Video: Bienvenido Aguado's Wild Rampage Finals POV

Oct 15, 2023 at 3:43
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBienvenido Aguado with one of the wildest GoPro POVs we've ever seen! Red Bull

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 I would like to report a robbery...
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flag themouse77 (Oct 15, 2023 at 11:31) (Below Threshold)
 he didn't finish his run. Instead he went all American Football star on the I am tops dance. Maybe if he finished the run before the one man party he might've had a better score.
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 And how do explain his second run score? Wink
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 no doubt this is up there as the most robbed rider in rampage history
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 for much less godziek was 2nd last year
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 All of his landings were huge, sightlines were long, and his upper section was boring. One massive front flip canyon gap which deserves best trick award doesn't constitute a winning run.
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 unpopular opinion:

i think bienve was robbed on points, yes, but it was no winning run (too many left out options in the top section).
for me he really earned every single award he got, but i'd put him 3rd, zink 2nd and fairclough 10000% on first place.
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 I'm not sure how polarizing your hot take is; I haven't heard many saying he should have won, but they guy came in 8th. I think the majority of the (non-judges) feel he should have at least cracked the top 5 and maybe have been on the podium.
I'd say "he needed more big mountain on the top half", but then nobody had more gnar than Fairclough, so ???
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 I'm also on board with a podium of Brendan, Zink and Bienve - in no particular order for me personally as I'm a sucker for a good fat flip drop but also for the big moves the other two did..
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 Did you even watch the broadcast or even the go pro footage.
For people saying he didn't do enough at the top. There was exposed lines ( that don't get given enough credit compared to a drop.) He did a number of tricks on those exposed lines. Then did a spin, backflip, front flip combo...wtAF. are you blind. ...
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 @dmanvan: He also did a gnarly superman
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 78 points is pure robbery.
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 As a normal.common citizen and mtbiker we cannot understand that level of riding a bike but we are not alone ,the judges morons ,pumpkin heads also dont understand what they are watching and they also cannot . Our impossibility is because we are not at that level and we will never be despite of riding a bike every week but the impossibility of the judges is because they are experts in nothing , maybe in plant potatoes,and onions or maybe not because this is a usefull thing maybe what they realize is just breath eat and shit and they have two holes to alternate in doing this.They are hidden and anonymous as al the grubbiness must be ,next to and hidden from civilization.
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 The most insane run of all time is also the most awkward moment in the history of Rampage. Such a waste of time for so many people.
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 Not a first place run, but definitely higher than 8th.
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 Maybe if his name was something easy like (Ben Alba) instead, they would have awarded him his rightful 3rd place finish. Jus saying, there has got to be some sorta strange reason for his final score; other than his first run, mid run celebration.
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flag emptybe-er (Oct 15, 2023 at 23:33) (Below Threshold)
 @likeittacky: Because the top of his run was blah and his style is also blah
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flag emptybe-er (Oct 15, 2023 at 23:37) (Below Threshold)
 @likeittacky: And hopefully he was heavily docked for collapsing and crying after landing a front flip (as a front flip specialist)
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 @emptybe-er: well it did make history in the 23 years of the event, Mr.

Im guessing he did rub the judges a little wrong tho by celebrating but if that were the case, why then did TVS and Carson not get docked for the same basic egotism, flaunting their higher scores before the event was completed?
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 @likeittacky: Because they had good runs
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 The fist comment in YouTube: "The biggest frontflip in rampage history didnt podium. Thanks for reminding us." jajajajjaa I LOVE IT
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 He always gives it everything! Highly underscored
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 in my opinion...the rampage should be judged only by the riders attending the even themself... 13 riders.. 12 votes per run... as easy as it is... no one without riding those slopes and features should dare to judge what we are seeing from a screen.. you gotta trow your ass overthat gap to be able to judge... in reality the competition is just a show till now..
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 It’s a good thing cops wear body cams now. We caught a robbery in progress.
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 Judges didn’t reward him but he won everyone’s hearts. Loved his positive attitude and congratulating the other riders when they finished. What a legend.
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 That helmet landed perfectly …. Proof that this was a winning run and Aguado got robbed.
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 Amazing bienve!
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 He should of done a caveman to flat at the start. He would have won for sure
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 ROBBED. 8th? ffffing eighth? That's nonsense. Forget the judges opinions and lets just enjoy rampage for what it is.
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 winning run
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 Guys it has slowmo, i've watched the original on Gopro channel.
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 Is he sponsored be the wrong energy drink?
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 Sorry RR Judges…YOU GOT IT WRONG! This run was absolutely above and beyond the competition.
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 Winning run imo
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