - A Progression: Follow along with me through my first six years of freeride! It's been a long, exciting, and difficult journey so far. Anyone who has put the work in to get to where I am now or ever farther will understand the mental and physical struggles that you have to go through. Filmed between 2014 and 2020.

Views: 4,285    Faves: 21    Comments: 21

Euro Trippin: 2019 Euro trip all covered through the good old iPhone. Rider: Josh Birkenhake.

Views: 1,336    Faves: 15    Comments: 1

Industrial Renovation: Short film with Matt Campbell. Video: Finn Lloyd.

Views: 1,217    Faves: 3    Comments: 0

Ripping Up Deer Valley: Riding Tidal Wave, Tsunami, and other trails at Deer Valley Resort. Video: Alex Knight.

Views: 918    Faves: 6    Comments: 3

Buck X Dupelle: Who doesn't love a trail dog?

Views: 1,463    Faves: 2    Comments: 4

2020 Detrac Race Team: The team is frothing for the 2020 downhill season to finally kick off.

Views: 1,704    Faves: 3    Comments: 3

A Product Of The Environment: The Rocky Mountain Altitude will help you hold the high lines, tee up trail gaps, and push a pace that you didn’t know you had in you. Ridden by the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro team, the redesigned Altitude is now more capable than ever and has everything you need to take your riding to the next level. Just go fast – because fast is fun.

Trek Slash - Tattoo It On Your Face: This baby ticks all the boxes.

Sight Unseen - Boulder with Brice Shirbach: Any first run on a trail - let alone a first run at top speed - brings the rider closer to flow state: feeling the trail, reacting, connecting with honed intuition, the senses sharpened by the vulnerability of unknown turns. The Sight Unseen series captures Pivot Cycles' athlete Brice Shirbach's passion for riding blind, with stunning "one take" edits from Colorado's Front Range and San Juan Mountains. The first edit in the series, "Sight Unseen - Boulder", reveals a rowdy corner of the Rockies, hidden in urban Boulder's backyard.

Hallowed Ground Ep, 1 - The Marina, Hastings: A brand new video series from us here at DIG. Hallowed Ground is an in-depth look at the history of some of the most iconic spots in BMX, with insight from some of the names who have thrown themselves down, along, or up them. First up in episode one, we have legendary locals Ian Morris (United) and Dan Lacey (Animal/Vans/Source) giving you the lowdown on the Marina double set in Hastings, UK. Take it away Dan...

Dan Kruk - Destroyer Of Rails: Dan Kruk is an absolute machine and has been cranking out footage on an unimaginable level. Rail boss.

Yeti Presents: Finding Ground - A Geoff Rowley Story: From 12-year-old boy with his first skateboard in Liverpool to 43-year-old professional skater and hunting guide in California, Geoff Rowley is anything but typical. Which is why it comes as no surprise that to stay fit, he now spends weeks at a time deep in the California wilderness in search of Desert Big Horn Sheep. For a man who has spent his life doing tricks in the air, hunting is now the way he stays grounded and finds the inner peace to live happy.

Rough Cut - Mason Silva's "Nike SB" Part: Mason has the heart, soul and courage of a die-hard warrior, sacrificing skin and sanity with every battle, and never giving in until he emerges victorious.

Sammy Carlson - Rejoice: Filmed by: Bryan Metcalf-Perez, Clay Mitchell, and Kaleb Weston.

Perspectives - Renan Ozturk: Climbing has always fed artist and filmmaker Renan Ozturk's soul. But it was his travels into far-off places that created an undying passion for human connection, cross-cultural understanding, and storytelling.

Using Cuts As A Visual Effect: *WARNING* Contains gory clips from horror movies. A quick video in celebration of the simple cut and what can be done with just some editing.

Our Planet - From Deserts to Grasslands: Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope.

Unfenced - A Race to Keep the Red Desert Wild: The Red Desert in southwest Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental United States. But pressure from the oil and gas lobby is currently shaping how the Bureau of Land Management administers this unique landscape. In order to raise awareness about this threatened ecosystem, several Wyoming conservation groups have banded together to organize a trail race that brings runners, local stakeholders and concerned citizens together to experience this place and see exactly what is at stake.

Photo: Margus Riga


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 I've been riding BMX for 20 years this autumn and still love it. I've dug my own trails (still do when i have time), and even helped setup and build an indoor park and made some life long friendships from riding bikes. I used to love the community but nowadays the more i see, the less i want anything to do with it.

I'm increasingly turned off by BMX culture and the 'destroyer of rails' is a prime example why. It just seem to be more and more focused on having a 'f***-you' attitude to other peoples stuff and glorifying damage, trespassing and vandalism.

