DMR Warns Against Fake DMR Websites

Nov 23, 2022
by Seb Stott  
DMR Deathgrip review
A *real* DMR Deathgrip.

DMR is the most recent company to get in touch with Pinkbike to warn us (and you) about fake websites claiming to be selling legitimate branded products at discount prices. The e-commerce site in question is using DMR's logo, product photos and brand name - without permission - to sell "ghost products" which may bear no relation to the original DMR product (apparently including fake jewellery in place of a saddle). They even claim to stock "DMR products" which do not exist.

Here's DMR's official press release:

bigquotesIt has come to our attention that a direct-to-consumer website is using our brand name, identity and products without permission, and consumers should stay well away –

This website is using our brand name, logo and product photos without our permission and potential buyers should beware – they also claim to hold in stock products we are not aware of. We would like to remind you that the official website for DMR Bikes is

Any other website using our name or wordmark without permission is to be considered unsafe and we strongly advise against their use.

DMR Bikes and products are sold only via authorised international distributors and approved retailers.

Thanks for your time.


As always, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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 Wait, I'm the only one?
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 So there is no local milf looking for me? dang....
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 Companies need to get a grip on this before it gets out of hand.........
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 I'm sure they have a Handle on these things.
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 Damn..... so you are saying the Brandon semenuk, Brett Reeder, and Moimoi collab Livegrips I just ordered from ww2.US-DMR.cooom aren't real???
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 Are you telling me my Brandog Daftgrips may not be real either?
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 @h82crash: damn, I'm not gonna get my dmr suct!
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 There are now fake fake bootleggers. The fake fake DMRs I got for $1.99 ended up being just a roll of electrical tape around a toilet paper roll. Just checked my Rollexx, late for a meeting...
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 I hate that companies have to scour the internet to make sure they are not getting their brand ripped off. Specially when a cheaper alternative to existing bike parts could easily be launched as a brand and find a lot of success.
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 I completely misread your comment so I edited this to make me look like less of an idiot.
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 Remember when this happened buying parts at a bike shop?
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 I am curious about a bedazzled saddle now,though.
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 I would warn everyone of fake slovenian6474 websites dishing out fake and illegitimate sarcastic comments.
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 This is two news articles now to call this out - in both cases, there isn't any mention of how to spot fakes, or report suspected fakes... that would be helpful if you're asking people to keep an eye out.
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 Knowing it was a fake and being from Seattle, I found the address is a Whole Foods. Most fake websites have addresses to look more upfront and real. If there is an address look it up. When in doubt, shop local!
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 It's only a matter of time until fake pinkbike publishes a fake warning about a fake website.
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 "There are reports of fake Brink's around the UK using trading names such as "leisure lakes bikes" and "Stiff". These are not legitimate Brinks and should be avoided at all times and reported directly to the police"

"Remember, if its not Brink its crime"
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 shit like this has been around since forever. Do we really need to warn people aboot it....... If it sounds too good to be true etc etc
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 The thing is, its not too good to be true, its just good enough to be worth pulling the trigger. They aren't advertising these products for a fraction of what the real thing is worth.
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 Add Amazon to the list selling fake bike chains. 3 out of 3 KMC were fake and returned them all.
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 Boycott Amazon
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 Why are so many people such scum bags?
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 Cuz there are scum bags that are overpricing their products. And then, there are scum bags who'd like their stuff for free!
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 It’s funny, or rather not, but the week before these stories started hitting I was going to pick up some Chromag parts, and google shopping had a fake Chromag site with like 30-60% discount on everything. Used to just be the big guys who suffered from this, now they target everyone
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 Didn't the Orange peeled face guy warn us about fake this and fake that? Then people started waking up. Big Grin
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 same factory, different website
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 I got suckered by an Instagram add for discounted Pit Vipers which my kid wants. The site looked legit, it was a very good copy of the PV site. I started to questioning the legitimacy when I emailed asking for a tracking number and received a reply that wasn't really English. The tracking had them coming straight from china as well which seemed wrong. Needless to say they were terrible. I messaged PV on their Instagram page and they confirmed it was a scam and they haven't had a sale since the spring. I am currently waiting to se if my credit card can get my money back. These scammers are getting more sophisticated every day.
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flag mkul7r4 FL (Nov 23, 2022 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 There are actually really high quality Pit Viper and other sunglass knockoffs, you just need to know where to look.
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 @mkul7r4: its odd seeing "high quality" & "pit viper" in the same sentence...
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 Probably quite hard to make a website look like it was made in 1995 in 2022
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 giroutlet yesterday , scam site helmets $80
Address not real
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 Olly’s not knocking stuff out at the carboots again
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 DMR quality and customer service - definitely fake.
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 This is what I was thinking...could they be any worse than the real products???
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 You mean www.DMR.cum isn't a one stop shop for everyone's needs?
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 all of our bikes are fake
  • 3 0
 Are the bushings that slip out of their pedals fake too?
  • 3 2
 This seems to be a relatively new phenomenon. Are other sports/hobbies having this issue too?
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 Kockoff scams are nothing new lol
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 @Bro-LanDog: obviously, but whole fake websites?
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 It's likely a new scam that the internet has made a new fertile ground for, plus mountain biking has come of age where its customer base is willing to pay more for bike parts, and now looking for deals that sound too good to be true. I think it's similar to the sneaker industry, where there is a boom in its culture and manufacturing companies can see the value in producing counterfeit goods because they already have a huge markup with little improvement to the product itself. So counterfeit companies can make nearly the same product and get that sweet markup. Grips are perfect, because they are so simple to manufacture. A name brand grip starts at 45 dollars, but you can still find grips at walmart or amazon for 10 bucks. What's to stop these cheap grip manufacturers from molding a Funn, ergon, or DMR logo on it. It's just a perfect storm of the internet age and the development of the cycling industry. The catalog bike industry also makes it easy for an overseas manufacturing company to run wild with the designs and make similar products with varying level of quality. Or just selling any parts that don't meet QC standards on these scam websites.
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 @SangamonTaylor: once you create a good templete website, it's not a bunch of effort to pay someone $.50/day in butthole china to replicate it for literally hundreds of other brands/products.

the actual solution is to stop doing so much business with China. slowly cut them off from the world by bringing manufacturing back to where products are consumed, as much as is feasible. They only get away with the human rights abuses and shitty business practices because we are addicted to cheap crap for cheap. It is largely our doing.
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 @SangamonTaylor: yep. There are tons of knockoff distribution and manufacturer sites for nearly anything. Watches, handbags, car parts, skis, bikes, etc. Some will actually sell a bootleg product and some will just take your money.
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 @conoat: absolutely, it seems the parts that are being counterfeited, are all from companies with a global manufacturing system.

Like when can I get a counterfeit starling or cotic bike.

Those bikes are expensive because the guys making them can make a livable wage.
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 faked pokemoncards is all the rage
  • 3 1
 Head to now for all your Waki-related news!
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 Can we get some reviews on the fake stuff?
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 Do the knock off grips inner plastic sleeve break aswell or?
  • 10 0
 Only if they're not fitted correctly
  • 1 0
 @savmeister: can you elaborate, I’ve had a couple deathgrips’ inner plastic sleeve break in my time, after crashes usually. How can I fit them better?
  • 2 1
 @Twin8: gota make sure they're pushed all the way on
  • 1 0
 Buy sensus instead
  • 13 16
 Ya gotta be a special kind of dumb to fall for scam websites haha
  • 4 6
 you have found 11 dumdums and counting! Big Grin

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