Results: Canadian National Championships 2019

Jul 29, 2019
by Sarah Moore  
Remi Gauvin has been on form the first two rounds and is chasing after his first podium in Madeira.

Check out all the results from the 2019 Canadian National Championships.

Canadian DH MTB Championships
Panorama Mountain Resort, BC

Elite Men

1st. Finn Iles 2:57.12
2nd. Kirk McDowall 2:57.85 +00.73
3rd. Magnus Manson 2:57.95 +00.83
4th. Forrest Riesco 2:58.50 +01.38
5th. Samuel Thibault 2:58.72 +01.60

Elite Women

1st. Vaea Verbeeck 3:25.71
2nd. Georgia Astle 3:30.92 +05.21
3rd. Miranda Miller 3:36.85 +11.14
4th. Rachel Pageau 3:51.48 +25.77
5th. Kyleigh Stewart 4:00.01 +34.30

Junior Men

1st. Seth Sherlock 3:01.25
2nd. Elliot Jamieson 3:03.13 +1.88
3rd. Milton McConville 3:04.69 +3.44
4th. Lucas Cruz 3:05.63 +4.38
5th. Emmett Hancock 3:08.93 +7.69

Junior Women

1st. Madison Skrypnek 4:22.05
2nd. Bailey Goldstone 4:22.94 +0.89
3rd. Milton McConville 4:23.10 +1.05

Full results here.

Canadian Enduro Championship
Panorama Mountain Resort, BC

Elite Men

1st. Remi Gauvin 33:33:16
2nd. Rhys Verner 34:18:91
3rd. Mckay Vezina 34:37:35
4th. Max Leyen 34:46:06
5th. Matthew Beer 35:26.63

Elite Women

1st. Jennifer McHugh 41:46.21
2nd. Miranda Miller 41:48.88
3rd. Marilyne Proulx 44:45.65
4th. Katie Spittlehouse 44:51.23
5th. Rebecca Beaumont 45:39.39

Under 21 Men

1st. Evan Wall 35:11.40
2nd. Milton McConville 35:43.45
3rd. Jack Menzies 35:47.89
4th. Jacob Tooke 35:51.29
5th. Sam Walsh 36:14.74

Under 21 Women

1st. Julia Long 46:39.01
2nd. Emmy Lan 47:05.57
3rd. Lucy Schick 47:52.90
4th. Clara Brown 50:07.68

Full results here.

2019 Canadian XCO MTB Championships
Oro Station, ON (July 20, 2019)

Elite Men

1st. Peter Disera 1:23:26
2nd. Leandre Bouchard 1:25:00
3rd. Marc-Andre Fortier 1:28:04
4th. Raphael Gagne 1:28:50
5th. Felix Belhumeur 1:30:25

Elite Women

1st. Emily Batty 1:18:05
2nd. Catharine Pendrel 1:19:15
3rd. Sandra Walter 1:19:36
4th. Cindy Montambault 1:20:36
5th. Jennifer Jackson 1:21:00

Under 23 Men

1st. Quinton Disera 1:07:15
2nd. Raphael Auclair 1:07:33
3rd. Tyler Orschel 1:07:35
4th. Holden Jones 1:08:52
5th. Gunnar Holmgren 1:10:04

Under 23 Women

1st. Laurie Arseneault 1:00:16
2nd. Mackenzie Myatt 1:01:07
3rd. Marianne Theberge 1:01:26
4th. Sophianne Samson 1:02:10
5th. Roxane Vermette 1:02:39

Full results here.

