Video: WynTV Finals - Maribor DH World Cup 2021

Aug 16, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

The weather was hot, the racing insane, and Wyn was track-side with a microphone in hand that was not in the original weekend plans.

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 Everyone chirping Claudio yesterday for repeating how crucial endurance is in this race to keep pace in the bottom section and then rider after rider mentions how this is where they lost the most time... almost like it was a key factor, something perhaps one would expect a commentator to include in analysis.
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 I'll admit that I was a little annoyed with Claudio's fixation on that point throughout the broadcast. I'll also admit that he was right, and it was evidently really important.

That being said, it's so difficult as viewers to really have a good picture of what's happening when the splits where the magic is happening arnen't broadcast.

Also: I don't understand how Loris was able to smoke everyone on the final split with just a speed tuck and absolutely ZERO pedaling. So crazy.
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 No clue what's up with the Claudio criticism. Shocking that a guy with almost 20 years of world cup racing experience and MANAGING A RACE TEAM might have more insight into what's going on that all these armchair "experts", right?

Guess what....if you disagree with his interpretations, he's probably right and you're probably wrong. I've frankly been floored by the absolutely amazing calls he makes on things that I can only spot when I back up the footage and play it in slow motion. The man knows his stuff. Period.
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 @rory: Yeah it was also badass that they can keep their eyes out for different lines through the rock gardens as they happen so fast, they noticed greg take a different line instantly when it is so tough to tell any difference
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 I think he is prob way more aerodynamic than other riders. Compare the size of him in the photos below. He seems very committed to his tuck and gets low as possible, early as possible. decreasing frontal area more than others and for longer. He probably wears a smaller helmet compared to most other riders ( more aero)
Also his clothing fits very very well when he is tucked. Flapping clothing waste a huge amount of watts(20 to 40watts just for upper body) then add full length pants with stiff material)) Way more than can be saved by ceramic bearings(6W - 9W) and fancy waxed chains(4W).
Look at team Atherton continental clothing. Pinkbike previously showed pictures of Rachel having her jersey fit adjusted by hand sewing at the event

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 @gcrider: If I recall correctly he absolutely nailed all of the last sector corners, at least those shown in the broadcast. Tight, steady lines, no momentum lost to drift.
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 Ya kinda like the Darwin award winniing unvaxxed who know more about covid than virus scientists and public health experts. At least being wrong about bike racing just makes you look ignorant.
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 Jackson Goldstone: "Healed up pretty nicelly... last night".

Me: "Healed up pretty nicelly... during last 2 years".
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 I was thinking the same thing, "oh to be that young again where you heal overnight..." I'm sore as hell from riding on Sat and I didn't even crash.
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 I remember Dan Slack from British national events back in the day - he was a friendly but slightly awkward kid with enormous body armour and a bike that was slightly too heavy for him, but he was always a nice kid too. Now he seems to be a nice guy AND a total badass. Looking forward to seeing his progression even further from here.
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 love those hori kiwi accents eh chur
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 I am stroked for this Maori rider hoping he is on the podium asap. Unreal attitude and lust for life I get stoked listening to him.
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 @madmon: such a genuine guy, room for him on the Syndicate?
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 Tuhoto gives the best interviews of any racer. The guys just so genuinely stoked it’s awesome to see him getting the results he deserves
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 Wyn didnt want to cut out the part with vali. strange one
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 She was pouting and didn't want to talk.
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 nothing strange about the truth, she also totally "forgot" to congratulate the women on the hot seat after her run. She's behaving like a spoilt child when the results don't come. Hopefully she matures
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 @MrNally: i think wyn did that on purpose to help her mature a little faster
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 @Korbi777: Exactly, exposing her for the little diva she apparently is. Gotta love the guy!
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 @MrNally: I feel like some DVs, so I'll say it's just a case of the post-TUES BLUES. Gwin still has a case, too.
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 @Exbow: maybe he did an interview with her but was then told to cut it out
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 As much as I appreciate what Wyn does, I also think that he should give some slack to people who don’t want to be interviewed. Vali might need to work on her attitude, but she still has the right to be frustrated and be left alone.
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 Danny's face when Wyn stuck his smelly hand mic under his nose!!!!!... brilliant...
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 I broke my knuckle just like he did and I remember they slapped a cast on there with barely a wipe down of all the sweat and grime. I'm like wait wait come on this is going to be nasty!
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 @PTyliszczak: Happened to me when I broke my tibia plateau,doctor was ready to prepare the cast when I asked "hey,I fell on the dirt, doesn't my leg need to be washed before that?".
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 I will Cast the first stone. That was a great mic holder.
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 As always, he gets a great cast of characters on the show.
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 He cast a nice line to Vali, but she didn't take the bait.
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 @mi-bike: Was that Vali or Tracy H?
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 @Hogfly: Definitely Vali.
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 Disappointed we didn't get a "Shit Yeah" from Tuhoto.
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 C'mon privateers... Just proper Thank You!... Did I miss it or maybe was it edited out?
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 Great interviews Wyn and all behind the scene's. Always love these shows.
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 I'm totally entertained by Wyn TV for sure. But building on his inside views and his stoke, he could improve his interviews a lot. Let people finish their sentences would be a good start. And a huge step would be to ask more open questions to actually gain insights.
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 @kerberos: I think that's sort of supposed to be his style of interviewing. It's more like rapid-fire shit flipping as much as hard core interviewing. I do notice that he does a lot of cutting of dead air out as well, which really adds to the rapid fire feel of it all.
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 @Hogfly: it's a style that works with some riders more than others. He's.managed to get guys like Gee and Danny Hart to lean into it and have some funny interviews.
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 Damn poor Luca at the end of that interview
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 PHIL ATWIL is on fire
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 Phil is a legend - love the story about the marshal running for cover as Phil comes flying through on the ragged edge !
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 Wyn looks like he’s doing the “smell my finger”
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 Thanks Wyn and GT !
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 Funny then your only injury is a flicking rock & no crashes?
Loris is just comfortable going fast!
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 Does anyone hear Wyn and think Korg?
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 that's a good one, Wyn, thanks!
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 Does anyone else look at Remi and initially think its Jesse M?
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 Actually it is Jesse. Don't blow his cover!
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 Remy is,in fact,Jesse's twin french cousin. Now you know.
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 @JustinVP: pxxxyt'
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