Video: Remi Gauvin's Pinned on Squamish's Hero Dirt

Oct 19, 2018
by OneUp Components  
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The rainy season is coming and the hero dirt in Squamish is about to get greasy. Check out local boy Remi Gauvin ripping in the rainforest.

bigquotesDry your eyes, wet your feet and get stoked for winter riding.

OneUp is proud to call Squamish home.





Song: Windowlicker by Aphex Twin

Mentions: @OneUpComponents @remrem @PeterWojnar

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 I’ve heard Squamish sucks and to tell my friends...
  • 15 1
 Probably the worst place to ride
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 how original
  • 1 0
 Good to know
  • 4 1
 they don't call it Squeamish for nothing.
  • 5 8
 Whistler is better, just sayin'
  • 1 2
 Thanks for the heads up I won’t waste my time riding there
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 @lyophilization: I know, this joke is not funny anymore.
  • 8 2
 Broke my heart that even in Squamish the shops are full of Ebikes.
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flag LOLWTF (Oct 19, 2018 at 13:59) (Below Threshold)
 @Rucker10: blame pinkbike for their amazing buy/sell and thank the shops who give "bro-deals" to everyone they know. All the regular customers are now fed up with this bullshit and msrp veing inflated because nobody pays full retail but us. So now we're browsing used deals or buying direct. The only option left for these greedy shops is new comers to the sport, which are more likely to get tempted by a moped. These greedy f*cks will do everything they can to earn a penny, and the margin is slightly higher on mopeds so there ya go...
  • 3 2
 @jamesbrant: It's actually Squamton...
  • 7 1
 @LOLWTF: talking a lot of shit bud. Try opening a bike shop. You may find it very difficult to feed your family, nevermind keeping a roof over their heads.
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 @Rucker10: Yah but the trails aren't!
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 Ride it like you stole it!... too soon? Sorry Rocky.
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 Yaaaassss all around. Choice riding and noice tunes. Aphex Twin FTW.
  • 2 1
 Surprised that Richard James gave the the usage rights for his music.
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 Lordy that song made me feel like I was at some dank-ass house party in the Slocan Valley
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 Hell yeah
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 Sick vid! Love the Aphex Twin style editing!
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 The video is awesome for Windowlicker...
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 Glad to know sponsored riders with top shelf build kits still have brakes that squeal.
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flag MoonboyMTB (Oct 19, 2018 at 19:38) (Below Threshold)
 I’ve personally never had breaks one of my my bikes that squeal... rental bikes for sure, but never mine.
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 @MoonboyMTB: haha yeah sure come ride in the rainforest then we can talk.
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 So many fast Remi(y)s out there, it’s hard to remember who’s what where. We need a Remi(y) Throwdown to sort it all out once and for all. Invite all of them to Squampton, and have at it!
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 Remi Gauvin is my favourite of the Remi's & the most handsome. I'd like to #getoneup him
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 @dude-brah: Yah the dog next door to me is a dog named Remi and I always get him cornfused and ask where his cube is and then he just looks at me and poops
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 I wish this was a raw video with no music or video effects..
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 Bingo. I'd rather listen to nonstop brakesqueal. EDM's given these kids dain bramage.
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 The music reminded me of the movie grandmas boy in J.P.s office
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 It was the exact song man! hahahaha!
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  • 1 1
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 Music made me feel like I should be in some S&M dungeon. Nice.
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 Must be wishful thinking; you're alone there pal.
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 Some of the best cinematography I've seen in an MTB vid, really creative framing!
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 1:20-1:30 is that Powersmart? Sick video, fast smooth riding and great filming/editing/music.
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 All that except the effect at 1:06-1:08... WTF was that!? Boomerang crap from insta G? Haha! Other than that the vid was pretty sic!
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 i think something is wrong with my laptop... there were blurry lines and the music was fuzzy and distorted. HELP!
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 Nice to hear Aphex Twin from 1999 in this @remrem edit
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 Pinkbike staff: please please please post a disclaimer on the video upload page to let people know that they don't have to letterbox their videos into a 16:9 format.
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 I think it's more purposeful editing in this vid. Maybe 2.35:1 aspect, allowing for additional reframing and potential stabilization, and looks cool. Dope vid, great transition at 1:11.
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 @skijunky05: Nailed it. I like the feel of some videos letterboxed, and others at full 16x9. This footage looked cool to me wider, and it fits with some of the other weird editing tricks that are going on. Thanks!
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 Fuck that was cool, here I thought I was doing something weird and different... and bam it's been done before. Surprised and impressed.
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 @PeterWojnar: something about great minds thinking alike?...haha. It was killer on a trail edit too. Well done. I thought I'd just scoop some views for my boy Dilly it was his idea - I just press buttons.
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It's a homage to the music video.
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 @peterwojnar you're a menace behind the lens. Nicely done.
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 Holy sh1tballs he is fast...
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 Bof !!! Y devrait passer la seconde !!!
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 Sick vid Remi. I’ve also hit my head on that Kiki’s branch haha
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 ma dude with the American Classic rims n shit
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 Wish my Instinct went as fast as his...damn that looks fun
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 Awesome video Remi
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 Adios turd nuggets!
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 Robot ears

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