Video: Reece Wallace Flies His Plane to Kamloops for a Day of Shredding

Jul 6, 2022 at 15:32
by Industry Nine  

Industry Nine team member Reece Wallace flies his Cessna 170 to Kamloops for a full day of shredding in Fly to Ride Ep. 1.

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 Because this is pinkbike, and I know what the top comment is going to be, I just want to get it out of the way early.
So here goes:
Reece, I loved you in legally blond and legally blond 2
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 And another Scotsman takes it to the next level!
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 @reecewallace: eagerly awaiting Legally Blonde 3
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 I didn't even know that spoons could wither
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 This is what I came for! The Flying Scotsman, Ha!
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 I mean why wouldn't he. Cheaper than filling the truck up to get anywhere right now lol
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 Everyone should have planes because they’re so much more fuel efficient
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 These first two comments illustrate the humo(u)r difference between Canadians and Americans perfectly.
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 @mel22b: hahaha
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 Ok, we get it. You like planes.
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 hell yah I do
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 You mean his love of flying is…plane to see?
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 @reecewallace: Another video to inspire my getting my Stinson 108 back together to get flying and riding!
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 Pinkbikers "ebikers are destroying the environment with their batteries!" .
Also Pinkbikers, "it's so cool to fly planes to remote locations so I can ride a bike down a mountain."
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 I watched this for the plane content but the riding was obviously good too!
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 They flying had me more worried than the jump lines. Both were rad.
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 Such a cool video, Reece! Gets me excited like a little kid.

Two questions for you and any other pilots on this thread. If I wanted to learn to fly, what’s the best place to start educating myself? Any books, online resources, clubs, or simulators you would suggest?

Second question, how difficult is it to monetize plane ownership? I want to learn to fly just because I think it would be really fun, but it would be a lot easier to stomach, financially speaking, if I knew I could turn it into an income stream (even a small, part-time one) thus justifying the expense of learning to fly and buying a plane.

Thank you for your time!
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Great questions:

1. Flight training is different in every country, but I believe AOPA (American Owners & Pilots Assc) has some great resources on their site for the beginning steps on how to get your license

2. You need a commercial license to do anything which involves making money from flying. Even if it’s just flying your buddies around for $. It’s from a liability standpoint, and any type of passenger/delivery operation has different training, rules, and regulations

If you’re looking to make $ off being a pilot, plane ownership is not the way to go haha
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 Just to add to Reece's comment, the US is a little bit looser but you need more than a commercial license to monetize a plane you own. You need become a commercial operator with all those hoops. Easier to get your commercial license and get a job flying for someone else, and then fly your own plane to make sure savings never build up in your bank account.

@reecewallace Love the 170 upgrade, but do miss seeing the unmistakable red 150 at YSE.
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 @ShawMac: Cheers man! The 150 was a little small for my needs, but missing the fuel economy right now. $2.70/L, kill me
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 Thanks so much for the information, guys! Sounds like I should just plan on losing a ton of money, lol.
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 @mrosie: There's an old saying in aviation.
"How do you make a small fortune in aviation?"
"Start off with a large fortune."

It's addictive but expensive hobby. I get folks to pay me to fly around. Smile
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 @reddo: Another one is" if it fly floats or f*cks, leave it don't buy it." I think the f*cks is in reference to hours in some way.
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 @TheBrickOriginal: I'd heard "if it flies, floats or f*cks, rent it, don't buy it" Makes me chuckle. Big Grin
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 I love how universally crappy small GA cessna doors are I taught in 172’s and part of my briefing always included “don’t worry if the door pops open, it happens from time to time!”
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 Oh gees yes. I flew C206s and C207s. Same crappy doors.
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 Why is he in Kamloops? Shouldn't he be in Lenzerheide?
(couldn't resist)
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 I wish I could fit a bike into my Kitfox, I've been debating running my bike on the strut of the wing and watching it rip off the plane.
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 surely a thule roof rack on the top and wheel(s) inside?

