Video: Winning Runs from the Leogang World Cup DH 2021

Jun 12, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWHAT. A. DAY. The first DH race of the season kicked off with a belter in Leogang. Red Bull Bike


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 Two men screaming passionately into a microphone is something i miss all winter.
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 I’m happy that Warner pulled out a “look at the time!!”. It felt good. Real good.
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 It's like he's starting to get back to his Freecaster commentary roots. The Rob Warner we all loved, controversial, but brilliant raw excitement.
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 Brosnan’s comeback was FIRE!!
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 I was working, so when he was down 2 seconds before the woods I turned my phone off thinking there was no way, only to open it again 5 minutes later to see he won -.-
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 @Ryan2949: he absolutely mastered the lower section in the woods. Just crazy how he came back.
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 @Ryan2949: He may have been slower at the top than Drapela, but way faster than Amaury. And we already knew how well Troy could deal with the woods section. Just stop listening to those screaming men in the commentator boot.
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 It like the commentators don't understand how splits work, either that or they intentionally talked bollocks to increase hype.

Daprela was up 2.5 seconds into the woods, made a mistake then only crossed the line two tenths up. I don't understand why they were going on about the "impossible" comeback when he was only 1.2 back before the spot Daprela got bogged down and lost three seconds. Troy was ahead of the time he needed to be for the whole run.
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 @Preachey: it's because they don't have a play-by-play commentator who tracks and quickly analyzes those things.

Rob and Claudio are both essentially color commentators who base what they say on the colours of the boxes of the splits and the zone analysis.
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 @Preachey: exactly this, it was like they completely forgot that the rider in the hot seat, only minutes before, had made a huge mistake in the section Brosnan was coming into ~2 seconds back.

Also, the comment at the end of the motorway that he must have made a mistake to be so far back...he was only back on Daprela (who had an enormous 3.5 second gap over the previous time here, and we know was about to make a big mistake), so Troy wasn't back on Pierron or the rest of the field at all.

Frustrating to listen to, as a fan.
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 @GrandMasterOrge: As armchair experts, it isn't too hard to make up our own mind. So many riders were quicker than Amaury at the top section so it was clear that wasn't key. The commentating came across as odd, but wasn't too hard to ignore. I think their mind is just wired for a more traditional race where wins and losses are made more gradually. For courses like these we know it mainly depends on how well a rider negotiates the slower/tech sections. It is a bit like in road- and XC racing. Someone can be quick on the smooth descends but it is on the slower long climbs where differences are made.
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 Troy's run was like a precision scalpel, but everyone needs to checkout Daprela's run. He was a monster until the mistake in the woods! What a race!
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 Daprela jump lets talk about it ????
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 Yeah! Apperantly he mistook the roller he took off on for the one he cased, so basically taking off one too early lmao. Insane how he not exploded on that landing Big Grin
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 Camille is even faster than her girlfriend ! Emilie is an amazing teacher I bet !
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 She’s legit man….in fast and technical terrain she put it all together when it counts. For a World Champs in shite conditions and now a World Cup…LEGIT.!
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 @NikolaiB: She is a fast learner too ! Pretty impressive performance in this type of conditions!
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 @Ba1rog: knowing some of her steep home trails i can understand where she gets the confidence to ride the woods like this - very impressive!
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 @weeesel: I see, i saw her one time in Verbier with Emilie
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 That was rad. Brosnan beat the leaders by 3+ seconds after the first section.
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 The contrast in conditions through those woods between the finals and the practice footage that was posted is wild.
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 Deserved win stoked for troy.but daprela is going to win one this year surely
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 so that course, that got dissed again last week by lots of readers, ended up being a real proper challenge in its own way, for the riders. its fortunate that rain came throughout the days that lead up to the finals.
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 Props to Tracey on her first gig as a commentator - crushed it.
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 First ever World Cup win for Troy? Gotta check your stats Redbull.
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 It seems like getting something up is more important than getting it right lately. Even the interview after the race talks about his first win since 2017
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 Wonder if seeing Sam Hill on a DH bike again got Troy fired up for that bottom section?
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 Love to see an Australian rider dominate in the total opposite of Australian trail conditions! What a freak.
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 the whizzing hub sounds are now replaced with motorized eeeeeeeeeee sound just like robot wars
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 Lets go Troy
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 the overhead footy of Troy mid run looked like the camera was mounted on the moon ... wait...... i think we can see it's Brosnan .... maybe.... ya that spec looks awe some
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 Well done troy. That was lit!
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 Anyone know what song was playing in the timed practice segment? No answer yet on the youtube comments.
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 He who has the most fun eh. Bloody unreal.
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 Where can i see full race replay?
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 Red Bull has them on their website.
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 @jeffrocx: Yes, thank you very much Smile
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 His last world cup win is 2017 Andorra
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 Why most (all) riders taped their start number to their jerseys?
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 Good on ya Troy!!
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