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   :: from Tim BieberNov 29, 2002
Thanks from Dropin Thanks from Dropin
Thanks to everyone who religiously watched 'Drop In' and helped make our
first (of many) season so successful! The good times are coming to a
close with the the airing of our 13th and final episode this weekend -
Dec.1&2. This 1 hour best-of episode sums up the 63 day tour into the
phatest street, trails, dirt jumps, antics, spills and thrills through
out our 2002 road trip from Drumheller, AB to Vancouver Island, BC.
Starring none other than the famous Darren Butler, Shawn Denny, Dylan
Trembley, Byron Grey and Mike Kinrade. Make sure you tell all your
friends and neighbors. Tell one tell all - we want our first season to go
out with a bang! Check our web site "TV Schedule" at for air times and dates in your region.
   :: from Evil BikesNov 28, 2002
Evil Bikes Evil Bikes
Well, the big rush to Interbike is over, and the avalanche of post-show communication is still at a feverish pace. We have finally caught our breath enough to devote some time each day to site updates, and keeping you all in the know.

We have a whole load of new products on the way, some in R&D still, some that are finished testing and being built. The 3rs 3-ring chainguide that we tested last year and debuted at Interbike is on the way very soon. The first version will not use a bashguard, but if popular demand dictates, we do have a bashguard designed to be compatible that could be released.

   :: from mentalNov 28, 2002
Turner Changes 2003 Lineup Turner Changes 2003 Lineup
Due to lack of interest in the weeks following Interbike, Turner Bikes has decided to drop the proposed Lucky 7 and Route 66 from the family. With the enormous costs associated with the new bikes' development, including retooling and marketing, interest in the bikes just wasn't enough to warrant the initial investment. All may not be lost however, there may still be time to have your say. If you're really serious about wanting one of these beauties, contact Turner via email or call them directly at (909)693-4881, but be prepared to put up some sort of deposit. There is a bright side to all of this however. Seems Turner's phone has been ringing off the hook with parties interested in the C-Note. Still in development, the C-Note's production may be pushed forward and you may see the bike available to the market in late summer '03.
   :: from Ron SuttonNov 27, 2002
2003 Sea Otter Classic Camping and Lodging Reserva 2003 Sea Otter Classic Camping and Lodging Reservations info
The 2003 Sea Otter Classic Powered By SRAM is scheduled for April 10-13, 2003.

CAMPING RESERVATIONSOur camping hotline will be open to accept reservations on December 2, 2002 at 9:00 AM pacific time. Pick up the phone and dial
1(831)633-2815 to reserve your campsite! Camping sites fill up very quickly, please call early to reserve your spot. There are no
online camping reservations available.

   :: from Doug CookNov 27, 2002
True North World Premiere True North World Premiere
Believe it or not, the Highlands pub on the SFU campus plays host to the True North world movie premiere. Filmed by the Scottish lads over at the film's private viewings have been highly regarded. Dubbed as a wee film about Downhill, True North has a ton 'o World Cup and UK racing action including 2002 World Cup Champ, Steve Peat. Also on the bill is Riders Anonymous and NSX 6. Shows go on Monday, December 2 at 7:30pm at the Highlands Pub. Contact Douglas Cook for more information.

True North Teaser

   :: from mentalNov 27, 2002
More Interbike TidBits More Interbike TidBits
Slowly but surely, I'm getting closer to the bottom of my Interbike goodie bag, honest. Here's a few other products that warrant mention. After Progressive's release of the 5th Element last year, the industry's other suspension players have been forced to play catch up. Stratos enters the ring with their El Jefe rear shock. Most notable features of the shock are its remote reservoir, internal bladder system, SHOWA seals, 14mm hardened shaft and big 32mm housing. The shock will be available in different strokes, from 7.5 to 10 inches eye to eye. The El Jefe also offers externally adjustable high and low speed compression damping, external rebound damping, internally adjustable rebound and compression shims, moto style bottom out bumper, standard or spherical bearing ends, titanium spring and is fully user serviceable.

   :: from VelonewsNov 26, 2002
5th Element Sponsors Peaty and Anne-Caroline  for 5th Element Sponsors Peaty and Anne-Caroline for '03
Progressive is pleased to announce that two of the fastest riders on the planet will ride on the 5th Element Shock in 2003.

