Video: The Craziest Tricks, Gnarliest Crashes & Best Moments from Audi Nines 2020

Sep 24, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe Final Edit From Audi Nines 2020.

You’ve seen this year’s highlight tricks and lines. Now get ready for a deeper dive into the life and times of the Audi Nines 2020 presented by Falken. From epic slams to more lighthearted behind-the-scenes moments, this is a guided tour into the crucible of creativity that defines the Audi Nines.
Audi Nines

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 Just watched it and now need a sleep as the editing was just all over the place and I couldn't keep up. Too many close ups in to slow mo. It's like editors is trying to copy a Peter McKinnon B-roll edit but doing it on speed. Remember how epic the editing was on follow me... keep it simple and pick an epic sound track.
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 Cuts are too quick. I can barely watch this. Similar to the last Semenuk vid. Not a fan of the rapid fire, action-film approach.
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 With all the amazing riders and jumps, ton of footage and the worst editing EVER. Pretty disappointed
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 I made it about 2.5 minutes in. I can't remember ever seeing such a disparity between amazing riding and truly awful filming/editing/music/production.

I now because of that I will never buy an Audi. Or Falken tires.
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 From all the footage that was great, badly edited into this?
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 Cuts are quick, I feel like I'm crashing brown/blue/brown/blue. Too early for the fast refocus needed or I just need more coffee. Other than that, the athletes are just sick!
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 Funny how some people think only competition achieves the best results and moves us... Audi nines?
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 So the immortals do bleed!!
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 I Can Barely Describe the Feeling Super SICK SICK SICK !!! the Editing is Good See it at Least 3 times! Massive Tricks, It is Phenomenal the Human Spirit When Converge in One Place With the MASTER of Universe of Mount Biking Tricksters ...
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 Nobody hit the UFO wallride thingie!?
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 Brendog did it one handed holding a go pro on his E bike in one of his vlog style videos.
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 @Patrick9-32: I guess that´s a world´s first too.
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 yup its true. adolf silva is not human
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 I enjoyed it, no complaints about the editing. :-)
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 Agree. The editing totally detracts from the amazing riding!
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 i dont now, this event appears a bit sterile to me, despite all the wild jumps and tricks. Prefer the fest series events.
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 This is SO RAD! More of this please PB?!
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 No Joyride this year, Audi Nines: Hold my beer
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 Can we just watch an edit without someone getting hurt balls #monkeybizz
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 Looks like Mountainbike-GTA
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 Loved it. Cheers boys!
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