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May 3, 2017
by Paul Aston  
Check Out is Pinkbike's place to see what's hot for under $300.

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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

Eskapee Anthology 1

• The Soul of MTB in Print
• 15 stories over 220 pages
• 15 global contributors
• The perfect coffee table read
• Price: $35 USD
Eskapee Anthology 1 book. Meaningful mountain biking stories and beautiful photography from Eskapee s talented multi-national contributors. Available now and shipped worldwide.

bigquotesFrom the peaks of New Zealand to the fjords of Norway, land protection to mental health, Eskapee Anthology 1 explores the world of mountain biking in glorious photography and meaningful writing. Over the course of 15 stories and 220 pages, Anthology 1’s multi-national scribes and snappers take its reader from peaks to plains and highs to lows, delivering the best curated collection of two-wheeled storytelling on sale this year.

TrailMaps—Designer Art Prints

Check Out May - Bike Art

• Stylish & contemporary designer maps of the World’s best trails
• Exquisitely printed on fine matte art paper
• Let your love of riding take pride of place in your home
• Great gifts for mountain bikers

Trail maps

• A proportion of profits are donated to volunteer trail building organizations
• Designed and printed in the UK
• Worldwide shipping available
• Price: Unframed from £15.99
• Price: Framed from £39.99

bigquotesTake down that poster you got free in a magazine and treat your walls to a professionally printed piece of artwork. prints are designed by riders, for riders, and help turn your home into a showcase for your favourite trails. Get in touch if you'd like to request a new trail map, as we are constantly expanding & updating our range of prints and will happily consider your request.

Deity Waypoint grips

• Durable rubber compound
• Tapered inner sleeve
• Single clamp design with forward facing bolts that feature loc-tite
• 6061 T6 aluminum clamps
• Seamless transition through the end of the grip
• Diamond pattern wraps around the end of the grip
• 132mm length with 31mm outer diameter
• Colors: black, stealth, red, green, blue and orange
• 91 grams for the set
• Price: $22.00 USD

Deity Waypoint grips

bigquotesThe perfect complement to our all new Deity line of grips, the Waypoint are a mountain biker’s dream. Built around a smart tapered internal sleeve that eliminates any chance for play once fully tapped onto your handlebar and coupled with the single bolt lock-on clamp, the new Deity line of grips left no detail unexplored. Our TRC rubber blend delivers an incredibly resilient tactile performance for improved durability with an amazing feel right out of the packaging. A diamond pattern is a beloved texture for a MTB grip and is often used, but rarely maximized. Eager to deliver you a diamond pattern grip that was slightly larger in outer diameter to the standard norm, the design of the Waypoint was born. Featuring a 31mm outer diameter, the body of the Waypoint seamlessly transitions to the end of the grip allowing you the room to stretch out on epic climbs, to maximize every mm of available grip, and to avoid having to have your hands on metal clamps. Available in a perfect match to all of our color offerings and featuring a debossed 3D Deity Icon capped end for subtle style, the Waypoint deliver unmatched traction, durability, and class!

Deity Knuckleduster grips

• Durable rubber compound
• Tapered inner sleeve
• Single clamp design
• 6061 T6 aluminum clamps
• Short and wide rib design
• Half waffle recessed design
• Seamless transition through the end of grip
• 132mm length with 32mm outer diameter
• Colors: black, stealth, red, green, blue and orange
• 101 grams for the set​
• Price: $22.00 USD

Deity Knuckleduster grips

bigquotesThe grip of choice for World Cup style assassin and gloveless wonder, Sam Blenkinsop, the Knuckleduster embodies our attention to detail and our focus on function. Taking a risk and thinking outside the box is where Deity thrives and these are certainly case in point! Not only have we developed our TRC rubber blend that gives you remarkable grip with incredible durability, the Knuckleduster also features a tapered internal sleeve that you have to tap onto your handlebar for full engagement. This tapered sleeve feels like it is already locked into place once fully tapped onto the bar and coupled with a single bolt lock-on clamp, you will not develop any play. The body of the grip combines the best elements of a half-waffle, mushroom ribbing, and an ergo feel in a stunning package. Featuring a mushroom pattern to minimize vibration, the true magic of the Knuckleduster lies in the 'V' channel chevron ribs that ergonomically fill the swell of your palm and then seamlessly transition to a recessed half waffle on the underside. Why is this magic? All half waffle patterns are outboard and are notorious for creating hot spots on long rides. By designing the top to seamlessly transition to a recessed half waffle pattern, your fingers sit perfectly into the grip and allow you full control even in the roughest of conditions without being plagued by hot spots or blisters. The Knuckleduster grips truly are an “all day grip” that allow you to keep it Pinned Wide Open at all times.

