Semi-Final Results from the Snowshoe DH World Cup 2023

Sep 30, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the DH World Cup semi-finals in Snowshoe.

Vali Höll brings plenty of drama to the semi-finals as she managed to go eight seconds up at split three before a crash in the rocks at the bottom. Amazingly in a show of her dominance this year Vali still managed to end her run 0.699 seconds up on Marine Cabirou. Tahnee Segrave laid down a strong run to complete the top three women. Nina Hoffmann started out well but a collision with a tree in split two knocked her back in the standings to sixth.

Loic Bruni joins Vali in backing up a top qualifying run with a win as he crosses the line 2.562 seconds up. Oisin O Callaghan has one of the best runs of his career as he ends the session in second place and says that he made a few errors in his run. Loris Vergier is the only other rider within five seconds of Loic Bruni as he wraps up the top three.

Check out the results below.


Elite Women

1st. Vali Höll: 3:49.550
2nd. Marine Cabirou: 3:50.249
3rd. Tahnee Seagrave: 3:51.226
4th. Mille Johnset: 3:52.464
5th. Sian A'Hern: 3:55.843

Elite Men

1st. Loic Bruni: 3:10.039
2nd. Oisin O Callaghan: 3:12.601
3rd. Loris Vergier: 3:13.449
4th. Ronan Dunne: 3:15.433
5th. Dakotah Norton: 3:15.499

The Elite Women's Race as it Happened

Race Updates:

7:45 PDT: The Elite Women's Race is Now Underway
The Elite Women's semi-finals kick off with Elise Empey starting proceedings.

7:47 PDT: Elise Empey Slides Out in the Top Grass Corners
Elise Empey has slid out in a similar spot to Vali Höll in qualifying as she goes down just after starting the second split.

7:50 PDT: Jenna Hastings Goes Across the Line with a 3:58.952
Jenna Hastings sets the first clean run of the day and takes the hot seat with a time good enough for 5th in qualifying.

7:51 PDT: Enduro Talent Hattie Harnden Falls 2 Seconds Back
Hattie Harnden gaining time in the mid-part of the track but she loses time in the final two splits to take 2nd so far.

7:52 PDT: Veronika Widmann Takes the Hot Seat by 0.012 Seconds
The times are tight at the top as Veronika Widmann just manages to pull ahead of Jenna Hastings.

7:53 PDT: Gloria Scarsi Flies into the Lead
Gloria Scarsi continues to prove she is just as dangerous on a downhill bike as she goes fastest by 2.499 seconds.

7:55 PDT: Mille Johnset Bests Gloria by 3.9 Seconds
Mille Johnset takes the lead in split three and never looks back as she ends her run with a time of 3:52.464. We are still a little ways off Vali Höll's fastest qualifier of 3:50.778.

7:58 PDT: Gracey Hemstreet Moves into 3rd
Gracey Hemstreet loses a lot of time in the third split but manages to keep things smooth through the rocks to go over the line in 3rd with seven riders left.

8:00 PDT: Marine Cabirou Leads & Beats the Fastest Qualifying Time
Marine Cabirou goes fastest so far and is the first rider to go quicker than Vali Höll's top qualifier. There are still five riders left at the top to try and take Marine's spot on the hot seat.

8:10 PDT: Tahnee Seagrave Takes 2nd After Losing Time at the Bottom
Tahnee Seagrave puts together a great run that was 3.9 up against Marine in split three before losing all of this through the final two sectors. Tahnee ended her run 0.977 seconds off the pace.

8:12 PDT: A Horrible Crash for Nina Hoffmann
Nina Hoffmann hits a tree at the side of the course in what looked like a big impact. Nina was able to get back on the bike and go over the line in sixth place.

8:16 PDT: A Crash for Vali Höll but she Still Wins
Vali Höll joins Nina Hoffmann in crashing out during semi-finals as she crashes in the final section of greasy rocks. Amazingly Vali Höll still wins.

The Elite Men's Race as it Happened

Race Updates:

8:22 PDT: Neko Mullay Starts the Elite Men's Racing
It's great to see Neko Mullay back at the races as he is first up for Semi-Finals.

8:23 PDT: Neko Mullay Sets a Time of 3:28.581
Neko Mullay goes over the line with a 3:28.581, over 15 seconds back from Loic Bruni's top qualifier.

8:24 PDT: Christopher Cumming Leads by 3.75 Seconds
Christopher Cumming takes an early lead as he moves onto the hot seat.

