WTB Koda Saddle - Review

Dec 13, 2017
by Mike Kazimer  
WTB Koda Review

WTB created their new Koda saddle with female riders in mind, but as the development process went on they found out that many of their male test riders were fans as well, and the 'women's specific' label was dropped for the less-exclusive 'female-focused' designation. In other words, it's a saddle designed for humans who plan on doing everything from trail riding to enduro racing.

Available in 142mm and 152mm widths, the Koda has a fairly short, slightly downturned nose, and a generous depression in the rear center portion to help take the pressure off those sensitive bits. Along with that central depression, there's a cutaway in the base of the saddle to allow for even more compliance, a feature WTB refers to as the 'Comfort Zone.'

WTB Koda Team Details
• Intended use: XC / trail / all-mountain
• Titanium rails
• Microfiber cover / flex-tuned shell
• Dimensions: 142mm x 265mm (150mm option available)
• Weight: 208 grams
• MSRP: $129.95 USD

I tested the 142mm Koda Team model, which has titanium rails, weighs 208 grams, and is priced at $129.95 USD. There are three additional options in the line, with prices starting at $39.95 for the steel-railed Koda Comp.

WTB Koda Review
WTB Koda Review
The depression in the center and a cutout in the base of the saddle are intended to alleviate any unwanted pressure.


This past summer I kept ending up with bruises on the inside of my thighs from smacking into the hard plastic sides of my saddle while riding rough downhill trails. I'm not sure the exact reason – maybe I was riding more sloppily than usual, or maybe I'm not as bowlegged as I used to be. In any case, that's how I originally ended up deciding to give the Koda a try, since the rounded, slightly stubby shape seemed like it'd be a more comfortable option, at least while descending.

It turns out my hunch was correct, and as a result my legs have stayed relatively free of strange purple and yellow shapes for the three months I've been on the Koda. The saddle doesn't have any unnecessarily hard outer portions, and the nose profile helps keep it from getting hung up on shorts or pants.

Of course, where a saddle really matters is while pedaling, specifically on long climbs, and the Koda didn't give me any reasons to complain in that department. Long rides, short rides, with or without a chamois, in all instances the Koda worked like a saddle should – without causing any chafing, numbness, or any other type of unpleasant issues.

WTB Koda Review
The shape of the Koda (center) compared to a Specialized Phenom and a Fabric Scoop.
WTB Koda Review
The overall profile of the Koda is fairly flat, especially towards the nose.

The only potential downside to the reduced nose profile is that on longer, really steep climbs there's not quite as much room for sliding forward in search of the perfect position. I didn't have any trouble adapting to the shorter length, but it's something to consider for riders accustomed to more traditionally shaped saddles.

Saddle choice is a matter of personal preference, but if I had to choose I'd pick the Koda over WTB's Volt. The Volt has never really been my favorite, in part due to the slightly raised hunch just before the nose. The Koda's flatter profile was much more comfortable, comfort that seemed less dependent on getting the seat angle exactly right.

Pinkbike's Take
bigquotesThe Koda is a great addition to WTB's lineup – it's light, comfortable, and should work well for a wide range of riders and riding styles. Mike Kazimer


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 Saddle up, boys. We've got a lot of puns coming.
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 I feeling a wide level of depression, have no puns too offer. Sorry to take this off the rails. I'll sit down now..
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 @JesseE: koda be worse
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flag enduro29jeff (Dec 13, 2017 at 8:58) (Below Threshold)
 Female-focused without being women's-specific, hummm, that may reveal a large bunch of pussies male riders, ahahahhahahahaaaaa.... Oh gonna take the piss of few mates with that one.
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flag goytay (Dec 13, 2017 at 9:34) (Below Threshold)
 142, 152, what no BOOST!! how can enduro with this??
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 WTB taint what it used to be.
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flag vinay (Dec 13, 2017 at 10:18) (Below Threshold)
 Hi @JesseE, thanks for sharing that.

Clap clap...
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 These puns need to take a seat!
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 @vinay: It's a saddle that can be shared by a man and a woman! It's a VD pun! You're a fecking genius!
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 My "sensitive bits" will probably appreciate this saddle, as they are also female focused.
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 Was the alternate working name the WTB Choda?
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 Anyone crack a rim?
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 $40 for the chromo is worth a try. I get the sleepy peepee with my current saddle.
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 Knuckle pocket
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 Needs 148mm width to be relevant.
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 flannel toe
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 I used to swear by WTB saddles, but in the last few years they have really gone down hill (no pun intended). They just deteriorate way too quickly, on both my mountain bike and commuter. And the microfiber cover just isn't as comfortable as the leather that they used to offer.
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 Got 8 words in-straight to the comments.
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 My 'new version' - aka plastic looking - WTB Pure Pro broke down horribly in less than 12 months, whereas my well made leather WTB Pure still looks and feels great after 6yrs.... I went with an Ergon while WTB is in their plastic phase.
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 So you guys don't have any women on staff that could test this?
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 Finally a saddle that will please both vagina and penis.
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 Not to put too fine a point on it
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 Looks like it will probably work.
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 Please make an updated Azonic Love seat .
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 Wish they would bring the DEVO back
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 hell yeah, DEVO were great!
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 FYI the Deva is the Devo with 4mm more padding.
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 Still riding a Devo, 8 years. This looks like a devo
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 Puns aside, I recently got one and it's pretty awesome. Coming from Spec Henge it is way more comfortable and doesn't torture your inner thighs.
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 I lasted two rides with the henge before I moved on. Didn’t work for my body.
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 Wonder what Cannondale has to say about that name?
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 I think they'll say
"Wow, they really are Bad Boy's for naming it that. What a bunch of Hooligans. We'll have to hire a Killer V to Slice a Scalpel on the Lefty of their throats, and when we've done that the Slate will be clean."
But that is just a guess.
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 Looks like a Session
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 Who needs a seat? Just stand up the entire time lol
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 True, sitting down isn't mountain biking
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 that looks more like a specialized phenom saddle, not the henge
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 Definitely a Phenom.
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 Always liked my Ti V-rocket and this looks very similar.
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 Too wide
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 Trans gender saddle.... the jenner
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 Looks like a Rocket V
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 This was a saddle review
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 'female-focused' Scroll to reviewer signature Is male Stopped reading
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 Moose knuckle
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