Topeak Ninja TC Bottle Cage

• Engineering grade plastic cage
• Hardened steel tools
• Allen wrenches: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm
• Phillips & Flathead screwdrivers
• T10/T25 Torx wrench
• 14G, 15G, Mavic M7, Shimano spoke wrench
• Chain tool, hook & pin breaker
• Bottle opener
• 17.5x10x7.8cm
• Weight: 255g
• Price: £49.99

2017 Topeak Ninja TC Bottle Cage

bigquotesWater bottle cage with stealthy built-in tool case and hidden tool that’s easily accessed with a simple twist. Included precision full metal 23 function mini tool that is comfortable in the hands for trailside repairs.

crankbrothers Klic HV w/ gauge + co2 pump

• Material: Polished aluminium
• Valve type: Presta and Schrader
• Mounting bracket: Included
• Warranty: 5 year
• Price: $55.99 USD / £49.99 GBP

2017 crankprothers Klic HV w gauge co2 pump

bigquotesKlic pumps feature a hidden flexible hose which is stored within the pump. The hidden hose uses a unique magnetic interface to attach to pump. The highly polished pump body has an integrated twisting collar to keep the pump free of dirt and debris. An ergonomic t-handle helps make inflating tyres effortless.

Ergon BP1 Pack

• Tailored fit: 5-Position back length adjustment
• Breathable shoulder straps with hose guide
• Waist belt can be individually shortened
• Additional sacrum protection
• Foldout compartment for BH150 bladder
• Key compartment
• Available sizes: S & L
• Weight: 575g
• Price: £99.99 GBP

2017 Ergon BP1 pack

bigquotesThe minimalistic BP1 Protect was specifically developed for gravity/race use and reduces the risk of injury in the lower back. It offers room for the BP100 back protector, your most important tools and also the BH150 Bladder (sold seperately). It provides a tailored fit due to the self-adjusting shoulder straps, adjustable back length and elastic chest strap. Depending on the preference, it can be carried underneath or over the jersey.

Hiplok Z LOK

• Description: Secured Reusable Armoured Zip Tie for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment.
• Security Level: Low Risk
• Security Rating: N/A
• Product Specification: Double sided ratchet design, reinforced steel core, universal release key.
• Weight: 20g
• Locking Size: 40cm locking diameter
• Price: £14.99 GBP

Reusable zip ties.

bigquotesThe first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications, Z-lok is sold in pairs and available in a variety of colours.

Race Face Stash Tool Wrap

Race Face Stash Tool Wrap

• Holds CO2, a small selection of tools and a tube
• Woven label
• Silicone strip to help hold it in place
• MSRP: $22 USD
Tools not included

Race Face Stash Tool Wrap

bigquotesYour knight in shining armor and trail fairy all rolled into one. This little gadget allows you to keep a couple of emergency tools, a CO2 inflator and a spare tube conveniently tucked away on your bike in case of disasters. You can mount it in your frame or under your seat allowing maximum versatility and minimum fuss. With a huge velcro securing tab you know your precious tools will be held in place safe and sound till you need them... sometimes it's okay to go full enduro.


  • + 56
 I would rather tape the whistler trail map to my wall...
  • + 27
 I see myself framing the tattered, well-used map from my first trip to Whistler on the wall in my garage.... I can also see myself wanting a clean, fresh map of the bike park to hang in my living room as "art" my wife approves of.
  • + 6
 I have a framed park map of Åre Bike Park Sweden, next to my bed. Even has all my marks on it from how many runs and where I stopped for photos.
  • + 1
 @Five40NZ: was Åre worthwhile? I'm living in Stockholm, haven't had the chance to head up north with the bike yet though.
  • + 3
 @nuttypoolog: take a black and white photo of that tattered trail map, frame it, then that goes somewhere in the house. The original gets framed in the garage.
  • + 2
 @nuttypoolog: or, if you have some basic photoshop skills, take a pic of you on your bike on a separate layer from the tattered Whistler map pic. There are some really stylish ways of doing this. You could de-saturate the colours and trim the outline of the map so that it either appears to make up your shirt or skin. Then frame it. Classy.
I'm going to go create some bike art. . .
  • + 1
 At least they have Chátel and Bikepark wales, but Whistler would be a damn lot cooler.
  • + 1
 @riish: Yes it is
  • + 1
 @riish: Yeah mate if you get the chance do it. I was there 2 days. Unfortunately it was early in the season so the very top of the park was still snowed in. But surreal riding up a lift with a bike while snow bunnies were coming down.