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  • 54 1
 You guys really should post Junior’s results as well. Giving them that exposure makes a huge difference to their value to sponsors
  • 38 1
 Miranda Miller- 3rd in DH, 2nd in Enduro, 1st in our hearts.
  • 20 0
 Post the Juniors! They are on fire in Canada!
  • 7 1
 Yeah Patrick and Carter are pretty much the best juniors in the world. Be nice if they got the recognition.
  • 2 0
 @jclnv: from looking at the results, Laffey did not race.
  • 5 0
 @downhere67: Laffey crashed during the first day of practice and punctured his lung. He's out for Val di Sole and Lenzerheide but will most likely be back for worlds!
  • 3 0
 @sethsherlock: shit! tough kid. Nice job Seth, Chris and Claire must be pumped.
  • 3 0
 Agreed, if you're a DH fan it's worth paying attention to the next wave of young Canadian racers
  • 1 0
 @sethsherlock: Great job Seth, we've been watching you progress thru the BC and NW Cups.
Now your killing it with the best. Good to see you at the top.
Big pat on the back to everyone who has helped you along the way.
  • 7 0
 Hats off to the riders who raced the enduro then hit the DH. They had a massive day on Sat and would have only gotten limited runs on the dh course. Milton Mconville managed a 2nd in the enduro and still got 3rd(with a super close time to first) in DH. Not sure how he managed to get back up in time to also get third in juniors women’s but hey...way to go!
  • 10 1
 Why is Vaea not doing WC anymore? She's top 10 at least at every race for sure
  • 6 0
 I think (my theory only) she wanted to have more fun in her career, and look at her go!
  • 1 0
 @Bomadics: If so good for her! I just hope it isn't due to lack of opportunity. She has the talent to be on a WC podium!
  • 6 1
 Good to see Emily improving.... it's got to be so hard thinking you did everything right in the off season, but your aren't even close on the course. Happy for her.
  • 6 1
 Pretty epic results week for Sea to sky athletes!
  • 1 0
 Both DH and Enduro - young and old. Amazing for Sea2Sky.
  • 4 0
 So excited to see Jenn McHugh at the top of the box!!! She is such a lil crusher!
  • 2 0
 Grats Finn! Side note. Am I reading those checks correctly? 80.00 for 3rd place and 150.00 for 2nd? Please tell me I need glasses.
  • 2 0
 It’s about the sleeve. I suppose.
  • 10 0
 Welcome to Canadian racing
  • 3 0
 And that's Canadian $, so about $12 US
  • 1 0
 This is embarrassing for all of the Canadian bike companies that we all support. Industry, show some better financial support for our best racers!
  • 2 0
 Don’t forget about the junior Enduro kids. Podium spot for Wall and a bunch in the top ten overall.
Props to the next generation.
  • 1 0
 That enduro was a big day for the U16 category. Over an hour and a half of hike-a-bike to top of Mt. Goldie and the top 4 kids put down times that would have been respectable in the Expert and U21 cats.
  • 4 0
 Awesome job Jen!
  • 2 0
 Top 3 pro men all on the same second in DH!! Close racing or what!
  • 1 0
 Nice to have all of our top DH guys there this year. Was a great race to be at.
  • 2 1
 Mark looked to be on a heater when he went past me higher up on the course...anyone know what actually happened to him?
  • 3 0
 Washed out on the loose flat corner right after the big table near the finish.
  • 5 0
 @skieralex: Sounds like 2am at the bar!
  • 1 0
 good to see Forrest R's name back in the race lists. It'd be cool to see Remi race DH too
  • 2 0
 Remi was 11th in the DH.
  • 1 0
 @skieralex: nice thanks. guess I could've looked. That's wicked!
  • 1 0
 Ya Katie S! Just off podium behind pro Miranda M! Way to giv'er!!
  • 1 0
 Let's get this rhys verner fella in the fantasy lineup
  • 2 1
 Where's the Privateer? Hope this isn't a bad sign for Adam.
  • 6 1
 Good question! I live with Adam and it's a 10 hour drive from our house in Squamish to Pano, and it was a bit tricky to get the time off work to be able to do this race. He opted to do the transbc a few weeks ago with his vacation time instead so he could use that as fitness training and focus on doing some last minute tweaks & building for whistler which is his major priority this season Smile
  • 2 0
 @lalalalaura: Thanks! Good to know he's on track!
  • 1 0
 Mark Wallace?
  • 1 0
 Mark slide out coming into the last few corners. Got caught up in the bike and it took awhile to get going again. Bummer as he was looking fast
  • 1 0
 This doesn't seem to be Mark's course!
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