Team Videos: Leogang DH World Cup 2017

Jun 12, 2017 at 3:54
Jun 12, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
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MS Mondraker

Radon Factory DH Racing

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The best Coffee by Johannes Fischbach, GoPro analyzes with Manon Carpenter and the best haircut on the circuit by Faustin Figaret, and of course some crazy fast race action from the World Cup DH in Leogang. A behind the scenes video of the Radon Factory DH Racing Team, by Moritz Zimmermann.

Polygon UR Team

Another exciting weekend of world cup racing in Leogang Austria as we get 3 podiums and with a little bit more luck we could have done even more but we are so stoked to see Tracey Hannah 2nd just 0.6s off the win, her best career results on that track and she is consolidating her leads at the overall ranking and holding tight on that #1.

Team Dorval AM Nicolai

Propain Dirt Zelvy

Hardtail DH runs, carpark haircuts and much more. All the action from the 3rd Round of the World Cup in Leogang.

Canyon Factory Racing

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Third World Cup for the Canyon Factory Team, in Leogang, Austria. Troy Brosnan sits on the podium, in fourth place. Mark Wallace takes the 27th place. Next stop for the team… Crankworx Les Gets!

GT Factory Racing

After a bit of a battle in Fort William last week, the team’s luck has turned. The boys were amped for the fast conditions, loose corners and high-speed jumps of the Leogang Bike Park. After a mechanical Brook had to eject from his bike crashing down a 15ft drop only to put in a solid qualification run the same day. All the boys made it comfortably into the finals and things are looking up again for the GT Factory Racing downhill team.

Norco Factory Racing

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Sam was having a real fun time, hitting out laps after lap and looking real strong. The root section had most riders confused and with damp spells overnight conditions in this section kept changing. Finishing strong in qualification Sam was eager to put down a good run, where we saw old Sam form, pedalling in the air and fast, loose riding. When it came down to finals he just felt he could not push that extra bit and with times being so tight he finished out 44th. Joe, still recovering from his shoulder injury claimed the track was tame but seemed to be taking out quite a few other riders. With the bike set up for a more smooth, fast track than the prior two rounds, he was looking good, styling through the motorway all practice. In the woods, he was getting lines dialled and in the finals was less than 0.6 seconds off Sam, just scraping inside the top 50.

Henry is learning, with no crashes this weekend we were glad to see him on his feet and smiling. The Canadians unique style over the jumps made for good watching and he wasn't hanging around in the woods either. Like many though, he struggled to hack the pace on such a flat out, tight for time track, missing the final show

YT Mob

After qualifying fastest yesterday on the super quick Leogang track, Aaron Gwin laid down a brilliant final run here today to take his first World Cup win of the season, and his 3rd for The YT Mob. Scoring the maximum 250 points from this weekend sees Aaron move all the way up to 2nd place in the overall series, just 38 points behind current leader Greg Minnaar.

MENTIONS: @The-YT-Mob / @norcobicycles / @tgphotography / @Canyon-PureCycling

Must Read This Week


  • + 63
 I like how Minnaar was pouring the rest of the champagne on Kerr.
  • + 41
 so good. one of my favorite things about the GOAT is it seems like he's genuinely stoked for all the younger guys when they get a good result, not just the dudes on his team
  • + 42
 YT with another great edit.
Favorite AG quote -
"everyone is running semi slicks, we're full nob and out rolling them all"
  • + 20
 lets see............. rad vids, no chessy over celebrations in the finish corral, racing on 27.5 wheels, not talkin about religion as much as he used to, respectful to the racecraft, speaks his mind.................... yep, i'm now an aaron gwin fanboy. go get em. kick the syndicate's ass all year long!
  • + 1
 @stacykohut: Ive got loads of respect for you Stacy. But Minnaar is due for another overall series win. Cheers
  • + 0
 @lumpys: okay man, lets bench race away..........

i say gwin finishes ahead of minnaar in the overall series.

shall we bet?

what shall we bet?

minnaar is due for a finals run rear flat on those wagon wheels, just to equal gwin's less than usual finish in lourdes.
  • + 3
 @stacykohut: I think gWinner has the overall.
  • + 2
 @lumpys: okay.........

i'll put up a brand new pair of tld gloves, which i will send to you, and if ya come to whistler, a day lift ticket for the bike park.

whadaya say?

what will you put up for a bet?

come on lumpy, lets do this.
  • + 0
 @stacykohut: Ha ha, tempting but no dice for this guy.
  • + 2
 @lumpys: come on lumpys, do it!
  • + 41
 Gwin reckons he had another 3 seconds in him?!

