4 of the Coolest DH Bikes at Sea Otter 2017 - Video

Apr 23, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

Tippie takes a look at Troy Lee Designs' custom Specialized Demo 8, Brandon Semenuk's Trek Session, an Intense M16, and Aaron Gwin's YT Tues.

MENTIONS: @YTIndustries / @troyleedesigns / @trek / @intensecyclesusa

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 Hey, look these bikes that have no purpose at Sea Otter!
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 Was that Sworks demo Aluminum?
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flag tacoma73 (Apr 23, 2017 at 21:31) (Below Threshold)
 weird, they had a DH race. I would try and use DH bikes for that kind of thing LOLZZ

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 @tacoma73: you know that not a single pro rider uses his big DH bike. Most are on their 29er Trailbikes...
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 Guys, it's been long enough with the D'bag "not a real DH course" or "lame DH course" with the Sea Otter. The race NEVER billed itself as a full bore Word Cup DH course. It's an annual bike festival for the fun of biking at a Rad location (Laguna Seca Raceway). It celebrates our love of all things bikes with light-heated fun weekend. A chance for the US fans and vendors to kick off the bike riding season. It's not at a ski resort.... everyone KNOWS it's just a quick run down one of the local hills. f*ck all this lame ass negativity. For f*cks sake, be happy about something change. Pinkbike comments are going downhill fast.
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 It isn't surprising that people comment on the venue being lame when the venue is lame. To me it seems like the NASCAR of mountain biking. It's so big that it has self-sustaining momentum and the shear scale makes it fun. But otherwise it would never be popular. I can think of very few places more boring to hold a media event for publicizing mountain bike products.
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 "Hi my name's Troy Lee." Did not expect to hear that in some random bike checks
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 It's as if he's into bikes. Who would have guessed :/
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 I am kind of disappointed it wasn't a dude with a massive fro, my mind image was way off.
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 @smuggly: haha were you picturing Troy Lee as Bob Ross or something? "And then we'll just put a little pin stripe here... and here. Oh, that ones a little crooked. That's okay though, it's just a happy accident".
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 Pinkbike comments are getting progressively more toxic. It's like a race to be the most upvoted negative comment.
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 Stop being so negative
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 Lets play a game. Every time Aaron Gwin says "like" you drink. Thanks Aaron I am drunk now. That didn't take long
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 Good game for first dates(u drink to get thru it)and/or when doing a double date, ur friend drinks when his chick says like and vice versa.
Just dont plan on driving after.
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 I don't know what you're like talking about, like i have no idea.
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 The Intense colour ways are just painful on the eyes!
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 They have a sick black n silver but unfortunately its the low spec frame so we dont c em.
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 Hideous, especially with those rims.
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 They're trying so hard to be mainstream and be a "big" bike brand with Spesh, Trek and Giant, but they just don't seem to have gotten the memo that they aren't.
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 Man bun alert, man bun alert.
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 We need Tippie doing a POV video with scissors or clippers sneaking up to chop that thing off. All with scary music playing.
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 Yeah dude, let's make fun of a haircut.
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 @dualsuspensiondave: u must be new..mullets, man buns, combovers, modified combovers with a shaved part, 90s spikes, ....so much good stuff to laugh at.
Im the curly haired surfer dude so im totally hip too..lol
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 Is a specialized really that cool?
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 its pretty dope
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 Their marketing department is.
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 @fercho25: So's their legal department I hear Razz
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 Are any of these really that cool? Maybe the intense? But it's so garish and retina searing. A downhill bike that started the "looks like a session" how many years ago? A mail order cheap downhill bike. At least the Specialized has some cool paint and would be something you'd be less likely to see in the wild.
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flag fercho25 (Apr 23, 2017 at 15:05) (Below Threshold)
 @DownHooligan: no no according to Sinyard the lawyers that did all those cool lawsuits was a "rogue" legal department.

@bonfire did you not saw the painting on the yt? and sure Trek stuck with the same frame layout but make improvements to it every year. the demo is what 3 years now and is the same bike.
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 @bonfire: I agree. Just because you have a fancy paint job doesn't mean it's the coolest bike at the show. Where's the innovation? The ideas and creativity? I know those kinds bikes are there at sea otter, I just don't get why every article every single year is some "cool" painted same old specialEd or intense.
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 @DownHooligan: I hear they're bitchin'.
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 @fercho25: "the demo is what 3 years now and is the same bike."

So, you're saying they got it right the first time? Cool. :p
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 @tacoma73: yes thats why Gwin had to change the geometry so much.
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 I first saw Troy Lee back in the late 80's at BMX nationals charging like $80 or something to custom paint peoples helmets. Little did I know he would go on to single-handedly trashify BMX and DH/FR MTB apparel design in the coming years. I never bought into his garish, jet ski culture aesthetic, looked like a mess to me. The past few years he has made some nice looking stuff though. More minimal, kind of like 70's/early 80's moto style design. Good to see he's refined his designs from being just a bunch of jagged, color clashing shapes mashed together.
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 Yeah, what a total a-hole. How dare his company make clothing you didn't like back in the day. It's almost as if the guy forced you to buy it. Guy is a total jerk showing his support to the biking community for the past 20-30 years. He did bring jet ski culture to us mountain bikers after all.
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 Man, I wish @troyleedesigns only charged $80 today to paint my helmet :-)
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 @hetfield1: You really read a lot into my comment. I didn't cal him an "a-hole", I just said his trashy aesthetic really took over for a while, but I like the more classy, retro direction he's gone in the last few years. You're bringing character into it, not me.
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 Intense.....please fire your person in charge of deciding colors!!
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 Wish I could up-vote more.
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 Bikes and components are way too coordinated these days... the person who chose the colours for Intense is the type of person who stands in front of the mirror for about an hour trying on every item of clothing they have but somehow still walk out of the door looking like an idiot. I would be embarrassed to ride that Green and Yellow thing. In fact I would rattle can it black before my first ride!
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 Troy Lee has nice gear and that bike is sick but tell the old man that his paint jobs are super dated. Flames and pin striping. YIKES!
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 Gwins YT, so sick, Gwin has really matured, super fan nowadays, Gwin and YT for the win 2017 DH WChamps/WCups!!
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 Bikes highlighted at Sea Otter that actually weren't relevant at Sea Otters course.... go figure.
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 how many times can Aaron Gwin say like?
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 How does everyone like the look of the Intense M16? love it? hate it?
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 looks like an ob-session
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 A little disappointed gwin didn't say 'Murica
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 No Canyon Sender?!
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flag torero (Apr 23, 2017 at 13:05) (Below Threshold)
 This bike is ugly and complex.
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 @torero: the bike is sick and unique!!
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 Intense for the win.
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