The Best Quotes From Pinkbike Editors - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jan 12, 2020
by Taj Mihelich  
Ok, I admit it, these aren't the best quotes from the editors.

There is way too much to read through on this site so these are just the first four that made me laugh! Maybe there could be a second part to this if y'all can remember some good ones.

"There's not a ton of bob. It has traction but you're not mushing up and down. It doesn't feel like you are jumping on a waterbed." - Mike Kazimer, 2020 Specialized Enduro Field Test

"I really liked the climbing position on this bike, that combination of the 75.1º degree seat tube angle with that 450mm reach really give me a planted feel." - Sarah Moore, 2020 Mondraker F-Podium DC Field Test

"Hey dudes, let's do some heli-drops." - Brian Park, that one time.

"As crazy as it sounds to say it, the 74.5-degree seat angle also feels a nip slack, and especially so because I have dancer's legs." - Mike Levy, Staff Rides: Levy's Giant Trance


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 HAHA...Levy looks good..Smile
  • 20 1
 Hey levy......watcha doin later? Wink
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 Levy lookin a little thiiccc under that tutu...
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 Levy is looking hot! Calienteeee! Smile
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 Hes certainly arousing
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 He's got legs....And he knows how to use them....
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 Stupid sexy Levy!
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 Like wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! nothing at all...
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 @DirtbagMatt: whew! Someone caught it. Smile
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 Not as ripped as Sexy Flanders though...
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 Oh god this had better not awaken something in me.
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 Happy Hallow-deeeeaaaaaannnn.
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 I forget who wrote it but the response to the single speed person was poetry.

Crappily paraphrasing: “ we never met but I can see you now, you and your retired 50 year old firefighter buddies with huge calf’s and tan faces with grey beards. I can hear the smirk as you pass younger people on your single speed”

I butchered it, but it was awesome.
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 That was the one and only Richard Cunningham, in a forum tech question answer. Razz
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 @mtbikeaddict: and this is just another example why RC is truly a legend !!
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 Seconded. That turn of phrase stuck with me as well.
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 Elegant snark with a topping of class. Well played, RC.
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 I remember that article. I wonder how close he actually was. I know I few guys that fit the description to a t. Makes me rethink a lot of things after watching them ride
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 Levy on the trance with the trust fork. Now that's attention to detail.
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 No tattoos tho!
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 Can't unsee Levy's legs Blank Stare
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 PB still needs RC. Howzabout him just doing a twice monthly Q&A column?
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 RC will still be doing some projects for us. Smile
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 Everyone has dancers legs with enough tequila
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 Nice work Taj. I like that you included the little stink lines around Kazimer.....
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 Justin Case
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 can i get these as bumper stickers?
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 That Levy sketch = all of PinkBike scarred for life...
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 You don’t know me.
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