Photo: Christoph Laue
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Photo: Christoph Laue


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 I hope he doesn't have avid elixirs
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 Or formula r1 brakes.
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 @Rider656: i thought all Formula haters have been silenced by Formula lovers who above all like them for modulation. When they piss on your foot and tell you it's raining you may as well believe them, because positive thinking makes you happy. Remember Shimano is best and Sram brakes are the worst. These are the standards we set ourselves here on Pinkbike, when we are talking about brakes.
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 @Rider656: Or hayes Sole
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 Yeah could be completely flat for all we know
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 He's going uphill actually
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 Not tilted, at least not much. As a skier and one who searches for snow even when the dirt is good I say not tilted. That snow is old and frozen into a final remaining pocket on a north aspect. If it were not steep, then the sun would come over the ridge and melt it. Steep as hell. If he hits is brakes he is done. I assume there is a nice smooth transition in the not too distant run out. Kinda like speed skiing, but on a bike.
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 I wasn't there but unless i see proof that it was that steep i wont believe it. thats not what hills that steep look like, if it was that steep the rock loose would just fall down it. this is every bad as putting a bannana in your pants or stuffing a bra!
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 If this picture isn't rotated then that's pretty crazy
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 its rotated for sure. My tires slide out at less than 45 degrees on cement. You can also see the photo is desaturated so we already know it's edited. I do alot of hiking, and stuff far less steep than that you have to crabwalk down, or you will just keep picking up speed and die.
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 @Sayshell: hiker and amateurish photo guy here; I also support the opinion that this is tilted, by a good amount too.
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 @Sayshell Every photo that makes POD is likely "edited" so that really doesn't mean anything, i'm personally betting the foreground is about level, still steep but not nearly what this looks with the tilt. Sort of a photo gimmick in my opinion.
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 @Sayshell: check 0:40min
wouldn't say its the steepest ever but pretty full on
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 Here is an overview from this location.
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 @befablogsen: So was it rotated? It still looks rotated. The front view looks like around 35 degrees, where as the side view closer to 50. You are crazy f*cking good though, so I wouldn't be surprised if you just bombed the whole thing lol. I thought it was alot longer than that.
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 Looks steep as hell! Even if not tilted, it's possible to ride scree slopes that steep.. I do it! However, he looks to be riding pretty far forward for that kind of steepness... most riders would likely be right on their back wheel.

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