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Video: Top 3 Winning Runs - Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 15, 2021 at 18:25
by Sarah Moore  

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 What is the update on Tom?
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 Fingers remain crossed, both hands
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flag InstantBreakfast (Oct 15, 2021 at 18:47) (Below Threshold)
 I think everyone feels that way and it seems a little sketchy that it almost feels like they’re trying to “distract” from it with all these other posts.
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 Tom was taken to the hospital after his crash and we haven't had any news on him yet. We are thinking of him and his family and will share an update as soon as we have one.
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 @InstantBreakfast: I don’t think they’re trying to distract, all these other articles are normal post-rampage stuff and it’s proper for media not to speculate or say anything until there’s a public statement. They won’t say anything until Tom and his family/people decide it’s time. But it is the elephant in the room and we can all feel it.

I will say that no news is probably bad news.
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 Can anyone explain to me why Godziek has the only un-finished run with a score? Should TVS should have that 10th and pre-qualified spot? Instead a score of 0? Interesting...
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 @samnation: thanks! I was feeling sick to stomach with no update after this long.

Heal Up Tom that was some bad A$$ $hit!
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 This is the only rampage update I’m looking for
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 @BiNARYBiKE: I guess that was probably a little harsh to frame it that way, I was just remembering back to when Paul Bas had his crash and people were complaining that Red Bull was kind of “hush hush” about it. I’m glad he posted an update
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 Jeez that's a gnarly list of injuries!
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 @samnation: for those without the insta he’s shattered both hip sockets and a lower vertebrae and reinjured the shoulder but no mention of a spinal cord injury and expecting full recovery.
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 @Mtmw: And broke off a piece of his femur. FFS! just brutal
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 From the man: Quick update. I’ve received hundreds of amazing messages from you guys, and I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

I’ve broken my left and right hip sockets into multiple pieces, a piece off the top of my femur, and a piece of my lower vertebrae. Unfortunately I separated the same shoulder I just healed as well.

Feeling extremely lucky to be able to make a full recovery after that horrible slam.

Going in for a long surgery tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted.

- Much love ❤️
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 Ngl - I was yelling at the computer screen…..“Don’t do that Caveman/ninja drop! It’s too far out!”.
I was relieved when he didn’t try it and then this happens. Hopefully he’s back on the bike soon.
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 @MTBthoroughbred: I think it's because he still crossed the finish line where others did not
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 @MTBthoroughbred: Because Godziek didn't have an unfinished run. He crashed but continued and finished both runs. No conspiracy here.
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 @MTBthoroughbred: If you make it down in 3 minutes you get a score. Crash or not.
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 Only thing I'm interested in at this point is how Tom is
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 He posted an update on his IG. Separated shoulder and fractures to both him sockets, femur, and a lower vertebra. Doesn’t sound like there are any signs of spinal cord damage. Hoping for a full recovery for him!
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 Reed worked pretty damned hard for that interview
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 Lets go Brandon!
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 How the hell was Brandon able to get that score without even tricking all of his “trickable” jumps. Then you’ve got multiple other riders literally tricking every jump and scoring in the 70’s. Judging makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I mean props to Brandon for doing the tailwhips, but let’s be real he probably does that in his sleep. Obviously, it’s not his fault the judging is so bad, he was shocked when they told him he won.. and I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a high score but a bunch of the other scores should’ve been much closer together.
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flag rabcity (Oct 15, 2021 at 23:28) (Below Threshold)
 I also think the judging was a bit f*cked today. I’m not sure Brandon deserved the win. Maybe if he got everything he wanted into his line. But in his defence, he did some things nobody has done before at rampage and also his double drop was gnarly
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 Don’t underestimate the tech in his line or the magnitude of doing those whip tricks on those features. Or the size of that flat spin. He didn’t even break into the 90s with his score. I think the judges actually understand the difficulty level and everything else much better than the rest of us watching from home.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: he probably deserved first, I dunno. I guess I just feel like we missed out with like 5 of the top guys being injured.
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flag sidekicksjn FL (Oct 16, 2021 at 0:44) (Below Threshold)
 This will get downvoted but I don't think he should have got top 3. His run was short and pretty tame compared to others. Tailwhip was a first but not a difficult trick. Slopestyle guys warm up with that off a drop. His name got that score.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: nobody can argue in good faith that it was a sLoPeStYlE run with his line at the top. And I swear everyone talking shit about the tailwhips cannot tailwhip. Do you people realize what it takes to tailwhip a dh bike? I can land tailwhips somewhat consistently on a bmx. I also have a 190mm bike with a zeb that I would not even try tailwhipping. Nevermind off a massive flat drop. Semenuk deserved the win
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flag sidekicksjn FL (Oct 16, 2021 at 4:43) (Below Threshold)
 @nfontanella: I didn't say it was a slopestyle run. I said it was short.
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 The judging at Rampage is incomprehensible. Kinda get the idea they decide the winner ahead of time...
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 @rabcity: Good point, one of them probably would've topped 90 (Lacondeguy was my bet), just the way it goes though.
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 @sidekicksjn: are you serious ? not a difficult tricks ? have you seen the size of that drop ?! as maccaul said in the live stream : if you were about to jump into water from that size you will think about it twice before jumping. Rampage is not all about tricks or style. Their is exposure, technicity, execution, flow, controle... to considere too
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 @OoflankeroO: it’s all about trucks hence the winner was a tricks rider and the features Billy for that purpose over the last 3 years
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 Bloody hell the commentary
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 It’s for all the non bikers in the world who tune-in. Cam McCall does well. The other guys I struggle with.
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 It's way better than it was in previous years
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 love how semenuk said he got about 90% of his run dialed and ended with an 89.0 score
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 Yeah #1 thing is Tom, man i’m hope he’s ok.
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 One of the most spectacular rampage, insane tricks, insane runs, i do not think anyone “got robbed”; I really liked kyle speed and stability and relaxed flips over his line, second run was super dope;

