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mikealive jamessmurthwaite's article
Aug 3, 2020 at 21:23
Aug 3, 2020
Video and Results: Mass Start Carnage at the Maxi Avalanche
I couldn't translate a single word spoken, but I still feel like I understood about 85% of it.. does that make sense? Great run, Morgane!
mikealive mikelevy's article
Apr 2, 2020 at 19:48
Apr 2, 2020
Field Trip: Commencal's $2,599 Meta TR Ride - A Tough Trail Smasher
@nineseven: Now THAT'S the way to do a lockdown my friend :D
mikealive brianpark's article
Apr 2, 2020 at 19:11
Apr 2, 2020
The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 1 - Why Are Bikes So Expensive?
@A-HIGHLY-EDUCATED-PROFESSIONAL: If a component is developed that costs less to produce and works better, we on the consumer end of that equation are never going to know the truth about it, so it's virtually impossible to verify your statement--however, I don't doubt that it has happened here and there. I gave you a +1 for your spot-on insights related to Sram NX, GX, SX. The naming apparatus there is horrible, and frankly I'm not 100% sure I even know which one sits where in that lineup...that's not even considering XX1, XO, XO1, whatever else. >>I'll pay Shimano the compliment that they have kept it simple in the naming department, and the practice of trickling down tech has been great to the point where I'll happily ride a Deore der/shifter and have few complaints. Can you compare and contrast those two companies and their development practices within the industry? Whereas your point stands about Sram, perhaps we can say it is balanced out by the likes of Shimano, or maybe even Box? [My next build is getting Box 9 drivetrain, I gotta try it!].
mikealive mikekazimer's article
Mar 24, 2020 at 14:13
Mar 24, 2020
Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip - Value Bike Edition
Man I absolutely love my Honzo! I'm still in the market for picking up a new full squish bike, but I love that I'm not still on the search for a new hardtail--the Honzo has fit the bill perfectly for me. Had a few shuttle days with it, and after the guy has lugged a row of full suspension bikes off the trailer, there's always a comment 'Wow, this thing is light!' :) . Have to dial in back a few clicks in the rough stuff, but been a blast to ride.
mikealive mikelevy's article
Mar 3, 2020 at 17:03
Mar 3, 2020
Here's Your Single-Sided, Carbon Fiber DIY Linkage Fork
@Rocksled: Hi Ash, I'm a little late to the party but WOW what a cool design you have! Love everything about it. I'll echo what others have said above--I don't really go with the looks of other non-telecoping forks (Lauf, etc.) but somehow aesthetically your fork just works. I'd absolutely ride something like this on my own bike. I understand you speak of a tradeoff of a bit more weight for your increase in performance, but I feel like if you can get this down to anywhere near 3kg you're going to have a real winner! Best of luck, and again congrats on an amazing fork. Can't wait to see where you go with it.
mikealive pinkbikeaudience's article
Feb 4, 2020 at 20:08
Feb 4, 2020
Job Posting: Pinkbike is Hiring A Graphic Designer
*slow clap* Looks like someone has industry experience here :) Even with the most amateur level of experience I would get asked to 'make online fliers' for the shop I used to work at. Was given no direction/input/expectations and then yelled at when it took me longer than 20 minutes for 'slacking off on the computer' because the flier wasn't created and posted to our (wordpress) website, facebook, and instagram that literally no one checked or maintained. After a few of those I just said I fried my computer and didn't have access to the programs needed any more. There's no value placed on this sort of creative work. I legitimately feel bad for people in that profession.
mikealive edspratt's article
Dec 31, 2019 at 7:01
Dec 31, 2019
Pinkbike Editors' New Years Resolutions for 2020
Here's a pro tip: running is a horrible exercise. I tell people that the only good reason to run is if you want to become a better runner (for say, a marathon or something). Otherwise, walking is a great exercise, lower impact, and is easy to do at a pace where you don't go into oxygen debt--and you need oxygen to utilize fat for a fuel source. I was there too, man. When I sat at a desk all day I was in the worst shape of my adult life. Here's to getting in better shape and having some kick ass rides in 2020!
mikealive j-brantley's article
Dec 27, 2019 at 7:07
Dec 27, 2019
Video: Crossing the Rubicon on eMTBs & 4x4s with Mark Weir
Propaganda indeed, unless Mr. Weir is the kind of guy who always speaks in carefully measured, industry-polished statements. It's so transparent, it's maddening. As applied here, ebikes are great. Keep them in areas already approved for motorized access and it's a win. But of course trying to market and sell them to the 4x4 crowd isn't enough, so paid shills make an attempt to connect non-existent dots and convince the general public that "the trails need more riders!". Let's zoom out a bit. Who does 'more riders' even benefit? I'd make the case that any given area needs "enough" riders, and that's it. Enough in this case is the number at which trails can be built or maintained, and local advocacy partnerships can grant access. It's a much smaller number than people think. This constant idea that we 'need more riders' is industry nonsense. The idea that we need to make trails more accessible is also trash. Ask the people of the Colorado front range if they need more users on the trail..
mikealive SpecializedUK's article
Dec 16, 2019 at 10:33
Dec 16, 2019
Video: Joel Anderson Hits a Field Full of Big Jumps on his eMTB
@onemanarmy: "pEoPlE thAt SaY tHaT haVe NevEr rIddEn oNe." Sweet jeezus that trope is tired already. Pretty sure you can ride one and still find it lacking. Di us all a service and grab some duct tape for your e-boner.
mikealive sarahmoore's article
Dec 11, 2019 at 6:49
Dec 11, 2019
Field Test Editors' Choice: 2020 Top Fuel vs F-Podium vs Trail Pistol S vs Mach 4 SL vs Joplin
@maxyedor: Nice! Thanks for the info. The Pistola is going to cover all the bases for me--I'm stoked on this bike!
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