Trek Factory Racing Partners With HeadCheck to Monitor Athletes for Concussion Injuries

Apr 5, 2019
by Richard Cunningham  
Trek press release
Trek's downhill, enduro and XC teams will be using HeadCheck software to monitor and diagnose concussion events.

Trek Factory Racing will be monitoring athletes in all three of its off-road racing programs for concussions and related head trauma using customized software developed by HeadCheck Health Inc. HealthCheck's diagnostic systems are currently employed by a number of professional hockey, rugby and football organizations. Now they've added a powerhouse mountain bike team to that list.

The partnership with HeadCheck marks a commitment by TFR towards its athletes that began with baseline assessments of their functions, which will later be compared using HeadCheck's software to ensure that racers are fit for competition and will not risk further trauma. Crashing is part of our sport and occasionally, concussions. It's great to see a global leader like Trek making the proactive step to schedule routine scientific assessments of athletes as an integral of their racing program.

The complete press release follows:
Trek press release

Trek Factory Racing partners with HeadCheck to improve concussion care for riders

Entire off-road program to use new software to identify, assess and manage concussions

WATERLOO, WI (April 5, 2019) - The Trek Factory Racing (‘TFR’) off-road program is proud to announce a relationship with HeadCheck Health Inc. (‘HeadCheck’), an innovator in concussion management software and services. The TFR cross country, enduro, and downhill teams will all utilize HeadCheck to improve the identification, documentation, assessment and management of concussions.

TFR programs compete at the highest level of mountain biking, and experience some of the most challenging circumstances in sport. The team wants to have the maximum number of precautions in place to protect the health of their athletes should an accident occur.

“This is about taking care of our athletes, pure and simple,” said Trek Sports Marketing Director Tim Vanderjeugd. “Anytime we can give our programs the tools to help better identify and manage concussion in support of the long-term health of our riders, we are all in.”

HeadCheck brings organizations the latest, most innovative technology backed by evidence-based science to help them better manage their concussion policy. HeadCheck’s mobile and web-based software is adapted to an organization’s policy, personnel and resources and is currently deployed by professional and amateur teams in over 15 sports such as football, rugby, hockey, soccer, and more.

“We are excited to be working with a forward-thinking organization such as TFR,” said HeadCheck CEO Harrison Brown. “We know they take health and safety very seriously and explore all avenues to take care of their riders.”

TFR riders know that the real dangers of concussion exist when the initial injury is not properly identified and documented.

"Mountain Biking and racing in particular can be a dangerous sport,” said TFR rider Anton Cooper. “Head injuries are common, but the correct knowledge on how to manage them is not so widespread. I've been fortunate enough myself to have never had any issues with concussion, but it was great to get some baseline data in case I ever do sustain a head knock. I now have some clear baseline data I can refer back to test and monitor my symptoms, progression and recovery if that situation ever occurs."

TFR’s on-site team staff for all three off-road programs will be operating HeadCheck at competitions. Per team policy, all riders underwent a baseline concussion assessment in February which can be used as a comparison for post-injury assessments. Documentation of tests will be available to medical professionals to assist in their clinical judgement of whether to remove riders from competition, and to help ensure their safe return upon recovery. In addition, riders will be able to track and self-report any symptoms from their mobile devices to help complete the circle of care.

About Trek Factory Racing

Trek Factory Racing is Trek’s in-house racing program. Our athletes compete at the highest level of their sport and inspire all to experience the grit and glory of professional cycling. The goal of Trek Factory Racing is to connect advanced bicycle development with inspirational athletes to create better bikes for everyone. For more information visit Trek's website.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.

HeadCheck has developed innovative software and services for sports organizations, teams, clinics, and individual practitioners to improve their concussion identification, assessment and management capabilities. The software can be customized to fit the requirements of any concussion policy or protocol. Over 400 teams and organizations deploy HeadCheck as their primary tool for concussion management, including the CJHL, BC Hockey, UBC, Edmonton Oil Kings, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, Trek Factory Racing, Shawnigan Lake School, Rugby Quebec and more. For more information visit HeadCheck Health Inc.


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 my 14 concushions bairly afficted me at awl.
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You are that kid from the Buy&Sell!

For the last time, I will not accept Mr. Whiskers as a trade.
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 Who you trin' to get crazy with ese?
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 @PocoBoho: Wait, I can trade bike parts for kitties?!?! Time to tear up a couple bikes so I can get more kitties!!!!
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 I hear they might not need it, what with wavecell being so amazing :^)

I hear they might need it, what with wavecell being so "amazing"

I'm actually really glad, I think more emphasis should be on keeping everyone in mtb safe enough to hurt ourselves in a heal-able way
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 Most important change in cycling for 30 years..

*Leslie chow giz blast hand gestures*
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 Flipside enduro&DH don’t have wavecel , we treat them as test subjects?
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 I was wondering why that tree was getting bigger. And then it hit me.
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 Concussions are a real issue in mountain doping...but nobody is talking about it.
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 Are you concussed?
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 @dimitree you’re thick
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 This is another important step forward to reducing injury from the sport that we all love....and everyone is too busy commentating on the UCI e-mtb news!
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 Trek has always had concussion issues. It all became public when the whole company believed Lance Armstrong won 6 Tour De France races on their bikes.
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 it was 7, but yeah
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 @Louisd2000: Thanks. After watching an old man beat guys in their prime year after year I lost count.
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 UCI should make something like this manditory
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 Ha, Athertons rush an ugly bike to market while Trek invests in monitoring it's athletes for possible head injuries. Hmmmm, who's doing better after the split?
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 I am hoping for an app that can monitor my necessity to use the bathroom. I personally prefer somewhere in the vicinity of thirty minutes notice, but I'm sure that could all be turned to ones personal preference via the smartphone app
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 Think you have a concussion? Stare at this screen for a while and tell us if it f*cks you up more.
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 A little cuncushion never stopped me from riding, you just got to not fall Wink
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 Nuff of this nonsense talk.......Off to watch the Friday Fails
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 gonna guess this was brought in specially for Katy Winton?
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 Now that's a proper pro sponsor!
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