Orange mounted Steve Peat and Commencal mounted Anne-Caroline Chausson will be using the 5th Element shock during the '03 season in a deal put together by Progressive Suspension and UK’s TF Tuned Shox. Both will compete in DH and 4X events nationally and internationally.

   :: from AcadianNov 26, 2002
Names of the two brand new frames from Planet-X Names of the two brand new frames from Planet-X
PITBULL - Superhard core urban/street steel frame
ARMADILLO - Pure race BSX hardtail

More details soon. Go to the Team Planet-X site and sign up to the mailing list to find out more when they can tell you.
New Paint schemes too!!! Stay tuned!

NOTE Team Planet-X is currently accepting resumes for sponsorship through December 19th. Act Fast!! Any received after the deadline will be discounted.

   :: from Eastside FreerideNov 25, 2002
Eastside Freeride Film Festival Eastside Freeride Film Festival
Eastside Freeride is throwing its first bi-annual
Mountain biking film festival on Saturday November 30th. The first
installment will feature Eastern Standard, Onterrible, Idun, and a yet
un-title film by local B-Forty Productions. The films are expected to run
for about 1 hour and 45 minutes including short intermissions between each
film, when the product raffles will be held.
All of the films at the festival are 100% Canadian produced and shot, from
East to West coast.
   :: from PinkbikeNov 25, 2002
Is There Something You Want to Tell Us? Is There Something You Want to Tell Us?
Have you got a story to share? Want to share it with the thousands of readers like you who are passionate about the ride? Submit your stories and any accompanying photos to for consideration. Our editors will pick the best of the best and share them with Pinkbike's loyal community. Size and content is entirely up to you, but let's try to keep it at least a little bike related. Tell us about your first bike, the last ride you took, or that road trip you and ten friends planned last summer hitting all the races along the way. Happy writing!
   :: from CastleRockNov 25, 2002
CastleRock BSX Weekend CastleRock BSX Weekend
Mountain Bike riders descended on CastleRock Adventure Park near Te Awamutu for the first round of their Bicycle Supercross (BSX) race series. Four riders at a time raced head to head down a spectacular course of jumps and banked turns. There was a reasonable field of riders competing in ages groups, with the main 18-35y group split into sport and pro classes.
   :: from PinkbikeNov 22, 2002
Vote Now to Get Dustin Adams on the Ballot Vote Now to Get Dustin Adams on the Ballot
You've got until 1pm EST on Sunday November 24 to cast your vote. Get Dustin Adams on the Canadian Cyclist ballot for Male Canadian Cyclist of the Year. Adams deserves the recognition after a stellar season including a 4th place finish at the World Cup in Telluride, and numerous podiums on the NORBA circuit that left him in 3rd place overall. Go here to vote, and remember you're not voting to make him cyclist of the year, you're voting to get him on the ballot! Do it before 1pm on sunday!
   :: from 21, 2002
X Games Going to LA X Games Going to LA

STAPLES Center Primary Venue In August 2003 & 2004 For World's Premier Action Sports Event

ESPN, Inc. has selected Los Angeles to host the next two X Games, the original and definitive multi-day action sports competition, starting with the ninth annual event, August 14 - 18, 2003. The announcement was made today by ESPN President George Bodenheimer and AEG President and CEO Timothy J. Leiweke. AEG -- owner and operator of STAPLES Center -- which will serve as the primary venue for the X Games, represented the City of Los Angeles in reaching the agreement. The X Games showcases more than 300 of the world's best action sports athletes competing in a variety of sports categories for medals and prize money.

   :: from www.canadiancyclist.comNov 21, 2002
News From Rocky Mountain News From Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Bicycles has announced Freerider signings for 2003, and Lesley Tomlinson expands her role with the company.

World's Best Freeriders Re-Sign with Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Canadian bicycle manufacturer Rocky Mountain Bicycles has re-signed 3 of the sport's best - Wade Simmons, Richie Schley and Thomas Vanderham signed for 2003 through 2005.

