Video: Loic Bruni's Course Preview for the Lenzerheide DH World Cup 2023

Jun 8, 2023 at 23:54
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesLoic Bruni kicks off the season and first stop of the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup series with his view from the course preview in Lenzerheide. Jump on board and get your first ride down the race run. GoPro

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 It's the commentary that gets me
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 I miss Claudio
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 I love how he described what line he's taking and why.
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 Yeah, not like he is pinning it or anything.
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 Where's Cathro?

May not be as fast as LB but you get a fair bit more out of it.
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 How quiet is that bike....Mine would be sounding like a bag of spanners rolling down an Urban DH course....
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 my bike would be that quiet... sitting in a pile a mangled bits with me making lots of noise off to the side.
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 Bloke can't stop talking......
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 Jeez, someone shut him up!
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 Any clue about the buttons on the left of the handlebar? Is he playing Super Mario while charging down at warp speed?
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 This is the new Turbo Levo DH bike - that's power mode control, silly.
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 Maybe it has something to do with what's still under cover on that bike? The longer whatever's under there stays covered the more I believe it's to hide something other than just a novel suspension layout.
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 It's his cape button.
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 Bruni is on another planet to most riders, this was 6s faster than the juniors seeding fastest time and just a fast gopro! Gonna up my 1.2x to 1.5x sped up footage for socials so its close to half this speed haha
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 There are a couple bits skipped in this clip, probably to hide some of line choices. So don't go by the you tube time stamp
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 @IMeasureStuff: yeh, I noticed that too. I think he skipped a couple of lines lower down too that he would normally be on or paused to have them on GoPro better. Just guessing.
It's gonna be some race. Been too long since there has been a world cup.
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 As we saw in Rotorua recently, his suspension is, once again, working incredibly well.
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 do you actually have a foiling optimist or are you just getting my hopes up?
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 @GumptionZA: Sadly no, I just like the idea and I believe someone did it and there's a video. Closest I've come is getting a Pre-Z foil Nacra 17 (eg the 2016 Olympic boat) just out of the water and skimming but you couldn't call it foiling. I have some young and knowledgeable friends who are insisting they will teach me wing foiling but I'm literally going to Whistler bike park the next two weekends in a row, so you have to question my commitment to the foiling project.
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 I'd love to know what kind of öhlins magic is going on under that cover of his ... I just hope we ever get to see it
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 @asapyohanes: well they're unlikely to race with it on ?
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 @weeksy59: they have raced with the cover on last season. Both on the old and and new demo
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: anything to get that bathtub out of the waves is a good idea!
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 @GumptionZA: imagine if you were a super star young sailor in a well funded program today. You might easily go straight from optimist to Wazzp or an actual Moth, so as to get in on that Americans Cup youth program stuff. It would be the equivalent of Jackson Goldstone going from his famous run bike, straight onto a Santa Cruz V10. Only more.
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 Privateer Course Preview! Nice work!
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 Sooo, what happened...I am curious after seeing quali seemed to be hauling on the preview!
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 Can we please just watch the POV…I don’t need to see Cedric standing there with a f*cking iPad
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 Lets see if he takes some of those lines come race day.
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 Super Bruni! Sooo clean! Think o spat my drink out!
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 Hope Cathro’s still doing some preview stuff this year!
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 And that is a preview of a world champion’s pace
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 Super Limewire
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 Who needs arms.
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 the track is destroyed.. lenzerheide needs to end. Bring VERBIER
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 Not that I agree but due to World Champs in 2025 in the Valais, in the French speaking west of Switzerland, Lenzerheide won't be part of the calendar for the next years.
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 Rough tracks = fun tracks.

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