Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Voting Begins

Jun 16, 2019 at 18:37
by Richard Cunningham  
MTB HOF 2019

Nominees for this year's Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductions include four new candidates, as well as five worthy nominees who carry forward for consideration. Anyone can vote, click here for the details. The HOF is located at the Marin Museum of Bicycling, north of San Francisco, California, where the gala induction ceremony will be held later this year. Your votes are important. PB is an international organization, which helps to ensure that nominees held in high regard from nations who may have been under-represented in previous years will have a chance to be honored for their outstanding contributions to our sport.

Meet the Nominees

MTB HOF nominee 2019

Rebecca Rusch
Rebecca Rusch, recognized by Outside Magazine among the Top 40 Women Who’ve Made the Biggest Impact, and by Men’s Journal with the 25 Most Adventurous Women in the Past 25 Years, is one of the boldest, kindest, most determined champions you’ll ever encounter, a maverick whose influence as MTB royalty has ignited loyalty for the sport among legions. Her grit, determination, and perseverance earned her the “Queen of Pain” handle, known for crushing monster endurance events and mountain bike races like the iconic Leadville 100 (not just once–legit for anyone, male or female–but four years running, an achievement of legendary status).

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about her mountain biking métier is that she debuted at age 38, transitioning out of a successful career in multi-sport adventure racing, and in short order racked up multiple championships, breaking course records and setting PRs with almost every outing... Read more.

MTB HOF 2019 nominee

Myles Rockwell
One of mountain bike racing’s superstars, Myles Rockwell’s speed, personality and iconic riding style made him a fan favorite around the world. His results and “gentle giant” image made him the perfect package for sponsorships and TV appearances. Myles mind was also naturally inclined to understand cycling technology and equipment, and he made many unique contributions to research and development during his downhill racing career.

The “God of Gravity” became the World Champion in 2000. Myles continues to give back to the sport by mentoring young riders through his nonprofit, Rockwell Ridewell... Read more.

MTB HOF 2019 nominee

Jason McRoy R.I.P.

bigquotesDo not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trailJason McRoy
Jason's story of overcoming adversity and indomitable spirit inspired – and continues to inspire – people worldwide to chase their dreams in cycling and life. Jason McRoy is universally regarded as the first true Superstar of British Mountain Biking, paving the way for his peers and those that would follow him. Jason was one of the first Brits to take the risk, financially and competitively, to race abroad. At the Eliminator at Mammoth Mountain, he came second against some of the best names in the world. While they were backed by well-financed professional teams, he was a privateer who just about raised enough money from his winnings to go to the next race.

He also had that rare ability to ride any bike well and not only that, his total determination to win is the stuff of legend. For example: at the World Championships in Bromont, Canada, his front tyre flatted, stopping him in his tracks. Rather than give up, he ripped the tyre off and finished the race on the rim... Read more.

MTB HOF nominee 2019

Dafydd Davis
Dafydd (dah-fvid) Davis is a Welsh climber, fell runner and avid mountain biker whose impact in the design and creation of UK mountain bike trail systems cannot be overstated. Over the last twenty years, he has utilized his well-rounded background as an outdoorsman to not just establish trails, but to create the worlds first national development strategy for mountain bike trails and tourism.
Davis’ uniquely holistic approach in developing strategies for sustainable planning and construction methods has been so successful that it has set standards that are now in use worldwide. Rather than simply building trails, he has put an emphasis on reducing environmental and visual impacts, while minimizing maintenance and management needs and reducing on-trail conflict by considering the needs of all stakeholders.

His first trail at Coed-y-Brenin saw visits rise from just over 10,000 to more than 150,000 a year and became a model for the strategy that saw Wales establish itself as a mountain biking destination. The trail at Coed-y-Brenin also became the basis of the ‘Trail Centre’ model which is now widely established throughout the UK... Read more.

Previously Nominated & on this Year's Ballot

HOF nominee 2019

Derek Westerlund
If there were one single person tied to every monumental moment in the sport of freeride mountain biking it would be Derek Westerlund. Part unsung hero, part mastermind and visionary, Westerlund has spent 25 years of years of his life pioneering the entertainment space in mountain biking and action sports.

Sometimes in the shadows but always in the credits, Westerlund’s original British Columbia crew were carving a path for freeriding before it was even a word. His name is synonymous with the moment freeriding began, the moment the mountain bike film craze began and the first time the bike industry coined an event a “Freeride Contest”. His early efforts in the industry started in mid 90’s as a trail guide and British Columbia magazine publisher and then over a few short years he morphed into a pro rider, adventure writer and film producer... Read more.