   :: from mentalNov 21, 2002
Endless Bikes Endless Bikes
I first saw Endless Bikes in the Pinkbike Photo database. Some crazies from North Carolina were posting pics of their burly hardtails in action. Impressive stuff at that, wall rides, gaps, trailriding, dirt jumping, you name it. Turns out the riders in the photos were also the guys responsible for the bike's design. While at Interbike, I was lucky enough to run into Endless co-owner Adam Winton in the 24 Bikes booth and he took the time to show off their Lifetime frameset.
   :: from 21, 2002
Steve Peat Signs with Orange Steve Peat Signs with Orange
Steve Peat has just confirmed that he has signed with Orange Bicycles for the next 3 years!! Yes that's right 3 years!! To say he is pleased is an understatement. Other sponsors are slowly being confirmed for Steve, at the moment it looks like Rock Shox (Forks), Progressive Suspension (Rear Shocks), Royal Racing and of course Orange Bicycles. More info shortly on
   :: from AcadianNov 20, 2002
Unofficial 2003 NORBA NCS race schedule Unofficial 2003 NORBA NCS race schedule
May 15-18 Norba NCS #1 Big Bear, Calif.
June 12-15 Norba NCS #2 Snowshoe, W. Virginia
June 19-22 Norba NCS #3 Mt. Snow, Vermont
July 24-27 Norba NCS #4 Schweitzer, Idaho
August 14-17 Norba NCS Finals Durango, Colorado
August 24-27 Alternate date in case of any last minute changes
   :: from PinkBikeNov 20, 2002
NWD 3  - Freewheel Buring DVD almost here! NWD 3 - Freewheel Buring DVD almost here!
The long awaited New World Disorder 3 DVD will be here in the matter of days and we are now accepting orders. Shipping is expected to start on Monday November 25th.

This just released DVD includes bonus footage, rider interviews and many other extras. $39.95 CDN (approx. $25 USD) gets you this sweet DVD + PinkBike stickers! And remember we dont charge PST!

Click here to BUY
   :: from StiksandStonesNov 20, 2002
It's Silly Season Again It's Silly Season Again
It's that time of year again. The time where riders, sponsors and teams are jockying for position. Some ponying up, others dropping out. Earlier this week, Stikman from over at StiksandStones reported some of the changes afoot for the 2003 season.
   :: from www.roundandround.comNov 20, 2002
NORBA NCS race #4 venue confirmed NORBA NCS race #4 venue confirmed
It has been confirmed that NORBA NCS race #4 will be July 23-27 at Schweitzer Mtn, Sandpoint ID

For more info you can visit the Round and Round web site.

   :: from AcadianNov 19, 2002
Forbes Ranks Giant among their Top 200 Small Globa Forbes Ranks Giant among their Top 200 Small Global Companies
Forbes Ranks Giant among their Top 200 Small Global Companies

The list includes Billabong, Puma, Ducati, Logitech,
Four Seasons Hotels and Campari

   :: from David WrightNov 19, 2002
University Cup - Ontario Style University Cup - Ontario Style
If you ride a mountain bike and go to university in Ontario, you HAVE TO

The purpose of the University Cup is to introduce and promote Cross-Country
Mountain Bike Racing to Ontario and the rest of Canada's University
students in a fun and enjoyable way.
   :: from PinkbikeNov 18, 2002
Vote For Steve Peat - British Sports Personality o Vote For Steve Peat - British Sports Personality of the Year
The BBC's online polls are open, ready to take your vote for the British Sports Personality of the Year. Tired of hearing about David Beckham? How about snooker or golf? I mean come on, Steve Peat, the 2002 World Cup Downhill Champion has got to be one of the best sports personalities you could find. Not only can the boy ride, but he parties just as hard, just as fast. It's time downhilling got to shine in the sun, cast your vote here and enter Steve Peat's name.
   :: from Lars TribusNov 18, 2002
Rampage Recap in Lars' Words Rampage Recap in Lars' Words
So, the Red Bull Rampage gets thrown down for a second time. Same Bat place, same Bat channel, same Bat contest...but much doper. The riding was taken to new levels. A solid run last year, wouldn't make the cut this year, not even in qualifiers. Sphinchters were so tight that if you stopped to listen you could hear 'em whistling on the way down. Wind was once again a factor, just to add to the head-game. The food was good again, the organizers were SO on point it was ridiculous. They added an MC, Brad Ewen, former co-owner of Java Cycles in BC. Brad did an excellent job and I often heard spectators comment on how funny and exciting he made it. The media was out in full force. It was rumored that over 200 different media people were on hand.