Maybe its an age thing and linked to me buying a house and starting to have my own 'nice' stuff but it just really grates on me. I cant help but think of that wall/rail/roof/car that they are damaging being my stuff, or my kids school etc. and the hassle and financial stress that would cause others, just so someone can have a 5 second video clip for Instagram.

My 4 year old loves bikes, and we go to the skate parks and pump tracks on weekend mornings and i could not be happier that we get to share that as a hobby. Most of the kids there are great, and parents are so happy to see their kids outside doing exercise. But then you go online and its just people promoting drugs, smashing stuff up, fighting security guards and generally act like idiots.

It's a shame because I think it holds BMX back from getting more recognition, and keeps it as a hobby that people always assume is for rebellious teens and rebels.

Anyway, rant over. Pick up your damn litter and respect other peoples stuff.

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 I blame it on all the city jackasses that have been bulldozing dirt jumps for the last 50 years. Payback
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 I find the no-helmet thing bizarre. It's like a badge of honor to slam your head repeatedly on concrete. "Siiiick brrroo!"
Dudes are a future CTE study in progress.
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 As another ex BMX rider now in his 40's, I agree. The riding is good enough that it doesn't need the f-you attitude to legitimise how 'street' it is, just as rap music doesn't need to be derogatory to women or use the 'N' word to have artistic merit. Maybe I'm just old.
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 20 years puts you at the height of the smashing bottles, fighting security, breaking windows, hopping on peoples' cars, Fire Beer Mayhem, Criminal Mischief period. Now probably more than ever, you have a diversity of attitude in mainstream BMX, and with plastic pegs replacing steel you're probably seeing less property damage than ever. For every guy getting big doing what you're describing, you've got a Scotty Cranmer making everyone wear helmets on his youtube channel and keeping things family friendly, or a Clint Reynolds building bowls in his yard and filming an ad for a signature product with his child on his back.
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 Did you ever watch Little Devil, Criminal Mischief? For example.
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 @4823904823041: Totally agree, and I'm not looking back with rose tinted goggles - there's always been a minority who acted like idiots, and to a greater or lesser extent that counter-culture element has always been part of bmx in the same way its always been part of skateboarding. I remember going to my first bmx jam in the early 2000s and watching someone hop onto and ride over a parked car - not someone who was at the jam, just some saloon car that was parked up nearby. I felt bad but as a young teen i just went along with it because that's what the older guys did.

I guess the only difference is that as i get older I'm noticing it more because it irritates me more, particularly where I see companies promoting the behavior and making money off it.
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 Once the Haro & Mongoose exhibition days died, the f*ck you, punk, destroy shit attitude has been bmx..... THIS IS BMX. You should read the S&M History book. @mutsy88
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 @4823904823041: see this person actually knows whats going on in bmx
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 @westmatteeussen uploaded some wicked edits of West Australian mountain bikers recently which could have easily replaced the netflix content you have posted. Would be good to see some more community videos on Movies for your Monday.
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 Make sure he's posting them in the video forums. I used to just DM Secco with videos i recently uploaded to get some exposure of the WA scene and it worked for me, but that was years ago. (Sorry Scott)
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 @jewellsack Hey man, just fire me a message with a link to your video and I'll have a look!
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 @kianesmailiproductions: haha no worries! Always stoked to share good work.
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 Thats a bloody good haul of films this week @scottsecco , definitely slowing down my productivity!!!
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 @scottsecco i thoroughly enjoy your videos each monday. love how you interject various bmx/skate/ski/surf/snowboard links into the mix and esp the full documentaries towards the bottom each time. I was thinking recently how we only get to see the street parts of bmx? but, when current riders like larry edgar, nick bruce, kris fox etc who shred above and beyond way more in park are left out and are more exciting to watch is when i decided to write this. Especially because i just saw that simon tabron has just passed. the big vert riders of yesteryear are to behold! and in the same vein old-school jamie bestwick still holds it down with 12 foot airs on vert, plus holds it down on all the genres of bikes including gravel grind and long road rides. it would be super cool to see a tribute to the lost souls that still ride big vert and more content involving current park shredders as a theme for an upcoming "movies for your monday" post. much love!
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 Welp, I throughly enjoyed the Trek edit. Now I want a Slash
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 I don't usually watch videos twice. I'm going to watch Rubbin Wood again! The camera man loosing his composure at the end . Im readyyyyyy.
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 i just learnt there are a lot more trash films to watch...
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 God northern Utah is so fuggin miserably dry. (Palmer-Leger vid). I'm ruined after spending June/July in PNW Frown
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 "Perspectives:Renan Ozturk" An enthusiastic two thumbs up.
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 Skipped over Rubbin' Wood until the comments and god am I glad i went back to watch that
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 If I live to be 80 I'm going to buy an ebike and move to Boulder..
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