Man's best friend leads Lars through the mist.
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Man's best friend leads Lars through the mist.


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 'Whats that Lassie? Someone's crashed at the road gap?.. Lead the way!'
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 love it when dogs are in pods
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 Taking the dog for a walk.. 'Like A Boss'
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 0:47) (Below Threshold)
 Not to take away from this pod, but does anyone else feel a bit disappointed when a pod doesn’t show some rider ability? i.e. more than just pedaling up a flat trail? The photo is quality, Chuckanut is a sweet area to ride, and Lars is a great rider. But aside from being a crisp shot, and having a dog in it, I don’t care for it due to the lack of "display of riding ability".
I can see why someone would say "this photo truly captures the essence of why we ride bikes", but if my tires were unable to leave the ground, id take up another sport.

if your not going to be jumping, dropping, sailing, riding a ladder, or ripping around a berm, you might as well park a Prius on the trail.
Obviously a photo can look appealing due to landscapes and lighting, but pod needs to include more than that in my opinion.
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flag fade-to-black (Jun 17, 2012 at 0:51) (Below Threshold)
 Yea i agree some times the pod dosent even seem to be at all original just a shot of some one going down a trail etc. same with vod u just need to be popular, the latest vods have been on the home page. isnt that the same thing so we all watch them and then they make it vod, even when i see way better videos on the same day.
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 I think your putting way too much thought into a photo that will only be there for a day.
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 1:00) (Below Threshold)
 "McFuggles"... shoulda put some more thought into that.
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 coming from someone who used his full name and age as his username...
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 Zach we appreciate your opinion, but keep in mind that is is just that, you own personal opinion. I chose this POD because I thought it was an awesome shot...
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 1:07) (Below Threshold)
 exactly, cause that is the name I use... and 11 is my number, not my age but that was a good one Mr. McFuggles.
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 1:39) (Below Threshold)
 Ian, I agree it is an awesome shot. Just not for pod. And I did not look through the bucket of possibilities for todays pod, so maybe it was the best option available. I do not wish to offend anyone, and that is why I make sure and write "IN MY OPINION" as you can clearly see at the end of my origonal post.
I just hope we dont loose track of whats really important here. Its like if there was a wide open, unimportant lay-in on an NBA highlight video. Casually riding down a flat trail is not going to push the sport any further because its already been done over and over. Inspiration from new things is what causes real movement.

A photo like is much more appropriate... in my opinion.
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 That photo already made POD, jackass. Go to bed. Awesome choice Ian!
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 @ZachHinton11 why does a pod have to be "Gravity Riding" orientated, i understand that Brandon Semenauk launching a 50 million foot road gap is more exciting that Dan Atherton pedalling up a hill but the sight has to cater for all sorts of riders and including XC and trials. And you can be just as skilled XC rider as say Gwinn is at DH, it may make for a less exciting pod but your comment about rider skill is effectively irelivent.

Apologies for any spelling mistakes Smile
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 Dog - ''Yo follow my line!''
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 Never understand why people get so emotional over POD choice , if this photo really bothers you so much maybe you should get a hobby like mountainbiking or some thing to take your mind off of it
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 I love it.beautiful place,it has a dog and Lars.I think its a great shot coming out of the mist...Anyway,beats the shit out of sitting here commenting on a pic.
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flag A-Nay3186 (Jun 17, 2012 at 5:39) (Below Threshold)
 @zack opinions are not allowed on pinkbike! But does anyone else think this shot and the cod thumbnail look like they're at the same trail? Maybe it's just because I'm on my phone...
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 @zachhinton you are the reason we can't have nice things!
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 @jamesb15UK, your comment was definitely what made this POD for me, LOL, "whats that Lassie someones cased the road gap, lead the way Smile "
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 Yeah, dude, its called POD for a reason.. As in "picture" its about photography of our sport, not biking itself, it captures the image of someone enjoying they're sport, what ever skill level they are at. And the picture is a good one, dont see why it shouldn't have a chance at POD...
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 its picture of the day not most insane trick of the day
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 that dog is running Rigid, and he is beating the the guy with a 180mm travel bike, owned
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 dude, its mountain biking. same sport as that other pic, maybe not as extreme, but still probably a ton of fun.
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 If that dog shit in front of him, it would be a hero.
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 I've seen the dog follow the rider but not seen the dog lead the way! He's shredding! In response to the argument of what makes POD- it must be hard to pick something everyday and keep it fresh. We're all going to be marginally disappointed sometimes but we've all got our own tastes. PB does a pretty good job in catering for all riders imo.
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
 almost every trail in bellingham looks like this. and its been foggy for three days in a row. A good photo, and I guess it would look cool to someone living in a desert, but here its nothing special and no rider skill is being shown so im still saying its unworthy of pod.
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 It's not fog my friend, It's the locals getting baked.
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 You against 200+ others... I think that speaks on how good this POD is, buddy. Sure, it's your opinion, but maybe you should admit that your opinion is slightly biased this time towards a more "extreme" photograph...
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 @ZachHinton11 that dog is a better rider than you will ever be!
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 i would sell my left nut to see this conversation face to face. this is fricken hilarious!
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 you sh*ts going down when ian has to come in and straighten things out! get shot
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flag ZachHinton11 (Jun 17, 2012 at 22:41) (Below Threshold)
 My apologies for offending any XC riders out there who find this amazing.
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 Dear Zach, Next time I shoot with Lars, I will be sure to ask him to do some sweet dirt jump tricks for you groms out there while riding his trail bike. Rest assured, Lars Sternberg goes way faster and bigger than you on just about any bike..
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 Wow, Zach has got more negprops in one thread that I get in a year - so to take some load of him, for those who keep track - is that dog a pure breed?

