Video: Qualifying Recap from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2021

Jul 3, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTracey and Lauren talk us through what went down in the Les Gets qualis. Red Bull Bike


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 What qualifies Lauren Smith for this job? Sounds like she knows absolutely nothing about the sport.
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 Maybe it's an Aaron Spelling scenario.
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 Tracy Moseley should have the lead mic
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 I was going to say, more Lauren Smith and less Rob Warner. hee hee
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 @Nygaard likely some knowledge/formal training in journalism and some experience being in the field interviewing people. I think it’s good to have the 1-2 punch where you have a neutrally biased professional who can keep the process flowing working alongside a recognized athlete/industry person who can add that insider knowledge. Also keep in mind that the goal is to grow the sport and appeal to more audiences not just the MTB bro club.

My question for you is, why so negative?
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 @n-lagasse: My opinion the sport has grown enough. we have more goons on bikes after covid flooding the parking lots at your favorite trail head in conjunction with demand for more production in an already frozen industry of availability of parts, equipment and bikes.

Why the Fuk are are people so enthralled with introducing everyone's aunt, uncle into MTB !? Just let the sport grow in its natural process; no need for all the hyper activity with throwing nets and drag in multitudes of newbies! I'm getting sick of this propaganda that is like a liberal ideology for goodness sake !!

With that, Happy Independance Day America! and Have fun shredding dirt!!
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 Lauren Smith has competed in bmx at world cup level and is a presenter/producer by profession, think she qualifies just fine. I think redbull with her and elliot as well as tracey appeal well to the new fans and younger generation. We sorely need more of our daughters to race DH....
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 Wow nice to see Tracey walking with her new ACL. That is really cool she can walk away literally,she would be back on the bike in no time.
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 Good job ladies
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 wow, that was good fun listening to Lauren and Tracey. Keep the good work going!
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 Pompon warming up on an ebike set up on a turbo trainer? WTF is that all about?
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 It’s prob to help her mechanic who will ride the ebike a bit easier to transport the stuff needed prior to the race.
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 Tracy should stick to riding…
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 Sounds like A line for the win then in the ladies race.
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 "Not Tracey" is speaking too fast for my english level.
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 Guess liketacky doesnt want his kids or friends to start mountain biking..... Wont say anymore, he says enough.
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 Yes, yes, yes !!!!!!
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