Hammerby Backen (sp?) Was cool too. Right in the midst of Stockholm. Short but pretty sweet.
  • + 1
 @Five40NZ @Melchorhedman
I'll check it out! There's heaps of trails near me in Hellasgården and a little further south in Tyresta, so there's no shortage of things to ride.
  • + 23
 Zip ties have always been reusable. You just have to be smart enough to release the catch to reuse them. I've been reusing zip ties as long as my friends have been calling me cheap.
  • + 10
 I use to do that too. Now I buy them at Harbor Freight, 100 for $1.99
  • + 4
 True, but it looks like this one has a little key which is the tool to unlock the zip tie. Pretty clever, but a little pricey.
  • + 5
 and will become an expensive zip tie that you have to cut off once that little key gets lost.
  • + 1
 @Lastpikd: annoyingly you get 2 zip ties but only 1 "key". They're pretty sturdy - far more substantial than your garden variety zip tie
  • + 18
 who are these crankprothers you speak of?
  • + 3
 Good point, never heard of them.
  • - 3
 only a german.
  • + 4
 Slick move Crankbrothers changing the b for a p, you almost had us fooled.
  • + 2
 Slick move Crankbrothers changing the b for a p, you almost had us fooled.
  • + 7
I thought it sounded better the second time tbh
  • + 2
 @Spech: I thought it sounded better the second time tbh
  • + 8
 Man that stash strap.. I've been using a $1 piece of velcro (about 5cm wide/20cm long) which I hand sewed a piece of inner tube onto, holds a tube my multi and a tyre wrench. Hasn't slipped around or lost anything in the 3 odd years I've used it, should've patented it! Doh. On another note that book would be a good read.
  • + 2
 if tou surf try an old leash velcro. works fine for me
  • + 8
 when are deity going to find a uk supplier for there products, I ordered the knuckle duster grips from jenson cycles, but as I had to pay vat and royal mail handling fees the grips cost me £31..or $40 to import, some times you get lucky and don't get charged but not this time
they are very good grips though, at first I thought the 32mm felt to big but once I was riding down some rough trails I prefered them to thinner 28mm grips straight away,
  • + 2
 Try DMR Deathgrips. Same benefits and UK based company. £16.99 pair and choice of great colours. These look like a close copy - close enough not to get sued ifyouknowhatimsayin.
  • + 14
 We cannot agree more! We are actively on the hunt for the right distributor for us in the UK. Spread the word if you have a local shop near you and thanks for running the Knuckleduster grips!
  • + 4
 did someone get hit by their bank statement? as for once this a reasonably priced check out, also the Z-loks already have a discount on tredz, just waiting for the lime ones to come in stock, before giving them a go.
  • + 5
 Sweet. Now I can hang up my favorite centerfold trail porn without the wife having objections.
  • + 5
 Oh except the book. That book is beautiful, trust me.
  • + 4
 Of all the bike stuff they could find and they chose a book... And somehow i want that book.
  • + 1
 This article is a testament to the state of the industry... look for good deals under $300 and all you can find are zip ties, grips, a bottle cage or pictures of where you dream of riding.
  • + 4
 2 zip ties for $20? Okie dokie then
  • + 1
 they are locking ties. not saying they're worth it, but they aren't just regular zip ties
  • + 4
 Whats up with that Transition bike?
  • + 1
 Was wondering the same thing...
  • + 1
 It's just a vinyl wrap.
  • + 0
 @AJBarlas: doesn't look the best
  • + 2
 I could use some new coffee table material. $35 delivered world wide seems fair to me.
  • + 1
 I was really surprised that Swinley Forest (My local (literally 10 min cycle away)) was on
  • + 2
 damn.......checkout.... u got me. book on the way.
  • + 2
 Blenki was wearing gloves on Sunday
  • + 4
 It was super cold in Lourdes with some morning seeing snow at the start... What a crazy race!
  • + 1
 "Engineering Grade Plastic Frame"
  • + 1
 The link for Ergon looks a little off...
  • + 1
 Love the biggest write up is for grips. Skinny grips no less.
  • - 3
 Me too Products that probably don't perform as well as the original.
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