you might need to bring a step ladder too...
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 Just slap a seasucker bomber mount on there.
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 I know this is out of nowhere but I'm getting into GA and saw this comment. How do you like your kitfox? Did you build it yourself or did you buy the plane used already built?
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 @nskerb: I own a model IV it was already flying when I bought it that being said I tore it all done and re did everything, best plane for my mission, light, capable and fun, I burn 4.6 gpa cruise at 105mph weighs 620 empty weight gross out at 1200 I can take off in 100 feet and land in 100 feet as well.. I can go anywhere a cub can go around here or a new kitfox. My buddy Ty has a model 4 and he out pilots and performers dudes in planes that cost 20x more... He has a total of 32k into his plane and in stol comps he is beating dudes in 400k carbon super cubs.
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 @jacobxpaul: That is awesome! Yeah I'm keeping my eyes peeled at barnstormers looking for pre-built foxes, zero chance I buy one in the next 5 years but just looking it seems that in the last 3 months or so there's a lot more on the market and prices seem to be dropping as well. If the perfect one popped up when I had the hours and money to justify a purchase I would definitely do it but may end up building one, hard to say.
4.6 sounds pretty damn good, is that with a 912? There is a guy on a KF facebook group with a O-320 and it looks like it was done pretty damn cheap and just about rips the wings off at TO with how much power it has, fuel burn was up at 6.5 he said I believe though. One upside is he said the engine with mid time was only like 9 grand. Everything seems to be trade off.
I don't know the ins and outs but is your 1200 max weight because it would be registered ad LSA as opposed to experimental? Still trying to learn.

But yeah, the foxes seem to be pretty damn close for the best bang for your buck if you're into STOL/bush stuff, that's my main future goal, I cant blame a guy with a spare million bucks to drop 400k on a carbon cub, but I'll never be in that position.
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 @nskerb: I picked my model IV with a EA81 in it for $17k its the speedster wing. I ended up putting a rotax 912 with a zipper big bore kit 100hp and still with that i was only at 24k total investment... I have tk1 landing gear sitting in my garage alaska bush wheels 26 and doing some new things to my panel I am going to be pushing 30k total investment if I want to go glass panel, which i might I'll be a total of 40k still not bad...

Nope still experimental I think if its factory built it could be LSA... All that stuff is still confusing.

drop the 400k and the plane still only goes 100mph lol thats the problem... If I dropped 400k I want to go fast and carry bikes and beer.
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 @jacobxpaul: Damn... I wish I got into this game sooner, prices make me want to die right now.
Go fast? Carry bikes and beer? Sounds like a skywagon, in that case I'll free up your hangar space and take the fox off your hands lol.
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 ALL the runs he rides look super sick
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 Custom paint bike to look like plane Fly Planes Ride bikes Win world champs Repeat
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 Reece is one of my favorite Reeces
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 Reece is definitely one of my favorite riders
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 Wow, this is so relatable to all us other mountain bikers that can afford private planes.
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 Yeah, I can totally relate to his plane, like I can to my multi million dollar trust fund ....
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 @nurseben: what exactly do you think this aircraft cost?
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 @TheBearDen: you missed the joke ...
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 Used Cesna 140 goes for 70k or below. Compare that to current mtb pricing and tell me it’s expensive…
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 @stefkrger: my Cessna 170 was $20K cheaper than a Tacoma when I bought it lol
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 ........My MTB identifies as a plane - but its only in the air for like 2 seconds max
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 That was a good flick, cheers
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 Wow. Still lots of snow in the high country... wait till it warms up.
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 Well flying to the trails will help with that.
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 Thats pretty dang cool!
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 a lot of air in this vid!!!
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 Rad video!
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 My two favourite things to do in the world. Absolutely living the dream!
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 So Reece is who they a talking about in the NY Post article that Canadians are worse "flyers" than Americans?
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