   :: from AcadianNov 18, 2002
New 2003 Planet-X collection available soon. New 2003 Planet-X collection available soon.
The very latest scoop on Planet X 2003 collection will be available soon on the Team Planet-X site. Pictures of next year's new graphics and new frames and components will be posted as soon as 007 returns from the factory. Pictures will include some never seen before footage of that famous French break-dancer Momo in strange and creative situations.

Be prepared to see some new and exciting stuff like 3 new frames, new hubs, stems, bars and obviously all new colors!

   :: from mentalNov 15, 2002
More Testing - Block 8 Crank Pipes and Cage Match More Testing - Block 8 Crank Pipes and Cage Match Pedals
Let's just get this out of the way right now. I'm not smooth like Wade, or fast like Peaty, I'm a hack. A 185 pound, out of shape shuttle whore. That makes me hard on parts. It takes just one look at any of my personal rides to see that my tastes are far from light. I like parts that work and stand up to huge levels of abuse. Take Mitsou for example, she's the lightest bike in my stable and even with the lightweight (by my standards) Fox Vanilla RL she comes in just a shade under 40 pounds. Say what you will, but she's always ready to play, no muss no fuss, just giddy up go! Her Block 8 Crank Pipes and sealed Cage Match pedals epitomize that philosophy.
   :: from Calgary SunNov 15, 2002
Racer Sues COP over Speed Bump Racer Sues COP over Speed Bump
A promising mountain bike racer who tumbled over a Canada Olympic Park speed bump has been awarded $67,500 in damages.

Justice Virgil Moshansky, in a written decision released yesterday, found the Canadian Olympic Development Association responsible for David Jetz's injuries.

Jetz, 25, was riding his road bike when he was thrown to the ground Aug. 4, 1998, after hitting a speed bump along Canada Olympic Road.
   :: from AcadianNov 15, 2002
Acadian's movie reviews. Acadian's movie reviews.
For the past two weekends Mother Nature was not cooperative and dumped many inches of rain. Rainy days means less time on the trail, but more time in front of the computer and TV! As many of you know, I’m a MTB video junkie, as soon as a new release comes out, you can be sure Acadian will be hunting a copy down!! I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on NSX6, Riders Anonymous, NWD3, Drift and Eastern Standards. Here are my thoughts.
   :: from mentalNov 14, 2002
Mitsou the Other, Other Woman Mitsou the Other, Other Woman
Well, after a full season’s worth of abuse she’s lost a little of the shine and that new bike smell is long gone, but she’s still my favorite hardtailed mistress. My wife has always considered my bikes to be the “other” women. With my Santa Cruz V10 getting the most action over the summer, Mitsou, my 2002 Balfa Minuteman dressed in red, would have to be the “other-other woman”. The poor girl, always playing second fiddle, she deserves so much more.
   :: from Alistair MatthewNov 14, 2002
Pan American Championships - A Bolivian Perspectiv Pan American Championships - A Bolivian Perspective
The Chileans put on a fantastic event for the 2002 Pan-American Mountain Bike Champs, which took place at Geo-Expediciones in Cajón de Maipo just outside of Santiago, Chile. Geo-Expediciones is a commercial facility catering to mountain bikers, rock climbers and parapenters, and ideally suited to hosting such a big event as this. The Downhill, Cross Country and Four Up courses were expertly laid out in close proximity (actually “interwoven” would be a better description), requiring some careful management of practice runs!

