Video: Bike Park Laps in Morzine with a Mac Ride

Dec 22, 2019

Running a business is hard work, but when we get the call to go shred, no is not an option. Luca takes a break from the office to shred Super Morzine with Resort Manager Tom Hardman. Dad Ben provides the lift with the genius Mac Ride system.

We are a company growing up with young shredders in waiting across the team. Sharing your passion with your kids has to be one of the most rewarding things a parent can do. Make sure they're enjoying the moment as much as you are and cherish the memories!

Filmed by @scott_windsor / @MTBBEDS

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 My kid loves her MacRide. We hit local trails on the way home from daycare when its not cold and dark. I credit it with making her good on her balance bike, she just knew how to balance right away.
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 They are so sick! When Luca watches this back first thing he says is Daddy go ride, yeah?! Best feeling.
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 MacRide! Best bike purchase I made this year, my son loves it and bringing him along allowed me to get out on the trails more than I have in years. He gets a kick that everyone we pass on the trail is always super stoked for him and some kind strangers even helped me get him thinking his helmet is the coolest thing ever so I’m not having to struggle every time he puts it on. Brings a smile to my face every time he asks to go ride.
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 Love hitting dirt jumps with my kid with this!
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 macrides rule! if your thinking of trying one you wont regret it ... sharing the ride with your little ones is the best...they work great and you will feel way stronger on your next solo ride too
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 The macride is a amazing product, it alowed me to ride way more and no body was left behind to watch on our yongest freeloader. Riding with him also allowed us to generate some good teamwork, comunication and trust. You van ride pretty much anything but take it easy on jumps and drops as its no so much the landing but the takeoff that can be tricky. They need to be ready and have there arms stiff (really stiff and string) or else they will get the stem in the face once you start pulling up on your handlebar. No other bike parts have ever made my ride so enjoyable ????
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 Best bike related purchase I've made this year. My daughter loves riding with me and going through the rocks and bumps. If you are on the fence about getting one, pull trigger. You won't regret it.
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 Came straight to comments and to my surprise no one had comment yet, so here I’m. I just know this video must be great, just having a kid shred is great by itself, well I think that’s what this video is about. Now to see the video.
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 Sooo good. Luca is soo stoked. Can not wait to get on of there for my littlun.
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 My youngest loves her Mac Ride. It lets her ride with her big brother and sister.
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 I like that this is a way to get kids out shredding. For those with younger kids please look into the Thule Yepp Mini seat. I have that for my one year old and he loves it! It also gives us peace of mind knowing he is much safer in this seat than any other
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 my doughter loves hers, she always asks, lets go on a Go Go ride!
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 My kids are now too old for Mac Ride. But we're buying PARK PASSES next season, bitches!!!
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 Want to sell a macride?
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 so cool, i hope one day i can take my kid to the alps!
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 Do it! You won’t regret for sure!!
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 Getting out there with your kid is the best! I have a shot gun seat and it is amazing!
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 I have the shotgun seat as well. My 3 year old loves going on rides. Can't go wrong with either seat.
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 Gotta love these seats! Shot gun here but whatever works with your setup to get them out !
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 My spawn is still a fetus so I'm banking on all you parents to sell me your old ones in about 5 years for $20.
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 Thank you for going slow. Cheers!
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