the trek train rolling at lago di garda, italy. Katja Rupf, Steffi Marth, Andrew Shandro, Renê Wildhaber
pic by Trek / Markus Greber
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the trek train rolling at lago di garda, italy. Katja Rupf, Steffi Marth, Andrew Shandro, Renê Wildhaber pic by Trek / Markus Greber


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 Cool photo but it's not really a pod photo
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 stupid pod if you ask me.
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 Great photo, and it's better than I can do, but it just doesn't seem on par with the other photos we've been seeing lately...
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 ya, its not the greatest photo, it has a nice look but I dont think its up to PAR, in my opinion
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 I'm just not feeling it.
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 I am feeling it. It's a great photo. I tried photography today in the woods. Not easy stuff.
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 this pic of his should have got pod + there is a hot chick in it
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 Was hoping to see a more exciting picture first thing on a monday morning if i'm honest.
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 I'm feeling that one. By that I mean I want to be feeling her. Wink

I'm joking! It would've made a better picture IMO.
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 Hahaha "i tried photography today in the woods" best comment ive seen in a while
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 5, 2012 at 2:22) (Below Threshold)
 Stinkyboy8 - you made my day! I have to ride that down. No, I'm not taking a piss, I swear. Truly complicated people are great, truly simple people like you are great as well, it's the middle that sucks! All you negpropping him are beigists! Go buy a beige Mercedes and drive it in beige suitt, with that grimace of disapproval on your face

PB: Can you please make an option to fave a comment? I would love to save ones like these!
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 WAKI, what are you talking about? Taking "the" piss btw, not a piss.
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 I meant it was so genuenly sincere and therefore so funny... and oops, yea taking the piss...
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 Now, if every rider in this photo were riding 40's and full face helmets in thr exact same manner they are now everyone would be jizzing over this photo. Damn dh bros.
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flag scott-townes (Mar 5, 2012 at 6:00) (Below Threshold)
 Hey man, leave the DH bros alone! It's not their fault that they don't know what it's like having to earn your turns and can't relate to this photo! Wink
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 No if every rider was sporting 2012 Fox 40s there would be no one on this pic. People thought they heard Cedric saying that it is 6s faster! So id it is 6 seconds faster they would already ride out of that pic, the photographer would be too slow to catch that increased speed
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 Nice photo! Although DH and freeride is awesome and get's you pumped, sometimes just laying back and going for a trail ride with a couple of your buddies can be fun too. The photo reminds me that not everything always has to be fast paced, big hits, etc.
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 "Earn your turns" is a backcountry skier saying. Skiers are the only people concerned with turns. And actually, a bit of xc is good fun, a lot of dh riders do both very well, a lot better than the average xc rider because dh makes you pay for your mistakes, just like backcountry skiing for that matter.
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 I think we can agree that it is allrounders that kick ass... most of best riders of every discipline are great allrounders, because if you just train one thing you are going to plateu sooner or later. You need those skills and specific kind of fitness from other disciplines to take you beyond that shitty plateau...
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 Oh well, i personally think the idea of competition and who has more skill is boring and useless. I just ride my bike for fun, what do I care if someone else is better at pedalling a piece of metal with two wheels on it? I just happen to be much more fond of cross country than downhill and i'm a 19 year old male. There's much more to biking than who is more skilled.
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 u whiners! they are chicks! 90% are single dudes!
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 Exactly, hamncheez. lucasdupuis, ya totally missed the fact that there are TWO hot chicks in this one! Neither of which would have a hard time convincing me to go on an XC ride. Especially not if they promised to let me go down ...hill riding with them after we finished up! Not likely I could keep pace... Frown
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 redrook, I've been skiing my whole life so you don't need to educate me on where certain terms come from. Saying DH riders are better at XC riding is stupid because XC riding is obviously less technical and involves more cardio which is really the separating factor in whose better at it. The last time I checked the fitness involved in DH is vastly different than the fitness required for XC so saying DH makes you a better XC rider is nonsensical. And using backcountry skiing in that terrible analogy shows that you've probably never actually been in the backcountry... I highly doubt any of the kids who "prop" these comments will know this.
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 Sorry scott-townes, apparently I do. Unless you like to make very ambiguous comments. That analogy is actually a pretty accurate one, but youre so high up on your STRIKE>horse/STRIKE> xc bike there I doubt you can hear me all the way down here, after all I must be prick to not want to cycle my dh bike up a hill. Last time you check that sort of thing often do you? I would love to see how you quantify the concept of bike fitness. Can I see your published papers please? Both require very similar fitness levels at comparable levels, I think you do a disservice to both.
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 html fail there, nice.
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 Everyone can relate to the photo just fine, it's just a boring photo! There's much more exciting trail photos around, this is just dull as dishwater and happens to have well known riders in it. I'm sure theres no coincidence that this page is surrounded by a massive Trek advert and this being POD. Or is that too cynical.
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flag scott-townes (Mar 5, 2012 at 19:01) (Below Threshold)
 redrook- Hahaha, thanks for confirming that you have never been in the backcountry... Apparently you don't know what an expression is either. Here let me explain it to you, when I say, "the last time I checked" that doesn't mean I literally go research and check up on something, you know like how you said I was on a high horse (which is wild how you assumed that) but you don't really mean that I'm on a really tall horse. But hey if you don't believe me that training and fitness is very different for DH compared to XC then go ask someone who trains for DH, then someone who trains for XC and see what they tell you, OK bud? Wink I'm done clogging this up with an absurd argument.
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 rbeach that's way too cynical, and it's a comment that's made every time there is a Trek bike in a POD. Sorry to say but it doesn't really happen that way...
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 As an overused general rule of thumb, hater's gonna hate.
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 scott-townes, your insecurity demonstrated by overreaction under pretence of condescension is awesome.
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 rbeach, probably too cynical but we all love our conspiracy theories. scott, dude shut up you're actually embarrassing to read. It's an ok shot, its not the usual standard at all, but it looks like a sweet trail.
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 I won the Norco bike that pinkbike gave away at the Vancouver Bike Show and I would love to say thanks to PB!
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 congrats mtnbyker, PB had a great booth, class act.
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 Oh yea! I still have my PB tattoo to prove it!
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 Post some pics of that bad boy!
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 Siiick, what did you win?
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 It is a stock Norco Wolverine
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 I don't see why everyone is complaining... It's still a great picture. As much as I'd love to see a big scrub or massive flip whip everyday... It's not gonna happen. Enjoy the POD, it's only here for 24 hours. Congrats to the photographer on a sweet shot.
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 its pictures like this that make the huge scrubs and flip whips look good hahah
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 But what else are people going to incessantly complain about?
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 As a mountain bike photo, I think it works to show what a ride in the woods is like. But what I have a problem with has more to do with color and composition. The riders don't stand out at all and with this much green, I'd like the riders to pop. As for composition goes, there's no place for the bunch to go within the photo--had they been going the other way, maybe. It's a nice photo but not a POD.
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 this is POD because is shooted with a 1.300 $ lens & 6.000 $ body.............can't realy understand what GIRLS maybe for that Smile

