Video: Racing DH World Cups with a Broken Wrist? | Pinkbike Racing

Nov 9, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Coming into the season injured was always going to mean Jackson's last year before the elite category was going to be tough. Harsh conditions, injuries, and crashes are all part of mountain biking but can Jackson show what he can do before the end of the season? Or is he going to run out of time before he gets up to speed?

Photo by Jack Tennyson

Photo by Jack Tennyson

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 Loved that. Again. Brillient production, easily the best content on Pinkbike, yes I see you there, Pinkbike Academy. Jackson's got so much heart, really felt for him not getting to make the most of what was a massive opportunity this season. Really hope he gets another shot next year - hate to be making that call.
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 Agree, easily the best stuff on pinkbike, love it.
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 PB Academy is a joke. Put all the resources in racing, EWS maybe!
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 I would say some of the best mountain bike content out there. That last POV scene was great.
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 Absolutely agree on the quality of the content and production. The music is also perfectly chosen. Well done! I can't even imagine how challenging it must be to have that level of expectation on a rider, at that age and experience after these setbacks.
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 Brilliantly filmed as always, but this made me uncomfortable. Jackson’s wrist clearly wasn’t up to it and he looked like he could be out of the front door on so many occasions.

We’ve seen so many concussions and TBIs this year, it feels wrong to be allowing people to race in a state where their bodies clearly aren’t up to it, especially juniors, but really all levels. It’s a workplace, the governing body and teams have a duty of care.

Cathro seems like a great guy, I can’t imagine this sits easy with him, it must be really hard trying to balance keeping the team safe versus letting people have the chance to succeed.

I completely get that the window for shining in juniors and seniors is so short that every race feels critical, but the sport really needs something to alleviate that or else more awful injuries seem inevitable.
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 I agree in most parts with you. If from a medical (mechanical) stand point nothing speaks against riding with the wrist, it's up to the rider and if the rider whishes it, to the team principal, physio etc.
Another thing are concussions. There, i would see a solution with e.g. before the first world cup, every body goes to a WC-doctor that joins for the season. They do a baseline concussion test and if someone hits their head, they have to go by this doctor and get tested and cleared before they get to ride again.
It's the only way i can see consistency in testing as well as the only proper way to enforce consistent rules regarding brain injuries.
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 Broken wrists are a funny one, I was told I would be fine to race in reality 5 weeks post fracture this year but the consultant (distal radius fracture), but 6 weeks post fracture the fracture still ached, due to other circumstances I was unable to attend the last nationals at week 6 post fracture but I would have been fine to race, went to fort William the following weekend and was fine doing a GoPro lap on lap 10 of the day, the lap hurt the wrist, but only that ache for a few days but I was still at kettlebells on the Monday.
Racers want to race and so many race with injuries and niggles at all levels.
Maybe teams need to do more but I think in many sports people participate with injuries. Racers are a different breed to Netflix sofa surfers.
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 Mobius X8 is the BEST wrist brace. Still ride with mine from the broken scaphoid. If you have wrist problems, get one. Worth every dollar. Jackson is an absolute beast racing after that, hope he gets another shot next year.
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 been like 12 weeks now since I fractured mine and had surgery. Still off the bike and don't see me getting back on soon Frown Still a lot of pain and limited rom, by far the worst injury I've ever had. Cant imagine racing DH at that level as soon as he did. Been eyeing up the mobius x8 when the time comes but its pricey. Haven't read a single bad review though and from a lot of people with very similar experiences/injuries so hope it helps.
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 @yoimaninja: not to try top your story but hopefully this makes you feel better.

I shattered my wrist (that already has been shattered and has plates in it) and couldn't ride for 12 months. Was sooo hard to be off the bike that long. And then at the 10 month mark I put the same arm into a machine at work and shattered the forearm into 5 pieces, huge new titanium plate the whole length of my forearm now plus the other plates from before. That was 3 months ago so probably another 9 off the bike for me.

Oh and I had just built my dream guerilla gravity frame and had 4 rides before all these. That thing is still brand new and waiting for me. But man, i know the biking will come so its allgood. We hopefully have a whole lifetime on the bike bro, a year or 2 off is ok. Gotta focus on getting healthy now and it'll be so worth the shred eventually!!

Also I did buy the X8 for when I ride again. It feels amazing!
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 @David8048: Jesus dude that's gnarly! Hope u heal up alright. Ya really sucks being off the bike that long but your right gotta be patient and just let the body do its thing. My biggest fear is re-injuring it and making it worse or loosing long term mobility.
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 I must admit that every time I see this bearded mechanic I've got the feeling 'everything will be fine'. Dk, just so calm, wise, warm and funny vibe. I know that when he' around the racers they are in good hands and get a lot of mental support, not only specific psi in tires and suspension. Love this guy
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 Well done PinkBike race team. Well put up video! Good to see the reality and that it's not always easy and fun to race in some situations. Love the detail in the video where you see each race coming like a compass Good to finally see the Giant Cathro in person at MSA WC! As cool in person then he is on video
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 Hey Jackson, tough season for sure, you gave it everything you got. Keep on doing your thing and just focus on the process.....we dont get to control the results, but theyll come for you. Cheers!
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 Great episode once again!
One question i have though: why did you change the way you make the youtube thumbnails? With the design before, i knew exactly by quickly scrolling through my youtube main page. Now it just looks like any random PB-video...
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 I’d love to see what Jackson could do next year, injury free. He gets my vote for a ride next year. Good luck dude.
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 Another banger, great job team
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 Had to unleash the smart band so my heartbeat would not call ER. Went out of tissues seconds after pushing play
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 You are lying as we all know the video autoplayed!
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 @pink505: i've followed the tips for browser add ons
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 This was even painful to watch. All the best to Jackson next season
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 The thought of riding those tracks with a broken risk is making my eyes water! =(
Awesome vid as always thought!
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 Love everyone on the team. Best of luck Jackson. Hope you get a clear run at it soon!
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 Not impressed...I can still FAP with a broken wrist.
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 Any Fredo can do that. God granted you two hands.
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 Best one yet ppl
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 So much drama. OMG, moodiest as November rain.
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