Bikes and daegs FTW!
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 Lol why is this kid still argueing ? Stfu already, i think the greater majority have a more educated oppinion than u... And there are at least 20 ppl in this convo alone opposing your opinion... Hopefully todays POD was more to you're satisfaction.. Pinkbike can't please everybody...
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 oh crap, yea it seems that Ian felt the Zach's pressure... it's a one big-O jump! Ian you should have posted some good roadie pic! or some fireorad rally pic - That would get on everybody's nerve! "AIN'T WORTHY" would they shout!
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 Haha, roadie pic would have pissed some people of for sure !! XD
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 @ZachHinton11 you're contradiciting yourself highly, you're saying that flat pedalling has been done thousands of times over (which is true) but hasn't jumps, bern ridding and dropping all been done before in countless POD's before? Plus to be honest A LOT of people can shred tracks so its nothing special.
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 @zachhinton11 you just got told off by the guy who MADE THIS PICTURE! That is pretty bad... So i suggest either get another hobby or stop commenting and digging yourself deeper and deeper.
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 Btw, ian hylands, you are a god..
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 POD is more than just the rider. Lars kills it. Period. No matter what trail/bike/discipline. For the photographer to set up and capture this shot, that is a whole art unto itself.
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 It's depressing when my mates dog beats me down to the bottom of a dh run...
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 this reminds me of yesterday. Only there was just a random forest cat coasting down the trail. Turned arroud, to check what's going on, and kept on running until she realized that im much faster than she thought at first lol scared as hell and jumped into wet tall muddy grass. Dogs so much better on the trail. Great POD
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 Zach if you don't like it, don't go on Pinkbike for 24 hours and wait for next POD. Wink
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 This makes me wish we had an awesome trail dog to ride with!
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 Jamesb15uk writes:

'Whats that Lassie? Someone's crashed at the road gap?.. Lead the way!'

so far, l don't think anyone is old enough to get what you're referring to.

sucks to be old sometimes.
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 nah im 16 and got it instantly its like making an elvis joke and then saying oh sorry i forgot your too young......the legend lives on
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 right on... that stuff isn't old, it's timeless
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 I think Skippy and Flipper also deserve a mention... Maybe even The Littlest Hobo- I miss that sh*t!
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 I'm old enough and I got a chuckle.
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 PedalShopLLC - I hope no one will ever say it about Teletubbies...
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 eeek, now that's creepy
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 yea creepy that is, they say that "the Catcher in the rye" inspires killers, but hell! I'm sure few 3, 4yr olds have stabbed their parents in the face after watching Teletubbies
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 love the pic , hate the comment from the keyboard wariour,dont get people that cant give constructive comments, if u dont like it keep it to yourself, some one has took an amazing pic, dont like it go out there and take better
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 Seriously don't understand how people can say this isn't worthy of POD. You go ride the trail and come back saying you didn't smile. exactly
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 This Photo truly captures the essence of why we ride bikes.
  • 33 1 chase our dogs?
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 To get POD on pinkbike?
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 To ride through a mystical forest not knowing what is in its vast contents?
  • 16 0
 fame and girls?
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 'cause the cost of fuel is so damn high?
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 all of the above?
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 to have as much fun as possible, even if we are only with our dogs, riding and focusing solely on that?
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 yes dudes all of the above!
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 Because we live to ride, that's it.
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 'cause I just told the missus how much my new bike cost, best go ride and give her time to cool down...
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 3 of mans best friends.....the dog....the bike....the forest !
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 I love how Lars is almost lit up by the fog, and the dog who is only slightly ahead is super dark and out of the fog
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 one more thing he took the dog in case he got lost the dog show is way back good thinking doesn' it
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 @A-Nay3186 if opinions can't be made there would be no freakin POD to begin with!!!!! Use logic dangnabit
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 I like the fog in the background.
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 DUDE..................................................theres a dog!!!!
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 before breakfast ride. Cool.
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 Cool shot really captures the essence of why we ride bikes!
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 Roxy is pulling away Lars!!
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 Love riding with my pooches, great shot.
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 follow the dog! other one came up with an idea to bite me today
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 One of my favorite PODs in a while. Great shot!
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 the dog is fast ain'it
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 This POD is beautiful
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 Epic fog and a dog!
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 At Zach H: Shhhhhhhhhh!
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 you no u suck when the dog is faster then u
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