Belter Off Fed - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Sep 8, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
I wonder why the belt drive thing never catches on.

X2 gets an Olive Garden Pasta Pass®

Thanks for putting up with me bike shops!


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 A mechanic at my old work was notorious for blowing up tubeless setups while building bikes. We had a very high pressure compressor so, and he was absent minded, which is why we always know him as "Bukkake Bill"
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 LMAOOOO! I over inflated a new setup to seat the bead. Put it next to my coworker without thinking about it. 10 minutes later it blew Stan's all over him and his tools and nearly blew out his ear drum! We called it 'The Big Bang'.
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 Taj is lucky that shop didn't have a big compressed. Mind did. The explosion was epic...
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 A friend of mine inflated his tubeless tyre to over 4 bar (60 psi) ... then his rim exploded
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 @vhdh666: my wife blew a new tubeless setup off the rim with a hand pump and a non-functioning gauge. My ears rang for two days and the sealant instantly turn the garage into a fog and grew fingers and stuck to every single item in my shop. Total nasty latex disaster that I will never forget LOL.
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 Big compressors really blow
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 @pinnityafairy: that‘s nasty. Hope your hearing is OK now
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 @vhdh666: LIFE IS GOOD
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 @pinnityafairy: I've had a few nasty latex disasters...good times
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 If you didn’t know anything about tubeless sealant, that last comic might look a little disturbing.
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 in that case that image should be on the other bike site, the one about hubs hahaha
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 @panchocampbell: lol, that took me a minute to get your joke. It’s the kind of joke I should be ashamed to get...
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 Taj must have been spying on me yesterday as I mounted (and remounted) a tubeless tire. My garage floor will never be the same.
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 Best thing I've ever done in my adventure in tubeless is make a DIY air compressor blaster thingy with a soda bottle, some tubing, two presets valves, and gorilla tape.
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 @seismicninja: welcome to my world and the constant worry if the endeavor will end happily with a set and sealed tire or a trip to the ER....
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 @seismicninja: 100% with ya on this one! Only problem is when you've used if for so long the cap fails when the bottles at 80psi in a closed room. Shell shock is the only way I can explain how my head felt!
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 Why do people pour in the sealant before seating the tyre? Big Grin
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 @HollyBoni: sometimes it helps a stubborn tire seat in the rim.
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 @seismicninja: Didn't think about that. I just use soapy water in that case, and for pouring in the sealant a 100ml syringe that I bought for about a dollar at the drug store. Works great, doesn't make a mess.
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 @HollyBoni: quicker and easier than injecting it thru the valve stem
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 @HollyBoni: Honestly, I think a lot of people don’t even realize u can remove the valve core to get sealant in AFTER u seat it. Lots of peeps are not mechanically-inclined and they just think... wait, how do I get the sealant in AND pump it up?!
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 @HollyBoni: It saves a step if you are confident that you won't have issues getting the tire to seat.
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 @acali: I guess my self confidence is pretty low. Frown
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 "Full Suspension" = me irl. I have portion control issues.

Always like the insight into how Taj thinks of stuff. It reminds me of first things to pop into one's mind on strange, other-than-normal days when you hear a phrase you've heard so many times before but today is going to be different dammit...
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 Genius.. Hilarious! Fox shock - Monty Python, Mr Creosote ha! Though rockshox seem more prone to Mr. Creosote-ing.. my mates exploded onto his Camelbak drink bottle.. pool of oil in the nozzle, drank it right up before he realised.. was burping rancid oil for 2 days.

Mount your tires dry Taj! inflate and leave for a half day to seat properly, and then fill with a syringe through the valve - core removed. No messSmile
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 Is only wafer thin
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 @nordland071285: mint leaf...
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 Reminds me of a story, when I was setting up a tubeless plus tyre and at the first time I wasn't able to set it up true. I remember I was using low pressures, and then my co-worker came and said I should go up to 60 psi to set it up straight. When it went off, I was almost completely deaf until the end of the day and had a shower for over an hour, removing the pieces of latex off of my hair. After that I always set the tire empty first, then remove the valve core and add sealant. NEVER sealant first!
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 This is genius, these should be made into a book just in time for Christmas - make it happen Pinkbike!!
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 Haha I am actually laughing out loud.
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 There ought to be an internet abbreviation for that.
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 Yeah, I'm rolling on the floor laughing pawn!
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 @MtbSince84: yeah but LOL already stands for lots of love.
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 I wasn't a fan at first, but the latest few have been excellent
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 The belt drive thing could really help my cornering, I'd have to point my hips in the right direction.
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 What is the difference resort biking and backcountry biking. Would the definition be same as for skiing/snowboarding?
Ex. "Hey man where did you go today?" "Oh man went backcountry riding! Ever heard of Fromme?
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 Resort biking: Where I go on holiday.
Backcountry biking: That first ride after the holiday that's going fine until you remember you're not on Schleyer.
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 Didn't like my true story, sad!
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 BMX is so simple you can't make these kinds of jokes.
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 Taj is a genius
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 Awesome !!
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 Good stuff! Thanks, Taj!
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 My dog cleans up whatever sealant residues are left on the floor after my tubeless affairs because I mix pepper on it. Must smell like food to him...
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 That can’t be good for your dog.
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 @fattyheadshok: Yeah, it happened once, I had not used "seasoned" sealant since he was around. Of course I didn't see him doing it, or I would have stopped him. He was fine.
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 Seals your dog's colon right up
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 Tubeless sealant has antifreeze. Poison to your dog.
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