Qualifying Start List: Leogang World Cup DH 2021

Jun 10, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Check out who will be on the start line tomorrow for qualifying.

Elite Women

Elite Men

Junior Women

Junior Men

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 If everyone else is just half as pumped as me to watch the life feed I think the internet will break down :-)
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 Yep. The dozens of us will probably break the whole internet.
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 crazy not to see Tracey Hannah in there...the end of an era.
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 Some big names in the unprotected list there. Lets hope we don't have a repeat of a few years back where Minnaar didnt qualify due to crash in qualifying.
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 Much as I love Greg, I hate that protected riders get a free pass on qualifying. Every other rider outside the top 10 knows that a crash in qualifying means they don't get to race.
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 Why not? If big name riders dont get to the bottom fast enough to qualify then thier loss. Someone else who made it down faster gets a crack
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: I'd hate it if I couldn't see the best of the best racing due to a mechanical in qualifying. I don't think that any of the top riders risks too much in qualifying. So it's pretty much only bad luck.
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: Well, in a lot of seasons the qualifying points can help you gain a few spots and are only available to the top 10 (I think) qualifiers. So protected riders list allow us to see the top guys put in a real run, rather than a safety run each time...
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 @noox: Neither crashes nor mechanicals are bad luck. A crash is a failure of the rider. A mechanical is a failure of the team. And even the top riders ride hard in quali; there are points on the line so it matters.
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 @Bobadeebob: Don't agree. But even if you see it always as someone's failure: Failures are much more common and human. But most failures have no or little consequences. Maybe riders mess up switching gears. But maybe only on every 50 bad gear change the chain actually breaks. Same with flat tires. You messed up, hit a rock hard, but maybe you have a flat only every 10th time doing this. One rider goes OTB, just misses a rock and looses 10 seconds. Another one hits the rock and ends up in hospital. It's about probability. Remember Myriam Nicole in Lourdes where her front wheel washed out but there was a tree so she could save it? Your front wheel washes out - you crash. Many times. But sometimes you are lucky.
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 Even Vali Holl isn't protected, but pretty confident that as soon as she nails that gap jump for the first time her gremlins will be behind her. Have faith in her and Greg captaining My Fantasy Team.
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 So pumped for all the (82Cool Pisgah National Forest riders, get it boys!
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 north cak!
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 WNC putting out some serious talent. Windrock truely is becoming the training ground for champions.
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 @BigballmcCall: I've only ridden there once (in January), but I have no doubt in my mind why such good riders come from there. Take the gnarliest track you've ever ridden, cover it in slick peanut butter mud, and then ride it in 35 F when your tires are hard as rocks. You learn quick. And you can do that all winter
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 Did anyone else go straight to the Junior Men and look for Jackson Goldstone?
Rooting for ya mate!
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 Is Jack Moir concentrating on EWS this year?
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 yes but his deal with canyon allows for him to race down hill. Kind of like Martin Maes but expect even more downhill.
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 I know his contract is EWS-focused, with some DH "dabbling". However I read in an interview that he said he'd be at Leogang... bit bummed to not see him on this list!
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 This list hasn't yet taken into account who I've picked for my fantasy team. Apologies in advance to the unlucky six.
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 Where is the Denim Destroyer (Johannes Von Klebelsberg)?
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 I don't see Cathro, thought he was riding this year
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 Couldn't get an entry for this round. Guessing not enough points and GB haven't given him a jersey.
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 Pushed back to 2022
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 So I'm still figuring this out. What earns a rider a Protected spot in the final and why are their start times all clumped together? Thanks!
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 Riders in the top 20 overall ranking are protected. top 10 for women. Protected riders for this first round are based on last years overall. It's basically so the overall isn't affected by a mechanical or something like that in qualifying. They're lumped together because they run the quallies for the top 60 riders in reverse order then all the rest after. Keeping the top riders lumped together time wise reduces the likelyhood that a drastic change in weather will affect the qualifying times and thus points.
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 No Adam Brayton, who else will qualify well then destroy themselves / bike in finals now?
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 What time is the DH and XC finals? Anyone have a link to scheduling? Redbull TV is useless.
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 I had better luck on the redbull website. Redbull TV does seem hard to navigate.

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 If it doesn't Storm; Grice for the WIN!
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 I see down the bottom of the Men’s entrants a certain Mr Cedric Taillefer- son of Christian Taillefer?
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 Does anyone know the difference between the "N" and the "NCh" outfits?
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 N - riding for their national team (you can do that if you don't have enough points I believe but correct me if I am wrong)
NCh- National Champion

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 Will there be any timed training results??
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 Come on Alex Topkaroglou! I wish Phil does well too
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 So much talent I'm jonesing
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 1 second separating Greg, Loic and Loris; that alone is worth getting excited for.
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 Who is going to be streaming this live? Anyone know?
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 What time is the Quali stream live from?
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 This has hart all over it
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 I thought it had 2020 world champion written all over it

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