Video: Joe Barnes’ Garage Tour

Oct 4, 2019 at 7:58
by Formula  

This time we're in Fort William, Scotland, not for the world cup, but to visit the one and only Joe Barnes. Joe showed us what is perhaps the craziest bike workshop of the entire Bike Industry. To stay close to his beloved bikes, Joe has built a wooden house on two elevations in his backyard. Here he has everything he needs: his bikes, his motorcycles, a workshop, an office, a gym, and, last but not least, a laundry.

Joe is definitely one of the most creative riders out there. If you've seen one of his videos at least once, you know what we're talking about. His workshop fully reflects his personality. If you're curious, take a ride with us in the funniest bike workshop you've ever seen.


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 I want an Orange bike in spite of all the haters. Too bad they are so damn expensive in North America.
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 As far as I know, the only haters are some of those who don't have one of their bikes. Which is a good sign. The other way around would be bad. Agreed compared to some (Asian produced) frames out there it is a lot of money for a frame. But see, if it is twice as expensive and you plan to keep it twice as long then in the end it is just as expensive.
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 @vinay: Well yeah...why would you buy a bike (filing cabinet?) you hate
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 @vinay: My friend has broken 2 frames. Both in the same place. On the third break we machined a gusset and tig welded it into the frame. Orange still sent him a spare rear triangle. Good company but there are some points of improvement. Your also in CF money by the time you invest in an orange.
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 I think a lot of people would be interested in Orange if they would update their suspension design, I know I would. Everything else is spot on. I think they are lucky to still be in production considering their bikes look almost the same from 2009 and the price.....
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 @Beau-Doug: I think the people who ARE interested in Orange, are interested because of their simple single pivot suspension design.
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 @Beau-Doug: I consider the simple suspension design a plus. Fewer bearings to keep an eye on. Also, rear shocks have progressed a lot over the years and there are also loads of after market tuners who apparently can make a huge difference. But from what I understand, it is easier for them to make the suspension perform as desired when the linkage is simple. Something like VPP seems to be difficult to work with. So if after a couple of years you want your rear suspension behave slightly different, it is easier to have it tuned than if you have a more complex linkage.

This is all "article knowledge" so stuff I understood from interviews with suspension tuners etc. I never personally dug this deep into rear suspension. But yeah if I'd get a frame with rear suspension then sure if a single pivot design can get the job done then I see no point getting something with more links.
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 @me2menow: Good thing they point out in the article that his office was part of the tour, I was wondering why there were pics of a yellow filing cabinet :-D
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 I like the wooden paleo mace.
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 I assumed that was the actual ugly stick that Orange was beaten with...
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 @VtVolk: Ouch, bloody harsh but i would be lying if i said i didn't laugh.
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 Thats a proper shop and workout space! with laundry facilities, yo! I have a mixed use space of welding, biking and camping gear. Great to see Joe's shed. a smart layout.
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 Joe Barnes is the real deal, so down to earth and living it up in his own realm. Plus his taste in music makes rainy days shreddy!
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 Anyone else watch "Father "Ted" ?
The "dreams/reality" whiteboard sketch may have more meaning....
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 Exactly what I thought too!
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 Went straight to comments looking for father ted
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 Most importantly, is that a ROBIN ??!!
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 BK has got one too lol.
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 Had to wear a hat under a too big moto helmet... Original M.I.P.S.
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 It's a nice place even though this mama was screaming and his dad was mad.
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 That was weird, strange editing...but I want that shop!
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 love this kind of stuff. Moar please!
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 Interesting to see a pro spec a coil on an orange.
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 Pretty sure I saw Justin Trudeau in that vid at about the 1:30 mark.
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 Does Joe have a bairn?
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 They've turns the weans agains us
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