Results: 2024 Paris Olympics XCO Test Event

Sep 24, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the Paris 2024 Olympics test event for mountain biking with Loana Lecomte and Victor Koretzky taking the top honours. Check out who else was fast this weekend below.



1st. Loana Lecomte: 1:12:49
2nd. Laura Stigger: 1:13:28
3rd. Pauline Ferrand Prevot: 1:13:45
4th. Haley Batten: 1:13:50
5th. Sina Frei: 1:14:02


1st. Victor Koretzky: 1:14:16
2nd. Anton Cooper: 1:14:17
3rd. Nino Schurter: 1:14:20
4th. Jordan Sarrou: 1:14:30
5th. Gunnar Holmgren: 1:14:41

Full Results:





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 Damn Gunnar! Woot woot!
  • 4 0
 Hell yeah.
  • 1 0
 And U23 Carter Woods having a good crack at it for 11th!!!
  • 11 0
 \m/ Haley Batten \m/
  • 7 0
 Jenn Jackson top 10 Beer
  • 6 0
 Anton finally beat Nino. He got close in 2016 (pretty sure that was 2016) but hasn't been able to seal the deal until now.
  • 6 0
 And he does it in a race that has no points.....
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 @Starch-Anton: OTOH it is a good sign for Snowshoe and Mont Saint-Anne even though all riders may not have taken this too seriously. The french and swiss definitely did because with only 2 riders selected per nations that will leave a lot of possible french and swiss podium contenders not being able to start the olympic race next year.

They needed to show they were strong on this course.
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 I was really suprised to see Anton at the front! First thought it was Sam Gaze
  • 8 0
 Good stuff Anton.
  • 5 0
 I've made some pancakes. Anyone up for a good hot pancake made with love?
  • 3 1
 From the videos i've seen, it looks like pretty much like London / Rio olympics course in term of technicality and being totally an artificial course.
  • 3 0
 Why were van der poel and pidcock so far off the front?
  • 4 5
 Going out on a limb to guess Crashes and mechanicals
  • 19 1
 @snomaster: I’d say different goals for a test event.

Those two can pretty much decide to win a bike race, it seems.
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 It's a 75 minute-ish sighting-lap for a race next summer. No need to be at the front to get a good view of the course.
  • 9 0
 its a pre-ride, and a weekend trip to Paris.
  • 5 8
 @snomaster: Why answer if you don't a really have an answer?
  • 7 5
 The wooden bridges on drops etc were removed for the race... go figure Big Grin (j/k)
  • 10 0
 Piddock is getting over an infected saddle sore. He had to take a few weeks off the bike cos he couldn’t sit down.
  • 9 0
 @jamborf: That sounds absolutely horrible.
  • 3 5
 @mtbcrosscountry-com: came here for this!
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flag Mabman (Sep 24, 2023 at 18:00) (Below Threshold)
 @mtbcrosscountry-com: I hope someone told MVDP.
  • 8 0
 Maybe Pidcock rode the whole thing standing up (/s).

Based on how teammates Sam Gaze and MVDP finished close together and toward the back I assume they were just treating it as a scouting run and not really trying to compete.
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 Someone must have warned them that the race that really matters is next year
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 Saw in another place the following:

Pidcock had to treat an infected saddle sore and was off the bike for a few days before.
MvDP : said it showed he hadn't done intervals in a while and he quickly found out he was off the pace after an unsuccessful attempt to bridge from the chasing group to the leading quartet. He then lost motivation.

Basically my wild guess is that it is off season for them already. They are probably riding less these weeks, there is no Worlds champ in october like previous years and they may want to race cyclocross a bit this winter.
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 @opignonlibre: MVDP has been open with the road media that he's cooked after everything this year. I'd imagine his form peaked for Worlds and we probably won't see him at full force until CX or Spring Classics. Or maybe not even until Paris (if he REALLY wants the gold)...
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 @mattwragg: He clearly stated he will have to do more than 2 worldcups next spring if he wants to start not too far at the back of the grid so we will see him going strong before Paris.
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 Were there ramps on course maybe?
  • 1 0
 @nzandyb: Yes there was one. My parents sent me a video of the first lap of the women race with the ramp.
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 Good to see Koretzky back at the front. Always enjoyed watching him rip XC.
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 Because they are totally tired and in need of vacation i guess
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 A test event, and the equivalent of a 'friendly' in football terms......
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 Looks like Loana tried to commit vehicular homicide on Alessandra. It's in Alessandra's stories.
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 Guess who won of he women's whip off contest???
  • 1 1
 Why were van der poel and pidcock so far off the front?
  • 1 0
 a race with no implications: you never know

might not have had that day or just getting a course preview. probably somewhere in between.
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 Figured Anneke beerten would've won.

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