   :: from IMBANov 14, 2002
IMBA Pleased With New BLM Mountain Biking Plan IMBA Pleased With New BLM Mountain Biking Plan
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a final National Mountain
Bicycling Strategic Action Plan for the management of mountain biking on the
BLM's 262 million acres of public land. The 31-page document represents the
most comprehensive mountain bike management plan created by any land
management agency.
   :: from mentalNov 13, 2002
Balfa Cycles @ Interbike Balfa Cycles @ Interbike

Unlike last year, when nearly all of Balfa’s lineup was new or radically redesigned, 2003 sees mostly subtle changes to their 4 bike lineup. Starting with the 2-Step, Balfa is now making 2 models of their multi-pivot linkage bike available to the public, the 2-Step and the 2-Step DH. Compared to the regular 2-Step’s 5 inches of travel and 1.5 inch downtube, the DH model gets 7 inches and beefier 2 inch tubing. Like the BB7 and Belair, both 2 Steps share Balfa’s unique 6061-Alu front triangle, 4130-steel rear combination.

   :: from MTB FilmsNov 13, 2002
Roadside Distractions Roadside Distractions
Those ridge lines, natural gaps, and dense forests where
you just KNOW there are some killer trails waiting to be ridden, but you’re
whizzing past at 80 MPH on your way to a business meeting or family reunion.
Not this time. For three weeks leading up to the 2003 Sea Otter Classic, six of
the World’s best riders will be hitting the road for mountain biking’s ultimate
filming road trip.
   :: from AcadianNov 13, 2002
Superheroes III Teaser Superheroes III Teaser
Here's the new "">Superheros III Teaser from Neil Saunders and his crew of nutty riders. Expect to see all the usual suspects busting the craziest gaps, jumps and drops in addition to some sweet racing footage. Starring, among others, Randy Spangler, Gareth Dyer and Aaron Peters, each doing it with style, grace and big brass balls. VHS copies will hit the Pinkbike shelves in early December, with DVD's following shortly after. Put this one on your Christmas list, it's a definite keeper.
   :: from DH BrasilNov 12, 2002
Pan American DH Results and Photos Pan American DH Results and Photos
From November 1-3, 2002, Santiago, Chile played host to the Pan American Championships in 4X, Downhill and Cross Country. Our good friends over at sent in these results and photos last week. Top rider of the event would have to go to Ramon Leiva (Papa Mono), a junior racer who ruled the downhill and 4X events. His time of 2:41 in the downhill was fastest of the weekend beating the top pro time of 2:44 laid down by Global's Markholf Berchtold.
   :: from Danny LarocheNov 12, 2002
Big Hit Aftermarket Link Big Hit Aftermarket Link
It all started on a clear Sunday afternoon in August. A bunch of us were doing some runs on Moose Mountain when Mental asked me if I would be interested in testing out an aftermarket 9” link for my Big Hit with the 2.8” stroke shock. I really had no need for the extra inch of travel, but who am I to turn down testing cool new stuff! Mental put me in touch with Dan Stapleton, the guy who makes the links in his spare time.
   :: from Radek BurkatNov 10, 2002
Dropin Episode 2 - Calgary - Now ONLINE! Dropin Episode 2 - Calgary - Now ONLINE!
Episode 2 - Calgary is currently online and available for download.
Each episode will be put online for a limited time period so download it and save it to your computer instead of streaming.
(RIGHT click on the link, and save target as)
Click here to download Dropin Episode 2 (23 minutes playing time)

Windows Media Player required

DropIn is a new Freeride TV series that is playing on networks across Canada. It features a group of pro freeriders traveling across Alberta and BC hitting some of the best riding destinations.
For more detailed info check out

   :: from Radek BurkatNov 3, 2002
Upgrading to Pinkbike 1.5 Upgrading to Pinkbike 1.5
Over the next week and a bit we will be load testing and upgrading to the new RipNode application system for Pinkbike. This will mean that some things on the site may not functions and/or have glitches in functionality.

What the heck is RipNode?

Questions / Comments

   :: from mentalNov 1, 2002
Azonic @ Interbike Azonic @ Interbike

Building on the polpular and still available Eliminator DH frameset, Azonic has added 3 new full suspension framesets named the XXtension series. All 3 framesets use the patented Horst link 4-bar linkage and are available in your choice of color, as long as it’s polished silver. Starting with the Recoil, their 8.5-inch travel DH model, Azonic has wisely placed sealed bearings at each pivot and Progressive’s 5th Element is standard. There’s also an optional Romic shock available. Geometry is adjustable (though not so much as the Eliminator) and the rear end features beefy chainstays in a 150mm width, 12mm thru-axle. MSRP should be around $1995 US.

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