just jockin' but out there there are a lot of more PODable pics.
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 I love riding trails like this, like a train. Roll on the summer!
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 This is one of those shots that shows a story that everybody can relate to: riding with all your buds on a sick trail. Nothin better than that in my opinion.
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 I expect to see something remotely intriguing, which this "POD" is not. I love to see cross country rides, and I love seeing women shredding it up, but simply because the combination of the two is the subject matter in this photo doesnt automatically warrant POD. Come on man! This is not only insulting to PB readers because the content is boring, but also because it reeks of "token photo". Women can and do shred incredibly hard, so why not put up a photo that displays their dedication, hard work, inginuity, and passion for the sport. This POD looks more like an advert for Laxitives. POOP!
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 Maybe I'm alone here, but I personally am not insulted by this. You've got to have pretty thin skin for a picture of people riding bikes in a forest insult you.
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 It really isnt a horrible photo... believe it or not, not all photographs have to be up in the junk of someone riding... Do i find it pod worthy, not quite. but to me, its a decent photo
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 I ran train on a quartet of girls an awful lot like this trail once.. Fun, curvy, dirty but well kept. Fuckin a pinkbike. Its like you know me..
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 Since when do you give POD to peeping toms hiding in trees taking pictures of girls?
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 i propose POD is made by a combo of number of faves/views. a choice based on one's opinion cannot reflect the preference of many.
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 Love this! Great shot, makes me want to ride.
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 awful pod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you like this what r u on ?
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 Finally an XC POD!
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 was this really shot with $7300 worth of camera?

I think my cellphone takes better pictures then this

f*cking shit POD. I am dissapoint.
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 Despite all the hate up in here, I love it! I'll take anything that gets you pumped to go out and ride.
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 Looks like a screenshot from a gopro
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 I like this pod because its diffenent but there are more opportunies that could make this photo so much better
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 all mountain what
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 bit of a terrible POD to be honest expected more
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 Last 2 pods have sucked
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 this is not the nicest POD ever by far
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 pretty sweet POD
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 If this one is POD , so many another could be too
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 Good photo, but not POD oO
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 I bought a nice desposable camera and took some photos like this once...
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 l'm with the others.....ehhh.... nice pic but not POD material.
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 Well this is disappointing ...
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 Weakest pod for years.
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 disappointing ..
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 ive seen better on youtube
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