Video: Hitting Classic Gaps & Lines on Whistler Opening Weekend

May 24, 2018 at 10:24
by Pinkbike Staff  

Whistler Mountain Bike Park is full of optional gaps and lines, with new ones being found every year. Brett Tippie headed out with rippers Henry Fitzgerald, Magnus Manson and Dylan Forbes to hit some of the more well known local lines.

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 Prayers up for the squids who will now try some of these.
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 Yeah there was guy who sued a few years ago because he tried to pre-jump the drop like they do in this vid and ended up paralyzed. I feel bad for him but know your limits.
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 I love that he called the first drop a "scrub catcher" It's so true though... really does make you think twice about what the rest of the trail will be like.
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 Squirrel Catcher @bikekrieg:
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 @bikekrieg: "squirrel catcher"
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 @bikekrieg: He actually calls is a squirrel catcher. I know how Tippie speaks so fast it can be hard to decipher his words Big Grin
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 Love them drops but there’s now way I’m pre jumping them not got the skill
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 @sharky1983: I think its more of balls at that point. Catching the rear wheel is terrifying.
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 @Powderface: You mean the guy who was a former first aid patroller for the bike park with thousands of laps under his belt who then tried to make out like he didn't know it was dangerous?
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 "I'm a joey and its my first time here
I got my squid lid and all my rental gear
I got my pads strapped tight on top of my jeans
I'ma stormtroopin, go-gettin', shredin machine"
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 @nouseforaname: yep, that dude. Is a practicing Radiologist now so not a dull guy by any means. Sucks what happened to him but that lawsuit was BS.
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 @scott-townes: and speed.. You gotta commit to the speed to have a hope in hell!
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 @Powderface: that guy was actually part of the trail crew if i remember correctly. He tried to sue. It took a number of years before a judge basically called him a moron for trying to sue after she(the judge) read the waiver for Whistler.
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 @bohns1: Yeah that's pretty obvious.
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 @bohns1: yup, speed's your buddy for any of this next level shiza.
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 What kind of pressure are you running?
Uhhh, 69?
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flag RedBurn (May 24, 2018 at 15:24) (Below Threshold)
 you need an explantion about the joke ? tup
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 RIP to the untouched super smoother smasher berm avoiding the Aline drop by the end of this weekend !
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 Jump for show; corner for dough.
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 Seriously, that cornering on Ninja Cougar was the most impressive part of this video for me. Your typical expert can do most of those prejumps, but that cornering speed is crazy.
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 Exactly mate
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 his skills run deep
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 Tippies stoke is infectious
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 Yup, but we found his flaw: he recorded on his phone in portrait mode! BRUH!!!! Tippie is human!!!!!!
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 Well that was awesome
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 Thank you Tippie! Awesome insight.
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 Yeah call me a coward but I have never tried that rock drop in A-line. Maybe next time. But I did have good times on Freight Train though.
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 The rock drop isn't that bad. I don't do it like the dudes in this video, but it is pretty chill and doesn't feel as big as it looks. I like to come in a bit to the right and it sets you up nice for the catch berm at the bottom. try it next time!
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 @BalfaGuy: Thanks dude! Gotta try it next time when I go there!
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 Hey be nice to those berms, I'm coming up next month and am expecting like new, never slashed conditions!
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 Tippie does a Cathro for WBP! Cool. More pls
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 This was fantastic! Thanks Pinkbike and thanks Tippie!
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 Now that was a great video!
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 The last section, I rode it first time last year, and I shoot myself out at the berm right after that rock face down..... it was
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 Tippie! Fuck yeah!
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 C’mon Tippie, not filming in landscape? Rookie move from a consummate PRO
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 Except that for 24 hr instagram stories it works better.
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 @bretttippie keep those vids coming man, they are super fun to watch. Can't wait to be shredding the WBP again in 4 weeks !!
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 9:30 Tippie dont forget the sunblock!
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 wow henry is so cool!!!!
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 haha agreed! Glad to see you boys are all still out there killing it!
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 this is awesome.
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 Vaya tripa Typi
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