What. A. Beast.
  • + 5
 And probably conservative with that estimate
  • + 0
 @ibishreddin: Lets not labour the point!
  • + 1
 @Scotj009: how many people could say that though?
  • + 26
 What great sportsmanship. Every rider seems to genuinely like everyone else and is happy for everyone else's performance (as well as concern for injured riders). Seems like other sports could take some pointers from this little sport of DH MTB.
  • + 4
 yap every world cup i think the same thing, thats all most the only sport that the races respect and happy for each other results, it's exact opposite in MX, BMX, rode, basketball....i realized why i never followed any other sports but DH, i guess thats the real reason. best WC race for this season so far, super stoked for aaron
  • + 4
 @icespec: I think the main reasons for this is that when you race MTB (XC, Enduro, DH) usually the best rider on the day gets the result. Of course there was the weather at Lourdes, but usually a riders results is all down to what they do on track and not down to tactics or officials judgement. So if they are beaten you can accept that you were beaten by the better rider. That's why I think there is the sportsmanship between the riders.
  • + 28
 And here we are still waiting on the Syndicate's Fort William video...
  • + 3
 Rumour has it they're making 32inch wheels as we speak!
  • + 29
 The Syndicate made it clear that they're not going to bang out a video shortly after every event, but rather make longer edits that are not only focused on the relevant race, but on everything that goes on around The Syndicate.
  • + 0
 @mikelee: perfect. too funny.
  • + 3
 Santacruz has been bought a couple of years ago... budget cuts are starting now....
  • + 3
 @Odinson: The Syndicate episode of Lourdes just started with them testing the 29ers. They could have just edited that before the race weekend. And the episodes aren't that long.
  • + 3
 @leopaul: YT captures all of that and doesn't need a month to capture all that goes on.
  • + 1
 @Boardlife69: I know. I wasn't defending Santa Cruz. I was pointing out to @Odinson that his argument wasn't really thought through
  • + 12
 Blenki has been off the pace for quite some time now. Still one of the most stylish riders out there, but something doesn't seem to be clicking. I'm really hoping he can go back to his glory days soon
  • + 10
 Actually in Fort William he qualified 6th so it can't be that bad!
  • - 5
flag mollow (Jun 12, 2017 at 9:15) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah the whole Norco factory team is off pace and has always been... Not helping their brand image at all
  • + 3
Ye, i was about to say the same. Dude seems to be enjoying himself on the track and he definitely is showing some glimpses of his old speed. It just hasn´t clicked in finals yet.
  • + 1
 his window of opp to be in the top 5 has come and gone long ago. it might never happen. kinda sad really.
  • + 11
 Gwin had 3 more seconds in him!! The 9er boys are gonna need bigger wheels! Gwin is a monster and won't be long b4 he takes the lead in wc wins.
  • + 8
 YT videos are much better this year with Gwin and Neko. Better dynamic between the two.
  • + 7
 Gwin seems like such a chill guy, especially for someone of that racing caliber.
  • + 8
 Just my opinion, don't complain how smooth the track is and come in 44th.
  • + 6
 Gwin is the same height, being on the top step as Minnaar is standing on the 3rd step... thats funny right there
  • + 6
 I am stoked to see Neko learn from the Jedi master Gwin.
  • + 18
 Go faster you must
  • + 3
 Hey guys !
Here's the team Dorval AM Nicolai video in Leogang :
Hope you'll like it !
Cheers !
  • + 4
 How does a team let their rider who was KOed go back up for qualifying run?
  • + 2
 The UCI really needs some stricter concussion protocol. Brain injuries are no joke
  • + 2
 I'd like to see a South East USA WC race at a venue like Windrock bike park in TN. Show everyone how to shred gnars and scrap bars on trees Smile
  • + 0
 Its interesting about the "FOMO" mentality of the riders. Alex Foyoille won using a lockout many riders have them. 29ers place high at Fort mechanics are cramming 29er wheels into frames. God forbid a rider in skin tight motopants and a size xxs jersey wins and every rider will look like they are wearing skinsuits againWink
  • - 2
 i hope ur prediction with skin-suits will remain as a joke, that would be stepping 10 steps backwards in the progression of the sport
  • + 6
 Skin suits are banned!
  • - 1
 @icespec: if times for the first 5 spots come down to 0.1 or similar we might actually see them back and no more helmet lids xD
  • + 1
 @Braddlie: tell that to the canyon team!
  • + 3
 The real story here is Minnaar is TALL. Just look at that podium!
  • + 2
 So is Gwin running Onza now? Just curious.
  • - 1
 since he got to YT!
  • + 3
 And on his own signature tires.
  • + 1
 yup, they look like pretty sick tires too.
  • + 0

Yeah I love minions too
  • + 2
 Yea. Its a minionish tire. I think he's still on shortys when he needs wet tires though.
  • + 2
 FairPlay the YT edits are always sick!!!
  • + 1
 Why do Giant not have videos after World Cup Races? Seems quite strange as they are one of the biggest bike companies
  • + 2
 I feel like these conditions were similar to Gwin's home trails.
  • + 1
 Seems like most of the good times are owned by Propain Dirt Zelvy. Very entertaining, fun to watch, let the good times roll
  • + 1
 Why ins the girl in the Nicolai Team riding a demo?
  • + 2
 She's got a contract with a shop in France with specialized bikes .
  • + 1
 Gwinnter is here.
  • + 1
 Song in the canyon edit?

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