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Entry List for the Finale Ligure EDR World Cup 2024

May 9, 2024 at 2:25
by Ed Spratt  
Check out who will be getting between the tape this weekend for the 2024 EDR World Cup opening round in Finale Ligure.

Elite Men


Elite Women


U21 Women


U21 Men


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 This idiot just sat there wondering in Rebecca Baraona was related to Bex Rolleyes Big Grin
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 I did the first ever EWS (EDR) in Punta Ala, when they let mortals in. It was brilliant. Good racing, loads going on and must have been really good for the local economy, because it wasn’t just a select few. If they brought that back, there would be more of a buzz around Enduro again. The same with EDR-E.
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flag PauRexs FL (May 9, 2024 at 6:25) (Below Threshold)
 it's about WEF Agenda 2030... they want incrementally less and less humans out there freely uncontrolled into nature... this is just the beginning of their covert take over on MTB and outdoors sports... I could say many other political actions I am seeing and hearing here in Catalonia about outdoor events and mtb races... sold technocrats and burocrats putting sticks to the wheel increasingly everywhere...
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 @PauRexs: just ride your damn bike.
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 @PauRexs: finally someone’s else sees what’s happening in the world. Hallelujah
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 There's an open race on the same day as EDR and E-EDR, for the mortals and e-mortals.
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 @jeffrocx: @Gilli009 guess what... IT has been FORBIDDEN to ride trails in Barcelona Mountains ! ( Collserola-Montserrat&Montseny... and more to come..) THIS SHIT IS REAL!
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 @PauRexs: Isn't Collserola essentially a city park? With attempts to preserve nature and biodiversity, and hikers / runners / cyclists on limited trails, shitty behaviour of a few is probably ruining it for the rest. Not everything is a conspiracy.
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 @mi-bike: No, it's a huge mountain between barcelona and another city. To ban and fine riders, for what demonstrable reason? There wasn't reported issues from the hundreds and hundreds of trails is just insane, and just proves there is an agenda... yes they will use all this fancy a good looking words you used for the sake of CO2 tax traces social score points...
Trust me all policies and politicians have an agenda backing them... to deny this is to deny physics...
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 @PauRexs: e asa de 10 ani de zile, doar ca au fost indulgenti...
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 Gowd it’s all a bit sad isn’t it? I just can’t get excited about the EDR anymore
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 I can. I'm absolutely pumped. Let's go!!
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 I am prepared for the down votes. Here is my question: does anyone really care about Enduro? Honestly. Where do you watch it? Who are these people? How do you follow it? In an era of tightening budgets, how is this a lucrative expense for a manufacturer?
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 I love the idea of Enduro but do feel its been let go over the last few years from when it dominated Downhill. Until they have some kind of gopro Enduro series that shows footage live from riders live its going to be a tough few years for Enduro until it finds its feet again, which I am sure it will. Such a shame as its a great format. I have heard from racers that the big pedals and uphill's on stages helped to ruin it for riders.
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 No downvotes from me, Because I understand where you're coming from. To answer your question, yes, I do care about Enduro. As for why, it's because this form of racing is closest to the type of riding done in my area. Generally decently large days with big climbs and big descents. I love watching DH, but Enduro seems more accessible and relatable to me as a rider. I'm not saying I'd ever be competitive, but I've done some local Enduro racing and it's been a ton of fun. Even on the local level, DH just seems so far out of my skillset and comfort zone. That being said, the UCI has all but neutered the sport and the best coverage is sadly done by the riders themselves.
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 @betsie: It was great few years before covid but they changed it too much in the end. Queen stages, 2-day competitions, faster, steeper, longer, e-bikes, more more more. Now I dont even know how to follow it anymore, and I dont really care.

Soccer didnt change for 100 years and seems to be doing great. Maybe something for the UCI to think about.
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 You got an up vote from me! I agree that it is difficult to follow. As far as an expense for a manufacturer, I know they sell a lot more enduro bikes than DH bikes. Actually it seems the shorter travel bikes are most popular now, 120-130 range, not sure how they can use any racing to market that, too much for XC, not enough for enduro? But it gets the "trail bike" name out there.
As far as enduro, I love participating and could care less about following it, I will read the articles and see who finished where but it is not "TV friendly"
DH is what I prefer to watch, much more "TV friendly" and easier to follow.
Even XC is more interesting to follow than Enduro (for me)
At the grass roots level I think it will continue to have a great turn out, might loose some younger riders to DH but will be okay as it is a great participant sport, kind of like the 5k version of mountain biking. Everyone can do a 5k, some are under 18 minutes and most are over 30 minutes but everyone has fun. Same for Enduro, it is the finish sport.
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 Does anyone really care about Enduro?
Yes a lot, I've been to several live events as well.

Honestly. Where do you watch it?
All that I can find on YT and other media.

Who are these people?
A... athletes?

How do you follow it?
Websites,YouTube, Instagram...

In an era of tightening budgets, how is this a lucrative expense for a manufacturer?
No idea.
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 Let's not carry the enduro hate from last year into this season. Just enjoy it. It's awesome.
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 @tbubier: That is just it. How do you enjoy it? It gets no coverage and finding anything about it is a chore. Not hate, just genuine questions.
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 Yes, I do. It's the kind of riding that most closely mirrors the kind that many/most riders in my part of the world participate in. But they've made it hard to enjoy.
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 Yes, tons of people care about it and a lot of those people have stopped caring or care less because of the lack of access to view/follow it. There is a reason it exploded so quickly because it is the same type of riding most people do. Its hard to relate to pro DH but you can get your head around a long climb and a sweet decent on 'normal' trails outside bike parks. Once they figure out the accessibility hang ups I would not be surprised if it sees a resurgence. Question is when.
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 Enduro is the format I want to race. DH is the format I want to watch.
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 So many amazing athletes and bike handlers on this start list. It’s too bad media coverage doesn’t go far enough to show the talent and high level of competition of the EDR.
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 Have you watched Moi Moi TV?
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 Please tell us that Matt Fairbrother rode a paddle boat across the oceans from New Zealand to get to the races. But really, we want to hear what crazy adventures he's up to this year on the tour.
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 LACEY ADAMS!! Really stoked to see another Tasmanian out there next to Sascha Kim and Booker (when he's not healing or jumping off cliffs).
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 and Harvey Lee!! Tassie represent.
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 Wish the EDR WC would be a bit more televised
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 Sad to see Elliot Heap (and quite a few other 'names') missing from the list. It's hard to believe that a rider of his quality cannot get a team.
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 lots of fretting (with good reason) last year when people were losing rides. Realistically, who's not here that you might have expected to be here? Cole Lucas comes to mind. Anyone else?
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 Racing is dead.
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 Wow, not many racers this year. All change
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 Ya what happened to P4 and P9 from last year in Elite Women's?
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 @brentkratz: P4 was Gloria Scarsi. She switched to DH and finished 5th last weekend at Ft. William.
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 So much diversity... Go Gabriel from Brazil! One Latino representing 656million peeps =) And Noga and Orem representing 4.5 billion peeps 3
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 Reckon they'll be rocking a Water Melon in solidarity with the Palestinians?
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 Another Puck from flat land? What are the chances.
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 What happen to Jose Borges? Not having a team and not racing this season ?
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 Where is Raphael Giambi ?
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 He's racing DH
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 Connor is keen to ride his bike! Turns will be ripped whether dh or edr
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 Seff still asleep in the van?
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 hutman is going to be a big threat this year!

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