8:26 PDT: George Brannigan Goes Fastest
George Brannigan continues the trend of a new leader with every run as he sets a new time to beat.

8:29 PDT: Jack Reading Takes the Lead
Jack Reading goes into the lead in the fourth split and heads into the finish 1.305 up on George Brannigan.

8:31 PDT: Dylan Maples is the New Leader by 2.6 Seconds
Dylan Maples leads from the 2nd split down as he puts in a strong performance on home soil.

8:34 PDT: Tyler Ervin Makes it a USA Top 2
Tyler Ervin slots into 2nd, 2.246 back as the US riders are performing well in Snowshoe.

8:38 PDT: Jackson Connelly Goes 0.082 Seconds into the Lead
Jackson Connelly has an amazing run to knock Dylan Maples off the hot seat.

8:44 PDT: Seth Sherlock Takes the Hot Seat by 0.669 Seconds
Seth Sherlock goes fastest so far as he leads through the bottom splits.

8:52 PDT: Richie Rude Moves into 5th
In his first World Cup downhill race in 10 years Richie Rude slots into fifth place and could make finals later today.

8:53 PDT: Austin Dooley Falls 0.196 Back
Austin Dooley makes it three US riders in the top six as he went over the line just 0.196 seconds back from Seth Sherlock.

8:54 PDT: Luke Meier-Smith Crashes Just Before the Final Turn
Luke Meier-Smith was on a solid run before a big crash coming out of the final woods section within sight of the finish.

8:58 PDT: Tuhoto-Ariki Pene Goes Fastest by 0.374
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene just pulls ahead of Seth Sherlock as he secures the hot seat after 35 riders.

8:59 PDT: Jakob Jewett Steps onto the Hot Seat
Jakob Jewett is the next rider to top the timing sheet as he leads by 0.7 seconds.

9:01 PDT: Ethan Craik Masters the Rocks to Take a Big Lead of 1.9 Seconds
Ethan Craik comes the closest to the top qualifying time so far as he now leads the elite men's semi-finals.

9:04 PDT: Oliver Davis has a Big Crash in the Rocks
We hope Oliver Davis isn't seriously hurt as he has a big off in the lower part of the course.

9:09 PDT: Andreas Kolb Falls 0.325 Back in 2nd
Andreas Kolb trades positions with Ethan Craik in the final split as he drops around 0.4 seconds in the final sector to the line.

9:11 PDT: Jordan Williams Moves to 3rd
Jordan Williams has a clean run and does all he needs to do to make it through to finals.

9:13 PDT: Finn Iles Loses 1 Second in the Final Split to Take 3rd
Finn Iles was in the lead at split four but once again Ethan Craik takes a big chunk of time out of some of the sport's biggest names.

9:18 PDT: Ronan Dunne Sets the Fastest Time with 9 Riders Left
Ronan Dunne pulls ahead of Ethan Craik by 0.156 as we reach the sharp end of the semi-finals. We are still over two seconds back from Loic's top qualifier so there could be a lot of time still to find on the course.

9:22 PDT: Jackson Goldstone Pushes the Limits Slightly Too Far Going 11th
Jackson Goldstone was on a wild run as he sat 3.2 seconds up at split three but after being bucked in the lower rocks he slowed things down to go over the line 2.175 back in 11th place.

9:23 PDT: A Crash for Danny Hart in Split 2
It's a tough run for Danny Hart as he gets bucked off the bike in the second split losing over five seconds. Danny Hart falls back to 41st place.

9:26 PDT: Loris Vergier Goes Fastest by 1.9 Seconds
Loris Vergier lays down an amazing run as he blows apart the top times and falls just 0.2 seconds short of Loic Bruni's fastest qualifying run.

9:29 PDT: What a Run for Oisin O Callaghan as he Goes into the Lead
Oisin O Callaghan is the new race leader as he bested Loris Vergier by 0.848 seconds and is the first to beat the top qualifying run.

9:30 PDT: Dakotah Norton Loses the Front End
Dakotah Norton drops 4.3 seconds back after a mistake saw him slide out. Dakotah still has a good portion of his run left so could pull back some time.

9:32 PDT: Dakotah Norton Finishes 4th After a Crash
Dakotah Norton could be tough to beat if he can stay upright in finals as after a crash he goes 2.898 seconds back.

9:38 PDT: A Flat Tire for Laurie Greenland
Laurie Greenland has a wild moment off the double drop but was still in touch at split four before a flat tire knocks him down to 20th. Only Loic Bruni is left at the top.

