Video: Gnarly GoPro Lines in the Wet with Remy Metailler

Dec 24, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

A few super fun lines even more challenging in the wet!

I ride those lines very often, but I normally don't when the conditions are not ideal. In order to keep progressing, I wanted to push myself and take the bike for a spin on theses lines even when the ground is slippery.

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Thanks to the builders!

Little ride in the woods of Squamish


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 Ordinary person at 1:04: *dies*
Rémy Métailler at 1:04: first sketchy looking ride out in 10 years but whatever
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 Has Metailler ever crashed?
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 @tacklingdummy: Demi gods don't crash man. They are above the rules of physics
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 @tacklingdummy: At least once Smile
It was a during an urban DH and he posted the POV and then did a follow-up analysis of what happened.
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 @Tandaman: *remy gods
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 @tacklingdummy: yeah he showcases it at one urban DH .

It’s cool that he shows it he didn’t cut it
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 No ordinary rider hits that line at 1:04. There's a reason they call it the Remy line.
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 @dolface: Was he wearing a full face? The dude never wears a full face on the insane BC stuff.
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 @tacklingdummy: IIRC he was (and does for all races) but @remymetailler drops in here from time to to so maybe he'll answer!
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 I guess the last one trail was sanctioned by IMBA, loved that drainage work.
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 I do lines like that all the time. Before I open my eyes in the morning.
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 Doing lines like that first thing in the morning will open your eyes too.
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 Was that last line a trail? Or was that just Remy doing Remy things?
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 Bottom of Labour of Love
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 When Remy is progressing himself, he is actually progressing what is possible on a mountainbike.
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 I do crazier lines but they’re on a little square mirror
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 Saca la bolsita!
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 Such amazing bike control, love watching this dude he's like a mix of Hans Rey and Wade Simmons.
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 words fail me, apart from thanks for this and the amazing clips this year, incredible.
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 it is really crazy stuff...the bike control is on an insane level!
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 Even with the "GoPro effect", those lines still look scary.
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 Good job I'm crap at mountain biking - that's an awful lot of climbing for 10secs of descent! Ha ha! Nice riding Remy!
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 that drop in the picture is so chunk... wow
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 You’ve been spending too much time on the trials moto, if you think that creek was a line.
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 hey @remymetailler, i have a suggestion for your camera setup. Please use higher iso, stabilization is very bad in your settings.
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 the very end this is why I don't run water bottles on my bike. lol. I have probably single handedly left 40 water bottles in the woods and gone thirsty. fuck that.
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 I had a bottle lid unscrew itself during an XC race once hahaha Still trying to figure that one out
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 Ti King Cage. Haven't lost one since.
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 I slid out of my seat just watching that! Jedi-Ninja bike control Remy has....
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 Ahhh... that's what they mean when they say flow like water. Got it.
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 Pretty much all of those lines are "Remy lines". Why? No one else would live to tell the tale. Those drops are insane
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 This guy is one of the immortals. Most riders couldn’t even look at those lines and say “I could ride that” let alone find an even harder way down it.
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 I wish he had included someone filming him on the creek line- the squealing of the brakes tells you it was hairy AF.
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 @remymetailler the craziest part of this, it is the last line in the creek, because how much you hate getting wet, hahaha.
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 "down by the river....dadadadada"

Trop fort!
Joyeux Noël!
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 What is it beyond "gnarly" please?
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 Beyond gnarly is Remy obviously.
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 While clipped in.......
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 Every time I watch a Remy video I think.... NFW! Awesome.
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 Gnarly lines! But gnarlier would be his hands if he crashed.
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 And silent brakes? He is a wizard.
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 What forks are they?
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 I believe a custom DVO fork, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
Unbelievable rider!!!
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 I'm pretty sure that's DVO Onyx SC he is using there
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 Are these is Squamish ?
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