Video: Loris Vergier Soundtracks the Send on the New Santa Cruz Bullit

Nov 18, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWhat do you do when the next generation of ebike motors gets even quieter? Why, you fill in the blanks of course! World Cup racer and bike ventriloquist Loris Vergier takes us on an audio interpretation of what a hot lap on the Bullit should really sound like

The latest Shimano EP8 motor, a 630wh battery, a mixed-wheel setup, 170mm-travel, a 38mm fork and DoubleDown tires reflect the smashability of this platform. This is a bike for riders who seek V10 level terrain that's out of range of any chairlift or shuttle road.

Thanks for being the soundtrack to our success on the World Cup circuit for the last few years, Loris.
Santa Cruz Bicycles

Emphasis added by Pinkbike, let the rumours continue.


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 This video is the sole reason I am happy I haven't put in an ebike filter yet. Marketing gold right there.
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 Best part!
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 Loris doing some irrigation work at 24 secs had me rolling lol, Fantastic advertising, Loris is gold. That note from SC seems to confirm the rumors.
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 As a French person, it's obviously a tribute to the cult movie"La cité de la peur" !
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 Just downloaded - trailer looked funny - cheers!
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 just have to precise that Loris is not a "grosse tapette".
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 Should have got Peaty in for the low notes...him and Loris are a funny double act
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 Loris I want you to know that this video just made my whole year. Thank you.
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 hahahah "Jordi!"

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 Recognised Samoens instantly. Beautiful little town, no lift queues and fantastic trails
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 Ah man Loris is a cheeseburger short of a happy meal kinda crazy????????????????
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 Love the cameo by Jordi !!!!
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 They needed Loris to be a foley artist because they didn't want anyone to know that the bike sounds like a skeleton wanking in a biscuit tin Smile #sortyourshitoutshimano
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 Santa Cruz has the coolest ads. My fave is still the bronson one with Josh Bryceland. "A Trip on tthe Bronson."
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 Legend, great studio setup as well :-)
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 Such a cool character, nice edit.
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 Is that Loris riding as well as doing the sound effects?
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 maybe price one for us regular folks
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 Wannana, tcktcktkctck, blahblah, ptshwlsh. Everytime I ride I hear it rattling around my brain.
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 Is he not moving on from SC then?
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 "Thanks for being the soundtrack to our success on the World Cup circuit for the last few years, Loris."
I read that as being past tense... although grammatically speaking, I'm talking bollocks.
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 I think he is moving on sadly but I guess they are paid till the end of the year so should positively carry on promoting their brands till then. Be sad to see him leave SCS though.
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 Ok so he wasn't wearing orange rubber gloves - had to do a double take..!
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 the scene at 00:40 just killed me hahahaha
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 Only $12k guys
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 I LMAO every time I see Vergier breathing during his race runs
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 What? No "why is a motorcycle commercial on a mountain bike website" comments?! What happened to all the haters? You know, the same "riders" who were against full suspension bikes, disk brakes, full face helmets, armor, etc.

Regardless, glad to see less people taking themselves (and an activity that's supposed to be fun) so seriously.
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 Who can hate on Loris?

Take note bike industry. If there are products not being we received well by the cycling community then all you have to do is get Loris to market the product. The man is like a shield for negativity.

Prediction: Loris has 783 sponsors for 2022 season.
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flag hoopercussion (Nov 18, 2020 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 Actually, I agree, watching a shred on an ebike is not for me, might as well watch some motocross... bicycles do not need motors
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 @captain-spaulding . i dont like clowns either,and no your not f*cking funny.
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 They forgot to add the rattle sound from the ep8 motor....
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 Pure gold.
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 This is such an MTB in-joke. It's hilarious!
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 Love it!

By the way, wouldn´t mind riding one of these tho.
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 Not my "Bullit"
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 So stupid ... that’s not a SC Bullit
Silly marketing department.
Such an abortion to the legendary Bullit
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 Good marketing. Shitty bike. Still love Vergier.
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 Wonder how long will take Shimano to make good fast motor?
Soft wear seems to be good for going slow?
May be that a marketing decision!
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