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Charlie Murray Sustains Wrist Injury Following EWS Val di Fassa Pit Crash

Jul 5, 2021 at 8:21
by Ed Spratt  
Charlie Murray in the hunt and on the podium in 3rd

Charlie Murray has revealed that he may not be racing the EWS in La Thuile this week after a wrist injury from the first race week.

After 10th and 3rd place finishes at his first races with the Specialized Enduro team in Val Di Fassa, it was to the pits for some wild challenges with the other riders. While doing an impressive stoppie Charlie went over the bars and landed heavily on the tarmac.

Charlie announced on social media over the weekend that this was a bit more serious than he first thought and has sustained a bruised scaphoid and radius with a minor crack to the radius. He told Pinkbike that he won't need any surgery and the injuries are expected to heal in a couple of weeks. Charlie also told us his plan is to test out the pain while riding later this week but he will have to at least miss the first round with it looking unlikely he will make the start for the second race of the week.

bigquotesMistakes happen, this one was especially silly! I guess the stoppies catch up with you in the end. Unfortunately, I’ve done a bit of damage to my wrist so not sure I’ll be able to line up next week.

Insider trading tip: If I was a betting man I’d probably remove myself from the Pinkbike Enduro Fantasy team…
Racing or not I’ll be in La Thuile with a big smile on my face
Charlie Murray - Instagram

bigquotesHere’s a quick how to hurt your wrist video! Too much front brake, not enough push ups. Charlie Murray - Instagram

We're wishing Charlie a speedy recovery and hope to see him back at full speed soon.

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 Literally anyone else would have made up a training accident that caused the injury. You have to appreciate that level of honesty.
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 Hard to lie about something that a lot of people recorded and posted online.
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 @imnotdanny: True, but you can't see on the video that he's hurt.
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 @zombiezebra: I can see he's holding his wrist up after
  • 8 7
 I highly doubt his sponsors care if he was honest or not about making an insanely stupid mistake, haha. Shit happens, still a freak accident as I'm certain we've all done the same thing many a times without much more than a few scrapes.
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 @imnotdanny: He should have blamed it on his front tire being mounted the wrong way around. Not a big issue on slick trails but some useful R&D on tarmac.
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 @scott-townes: I could be crowned King of Stupid Shit on Bikes, but nobody cares ‘cause I’m not being paid to ride them
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 Hands down, that move was smart.
  • 1 0
 @zombiezebra: except for where he gets up obviously guarding the injured arm...
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 So the stoppie... might stop him from competing? I'll stop now.
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 He’ll never hear the endo this.
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 Give him a brake.
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 these are wheelie good puns
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 I wonder if anyone here nose of a manual on how to stoppie?
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 Getting injured like that is the pits.
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flag codypup (Jul 5, 2021 at 19:10) (Below Threshold)
 @M4tt12: lesson one. Do not start on tarmac
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 gd nght
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 That's got to be so frustrating! I think most bikers have experienced injuries and crashes doing silly things- however probably not too many have experienced them during a hard charging breakout year on the world stage with the eyes of the sport on you and whilst doing it for the gram. Hope this doesn't derail the momentum. Heal up!
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 Pretty sure Charlie would be doing that in the parking lot regardless of the ‘gram’
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 @brookscurran: for sure- poor wording- I more meant that it is available for everyone to see and replay via the gram and that might make it more frustrating.
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 this is why I've never done one. that, and a general lack of talent.
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 @brookscurran: Instagram is a channel athletes need to pay attention to, just like cool shredits and bike checks on PB. Should be no harm no foul for his sponsors that he got hurt goofing off for the camera - after all there's been plenty of coverage of him as a result.
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 @shredddr: thanks for the honesty
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 @nouseforaname: for sure, he's got a lot of clicks he wouldn't have otherwise got from that, then there's follow up from how he's healing, rehab videos... I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it'll hurt his online presence a lot less than it hurts his wrist
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 Hey Charlie Murray ... what did the four fingers say to the face? .....
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 what did the 5 fingers said to the face?
  • 19 0
 RIP Charlie Murphy.
  • 6 0
 'I'm Rick James, *****!"
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 Jibbin's one hell of a drug!
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 @jzPV: yeah and f*ck your bike! Go buy another one you rich motherf*cker!
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 If I was a sponsor of his, I wouldn't be upset with him at all. I feel like those contests are an important part of the scene and participating in them makes him a more relatable human for the fans.
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flag CM999 (Jul 5, 2021 at 13:29) (Below Threshold)
 I would be livid with him. He’s supposed to be a professional athlete getting paid to race. Injuring himself messing about at the party is a schoolboy error
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 Broke scaphoid a few times in my bmx days in highschool. Now I'm 33 and those injuries are coming back to haunt me. Fragments of bone in the ligaments from past breaks hit the nerves at just the right angle to induce pain. That Mobius x8 brace pops the loose lego in the wrist back in place and we can keep on riding. Stupid expensive though. We'll see what the MRI and hand surgeon say. Smile
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 Just stopped wearing my Mobius brace a full year after breaking a few bones in my wrist and hand. Those things are wonderful! Worth every single penny.
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 i broke both of mine...ya both thumbs in different riding incidents over a few decades and now I have some bad days where I can barely hold the bar with my left hand.I also broke 4 fingers one in 4 pieces and the fingers are ok just thumb pain. If I sleep with my thumb and index finger spread wide I have trouble the next day.
The worst was my left from a car door prize I hit a BMW who was charged for door assault but that did not help.
In October I get incredible pain from both thumbs due to arthritis caused by the fractures. Oddly when I have gone down to Jamaica for my winter tour season[dec-apr] the pain goes away and I have no symptoms. This season the pandemic had me barred from Jamaica after returning April 2020 and this past winter was painful. The left wrist is almost normal now the warm weather is back here in Toronto. Seems I have to use muscle balls till I die
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 Imagine breaking your wrist while mucking around on your bike and then Pinkbike publishes a front page story on it. Talk about salt on a wound!
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 Talk about money in the bank! More exposure, more insta follows.
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 Even riding on his front wheel with his brakes on he is still faster than me Razz
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 Where are all the pro bike-coach dads that gave Thanee the tut tut for getting injured shredding some jumps?
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 i mean tony ferguson tripped on an extension cord and ended up cancelling the khabib fight due to a torn up knee. silly shit happens.
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 Yeah - life is dangerous - everywhere!
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 For reals, just have fun
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 Heal up Charlie!! You'll be back crushing it in no time
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 Ah Chaz.
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 Nowt like a pit stop
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 I saw that crash and thought it was a bit risky, seems I was right.
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 I hurt my wrists in other ways Frown
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 tuck and role
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 my favorite real bmx!!
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 Hold my beer.
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