Brandon just showed next level;

It was also hard to watch all of crashes that happened during the week, healing vibes to riders…

Why this year leader was not sitting on the chair ? IMHO it is such nice touch when top scoreed rider occupied the chair and later being moved or not
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 Jaxson def got robbed tho
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 Did you watch the same one I did?
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 I know im gonna be negged down to the ocean floor with this, but honestly, in 20 years of rampage, i think this was the most bland:
- not enough wild card riders- i mean, we saw what interesting runs dudes like Jackson can throw. Need MOAR!
- no real contender for Semenuk - it was clear that if he executes a clean run, he wins.
- many top riders, with the most style or raw freeride potential were out- Lacondeguy, Brendog, Brage, Rheeder
- Tom's crash... Not bland at all, just frustrating to witness and also not see him finish his run after that front flip.

Things didn't click 100% this year...
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 This was the first time in forever that the winning run wasn’t in the first round. That alone makes it better than most rampages. The amount of guys crashing out was unfortunate and it’s hard to keep the stoke high after a long medical delay. but other than that it was awesome. Lots of variety, lots of clean runs, and no clear winner until the scores were in.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: no clear winner? The outcome was more predictable than an M.Night Shyamalamaman plot twist the moment Semenuk crossed the finish line.
It was his for the taking, unlike previous rampages (Rheeder, Lacondeguy...)
Btw, i think much of the suspense you're mentioning about the first runs not winning, was due to the judges scoring. It felt a bit as though they didn't want to score high, to motivate riders for a second, better, run (and i cant blame them).
I enjoyed watching them. Still a crazy event. But i wish they would mix things up a bit next year with some fresh blood. Who knows, maybe even a female rider or two (not trying to be PC, just think it would be really cool if girls reached this level already as well).
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 Latest update on TVS is on his gram account. Broken but lucky and he will make a full recovery, thankfully.
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 Was Semenuk on a session or a slash?
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 session. you can tell by the way it looks.
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 I liked the last rampage better tbh .
Devastated that lacondeguy didn’t shake things up.
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 I feel like I am excited to watch every year, only to be disappointed. Maybe it’s just end of the season stoke, or my desire to have the sport I love showcased on the big stage of Red Bull. I’ve been to and ridden in the Virgin/Hurricane region, I get how big these lines are. At the end of the day it ends up feeling like a slope style competition with DH bikes. To top it off this year a slope style legend won on his single crown slop style bike. Amazing to watch, but still leaves me feeling ehh…

Now WC DH and Red Bull hardline? I could watch that all day….
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 Semenuk is so smooth he could've hit that run with a rigid and made it look good. Single crowns all round next year it seems!
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 Reed is the man! Such a sick dude! That whole crew is insane. Thanks for the update on TVS.
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 As a friend of a dentist I was pulling for Reed
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 all good and great guy but Jaxon killed it, I stop watching after his 2 run...
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 Reed got robbed, literally, and I want know what's with TVS,
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 Where is Jaxson run ?
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 If TVS is seriously injured, it's time to end this spectacle.
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 he has posted info in his insta page
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