HOF 2019 nominees

Tym Manley & Steve Behr
The creative partnership at the core of Mountain Biking UK magazine, launched in 1987, which established and maintained the MTB lifestyle in Great Britain and beyond and which was key to the UK’s unique and continuing success in Downhill Racing and Freeride. Tym Manley was the first Editor in Chief and part owner of Britain’s first mountain bike magazine, Mountain Biking UK, which has been central, for thirty years and counting, to the development of a British mountain bike scene - focused on freeride and downhill, and majoring in anarchic humor and fun.

In the 80s, Steve Behr became obsessed by mountain bikes and applied his talent for
photography to the early races and then to feature work. His career as a City lawyer had already begun to pall and as MBUK grew Steve was able quit his job and become chief editorial photographer...
Read more.

Hall of fame nominee 2019

Tim Neenan
By now, we all know that Specialized founder Mike Sinyard introduced the first widely accepted mass-produced mountain bike, the ‘Stumpjumper’. But the man who actually conceived the bike, built the first prototype and convinced Sinyard to put it into production, was someone else entirely, a nearby framebuilder from Santa Cruz.

Tim Neenan’s Lighthouse frames were well known on the central coast of California when Mike Sinyard approached Tim in 1980 about the possibility of designing a small line of road bikes for Specialized, frames that would offer the quality, details and range of sizes then offered only by small builders. This conversation gave birth to the Allez, Sequoia and Expedition, the foundation of Specialized’s bicycle line. Prior to coming to Specialized Tim had been experimenting with the European approach to riding in the dirt, building 700c British style ‘Rough Stuff’ bikes... Read more.

HOF nomineed 2019

Stan Kosiatek
In the year 2000, a rumor began circulating around bike shops and mountain bike races. A guy in New York had figured out a way to replace traditional inner tubes with a liquid that could seal punctures almost instantly, improve traction and control, and even make tires roll faster. On top of all that, the converted tires and wheels were lighter. It sounded too good to be true.

Racers began to ask questions about the process. There was tape to seal the spoke holes, and a special strip that changed the interior shape of the rim. The inventor was developing a complete tubeless system... Read more.


  • 62 0
 Oh yeah, the $7 to vote thing. I remember now why i didn't vote last year, or this year
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 What in the?? What am I missing, why would anybody waste money on this?
  • 1 0
 think this year is $10!
  • 15 0
 Rockwell and McRoy, hands down, should be in. I didn't realize Rockwell lost his oldest child to suicide. That's tragic and it speaks to his courage to try to make something positive for others out of his and his family's loss.
  • 2 0
 Yeah miles for Myles. Dude was bad,
  • 7 0
 McRoy should win foot out flat out. RIP
  • 14 2
 I'm not sure if this quote would sit well with today's trail access issues but I get it it's a metaphor.......Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail—Jason McRoy. Jason certainly deserves to be in the MBHF. I also think Myles Rockwell needs to be installed in the MBHF.....put his picture right next to Missy Giove.
  • 1 0
 Saying this with all due respect to Jason's legacy and his achievements: that is actually a quote from Muriel Strode, although it's often mistakenly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Jason seems like he was an amazing person, though, the kind of guy that inspired you to get out and ride in spite of any excuses. I hope that our community can help cultivate more people with that passion.
  • 11 0
 I've never ridden a trail Dafydd Davis designed, but I vote for him. Trail builders and visionaries need more recognition, they are some of the people most responsible for making this sport accessible to the mortals who don't race, wrench or shoot films. Cheers to the regular Joe who stepped up and did something for his sport.
  • 4 0
 The work of Dafydd and others who have developed the trail centes in the UK are heros. Perpose built, all weather riding with trails for all abilities has meant I can ride with mates all year in a country with mediocre climate. While nothing beats a hand crafted, challenging, natural trail the trail centers have reduced the traffic and pressure on many of these more fragile or contentious locations.
  • 6 0
 I've ridden and raced at Coed-y-Brenin in Wales for many years, its about 3hrs west from me, its big hills, 200 feet high Douglas fir trees, two wild rivers, thicket, standing water and cliffs. Some of the trails are loamy, some are made entirely from rock and you quickly get to know what you're in for. I've been dive-bombed by birds of prey, watched wild black mink hunting and once saw a panther at dusk right on the trail (I don't park up for the night in the forest anymore!) I'd vote for Dafydd Davis his vision has changed my life.
  • 3 0
 we in south wales have some good trail builders i for one have worked on the trails in afan and in glynccorrwg too.
  • 14 2
 How is Stan NOT already in? Great product and innovation.
  • 27 0
 not sure how he hasn't sealed the deal yet.
  • 5 0
 He somehow leaked through or buggered up during the selection round.
  • 2 2
 Except, OKO the uk sealant manufacturer have been making tyre sealant since the forever, predating stan by decades,
  • 4 0
 @sq225917: Hate to poke holes in your argument but Stan also developed the tape for the rim/spokes and complete wheelsets for a tubeless tire set up in mountain bikes pioneering the tubeless movement in mountain biking. . OKO and also Slime are for use in tubes and existing tubeless tires, OKO didn't develop a sealant specific to tubeless MTB tires until 2010.
  • 1 0