9:40 PDT: Loic Bruni Wins Semi-Finals in Snowshoe
Loic Bruni backs up his top qualifier with a win by 2.562 seconds.

Full Results:

Elite Women


Elite Men


Finals Start List:

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 Tip for commentary team : “He’s up” means he’s ahead, “He’s down” means he’s behind.

Great to hear Gwin on the mic. So smooth.
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 hard to watch/hear, confuses me every time. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out
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 Once upon a time you just watched it for free on Redbull TV and the commentary was brilliant
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 Looking at Goldstone's times before that slip up in the rock garden, what an absolute ripper!
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 He definitely has the potential to win this one, finals are gonna be sick
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 Loic is insane.
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 I ponied up $9 for a month of GCN to see if the broadcast is as bad as you’ve all led me to believe. Looks like they’ve got both Jack Moir and Aaron Gwin involved in the broadcast, at least they’re trying to improve based on the feedback they’ve received? We will see.
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 Where is moi moi????

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 Mandatory coverage commentary: Gwin was commenting right after Loïc’s run, and the audio gets cut to play music and display some trees instead, WTF. Fix the editing, and also please get rid of Kate Mason.
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 Things I don’t care about: a riders heartbeat
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 They got revenge on the pinkbike comments with not showing Laly’s run
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 Cedric is actually getting worse I think...
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 Rik consistently gets the math wrong when stating the difference between green and red split times - very annoying!
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 He's saying the difference from the rider's last split as opposed to the overall split dif.
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 @Hazab: nah, he says things like, “He lost 1.1 seconds in this section” even though the split went from -0.3 to +1.4, where the rider actually lost 1.7.
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 @Murphius: exactly
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 Dakota in 5th with a crash. Gonna be fast in finals!
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 Overall I think most of the top riders did exceptionally well in going through all those techy sections (with few unfortunate hiccups) compared to their runs in previous rounds and I hope they will outdo themselves in the final. I am also happy Ronan got his best performance this season so far (albeit it is semi-final)
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 Thibaut got robbed! Just panned to overweight Americans during his run.
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 Well you get to see him at every race, but not them, so it makes sense to me
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 One could possibly argue that that's also a downhill run, in a somewhat broader sense of the expression...
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 So Vali crashed and still won the semi?
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 @Roost66: Thanks - that was a dumb question now that I see it described pretty much everywhere in this article.
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 I’m pumped on the fact that Dak slid out up top and still finished 5th.
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 Everyone in the semi is "such a nice kid". Glad to hear!
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 Screw the semis!
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 You're right there. Roots, rocks, not too steep and never seems to dry out completely, Snowshoe could be Wicklow
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 Semis: another way to spell zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tried watch for the first 4 races, gave up. Its just entirely unnecessary, doubling or more the risk that is already very high risk and whoever thought up semi's should be flayed & hung upside down on a whaling hook.
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 The Irish lads are killing it!
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 Course conditions probably feel like home.
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 Yeaaaa Mushhh!!! Goldstone.. serious pace if he can keep it up in the finals. And Dakota.. holy.. 5th with a crash. Gonna be a wild final.
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 Dak'oh'dak can do it. Come on Man, stay on your bike!!!
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 Loic, Osin, Goldstone, and Dak are on another level
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 Finals are live on Eurosport 1 16:15 Uk time
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 That's the men's semi-finals as they are not showing the women's semis on Eurosport. Finals start at 9:45 PDT // 17:45 BST // 18:45 CEST // 5:45 NZDT.
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 @edspratt: well spotted , it’s on from now til 9pm bst Wink
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 Seems like Minnaar is over it
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 Sounds like he's frustrated with the equipment from his sponsors
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 What happened for him to be so far back?
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 @ccrida-pnw: Flat tyre? Again? After all what he brought to Maxxis with his Assegai it's kind of a heart-breaking curse.
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 @danstonQ: No flat in the semi run. Look at his 1st split, 54th, second split 45. That just scream dont give a f*ck. Maye he was sick? idk sucks to see though.
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 not much action in the comments section for semi's did anyone actually watch it? i probably only watched the last 10mins
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 Yep, been watching the whole thing! Parked up on the sofa with a few beers and a load of snacks. Won't be moving until finals are done haha. What better way to spend a rainy, cold Saturday?
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 Rude and Dailly qualifying is awesome!
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 I can't believe they didn't blow the leaves off the track before the race! Looks deadly in places.
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 Eta on finals?

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