Jeez we were using inner tubes as bands and sealant to fix porous landrover wheels when I was 17. (that's 30 years ago).
  • 9 0
 Why not just put them all in? It's not like there's a capacity limit in a non-physical hall. Criteria is simply - have done something rad and important for mtb
  • 10 0
 Jason McRoy, he was the real deal! RIP!
  • 9 1
 Rusch by a landslide. No one has used the bike more to raise awareness for a variety of worthy causes.
  • 7 1
 OUTSIDE magazine? I have seen at least two bikes with the fork mounted the other way around? Wonder what kind of opinion they can express on anything cycling related.
  • 8 0
 $7 to vote, FFS way to stop young people from expressing a view asshats..,
  • 9 2
 Damn. I guess I didn't make the cut.. maybe next year.
  • 7 0
 I would vote but not paying $7....
  • 6 0
 The fat Welshman for me boys !
  • 3 1
 If it weren't for people like him you might not have uk trail centres, for the times like recent weeks when it's been pishing down and riding the local trails will just ruin them.

This isn't just a one out of the list goes in poll is it?
  • 2 0
 He's not fat,just fills his skin very well! Top guy Dafydd a fellow classmate He built the original tracks at CYB,which will still be there when the next ice age comes around. We rode them on fully rigid bike,back then,hand paralysis was frequent,after a lap on the old Red Bull track. Diolch Dafydd!
  • 2 0
 McRoy all day. I've been following the JMC page on facebook and his parents have been trying to get this done for many years. They deserve it for their continued support of their sons legacy. Oh and he was my biggest inspiration when I started riding.
  • 3 2
 stan did not invent anything. everything had already been in europe for a long time and in many other fields than cycling. Derek westerlund derek obviously to be one of the first filmer of this nascent sport that was the freeride.
  • 2 1
 Plus Stan is a patent troll, suing others for rim "shapes".
  • 6 0
 @zoobab2: When you sue specialized you are doing a service for the little guy
  • 5 0
 How the hell is JMC not already in there?!
  • 4 0
 You are joking that Rockwell & McRoy are not already in there!! Who made this up!!
  • 4 0
 Came to see Gary Fisher's name as the actual inventor of the Stumpjumper...
  • 1 0
 Pretty sure Sinyard stole the SJ from a Ritchey frame if memory serves.
  • 4 0
 Gotta pay, no fucking way !!!
  • 3 0
 You would need too pay for my vote, not the other way round, Capitalistic fame pushers!
  • 1 0
 Where is Josep Martos?
I don't see him here. He is the founder of La Poma Bikepark, he made it out of nothing just for the love of the sport. he is never even try a Dirt Jump bike....
  • 5 1
 Where's Tippie?
  • 7 1
 Inducted in 2010 with Wade Simmons and Richie Schley:
  • 4 1
  • 1 0
 When you see a name a say "they're not in the HOF?" it answers the question. Rockwell and McRoy should be in.
  • 2 0
 If Manley & Behr are on the list where’s Mint?

Oh and JMC obv’s
  • 3 2
 Derek Westerlund, easy choice.
  • 3 5
 Nope. To much Rap/Rock! Check out Alex Rankin's Earthed Vid's. There legit.
  • 3 1
 NWD series so much bigger and more influential than Earthed. Earthed was good stuff, but not even on the same spectrum of scale at NWD.
  • 1 0
 @bonfire: Its OK, he probably didn't start riding until the NWD series was just about done. I guess he also forgot about Where the Trail Ends but hey, none of us are perfect.
  • 1 0
 @scott-townes: Where the trail ends was one of the more forgetful bike films unfortunately in my book, i'm unsure why but it just never appealed.

earthed was a very British thing, i think you might be underestimating the influence it had on the MTB scene especially in the UK where people are more understated.

Though i didn't mind the Rap/Rock music in the NWD films.
  • 1 0
 The Miles Rockwell/Cannondale Fulcrum photo is my all time favorite pic.
  • 1 0
 They should all be in. Legends, every single one. Why exclude any???
  • 1 1
 Myles & Missy!

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