Patricia Druwen Earns Red Bull Helmet

Jul 29, 2023 at 12:26
by Alicia Leggett  

16-year-old German freeride phenom Patricia Druwen has earned her Red Bull helmet at Crankworx this week.

The up-and-coming rider took the win at last year's FMB World Tour, and the list of events she's won is too long to make sense to list, except that she also won the last big freeride event at Big White right before coming to Crankworx.

bigquotesNo words!! Thank you Erik Fedko for surprising me with my new Red Bull helmetPatricia Druwen

Erik Fedko presented the helmet to her at a dirt jump jam Friday night. We're excited to see what she does next in that stylish new lid, because we know it will be good..



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 I had never hear of her before yesterday, but there is def a vid of her doing a backflip triple bar on her IG. And she’s 16. Talk about progression.
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 Ahhh yes…. The red helmet.
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 I love seeing these posts for a couple reasons. 1) because a rider just picked up a dream sponsorship and 2) it’s sure to bring our all the Redbull haters with their ‘poison’ comments.
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 Totally agree. Why can't people drop their sanctimonious ideas and be happy for a young rider who has insane talent and has earned a sponsorship.
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 not knowing the ins and outs of it all contractually, how does it work? Surely the incumbent needs to approach redbull or be in talks with them? You can't just have sponsorship thrust upon you without knowing the contract terms.

/boomer out
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 "Redbull sponsors Patricia Druwen"
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 I understand they have initial talks to see if the athlete is interested (I don’t think it goes as far as signing a contract) and then at somepoint (unknown to the athlete) they get given a helmet to surprise them which I assume is then followed up with a contract in the next few days
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 @Joebohobo: no it’s all pre arranged and contracts are signed. The athlete’s helmet sponsors then agree with the athlete and rb the design and they are sent for painting. This is just their way of announcing the deal
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 Drink Water
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 I don’t see many Dasani helmets out there.
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flag gearbo-x (Jul 29, 2023 at 14:32) (Below Threshold)
 @generictrailrider: well even those "mineral bottled water" are not all that clean lol. Do a PH test and theyre not much better than tap water. My point is any energy drinks are pure commercial, even their own athletes don't drink 'em.
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 @gearbo-x: Redbull is a media company that sells energy drinks on the side.
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 @yoimaninja: it’s actually the complete opposite. Almost all of Redbulls revenue comes from selling drinks. All that media makes relatively little money and simply serves as in house advertising for the drinks.
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 @gearbo-x: I remember that anecdote of “most redbull athletes don’t even drink it” being huge when I was younger but it’s straight up not true lol. Saw shit tons of redbull in the pits at the Burke EWS last year. A hit of caffeine, sugar and B vitamins definitely makes a difference on occasion if you’re trying to stay sharp. Not vouching for redbull but it’s definitely not true that the athletes don’t drink it
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 @gearbo-x: my point is athletes earning and accepting energy drink sponsorships is nothing new and bottled water companies don’t do this.
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flag billreilly (Jul 29, 2023 at 19:32) (Below Threshold)
 @TannerValhouli: RedBull supplies the athletes with RedBull cans filled with water... They drink them in public so that everybody thinks they're drinking RedBull but it's just good old H20... No serious athlete would drink RedBull.
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 @billreilly: literally any source?
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 @car-ramrod: Monster Energy did it with performers while sponsoring the Warp Tour. It's just for advertising the product. Redbull probably has done something similar.
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 @TannerValhouli: you sound like you work for them lol
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 @forehead: But unlike Monster, Red Bull is actually drinkable. .
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 @generictrailrider: Dasani isn't even water!! It has an ingredient list on the bottle!!!!
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 @chriskneeland: yeah, I drank a monster kaos once and ended up throwing up a bunch of bile. Never again
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 @billreilly: can confirm they do not supply athletes with cans filled with water. Very serious athletes drink redbull
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 @gearbo-x: FAKE NEWS! Sam Pilgrim slurps a little Monster at least every couple of weeks, I've seen the video proof! Based on his expression he feels about the same about it as I do drinking scotch. Probaby about the same impact on hydration too.
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 @therealnobody: The Coke plant near Calgary, AB that makes Dasani is the largest single customer of city water LOL. THey just run it through their process and generate a whole lot of plastic waste to redistribute expensive municipal water.
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 The athletes do drink water. They have special athlete cans which are just water so they can ahead to be drinking the stuff
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 @TannerValhouli: the athlete cans only contain water
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 @plyawn: not sure who downvoted us, but I upvoted you! Lol
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 @beneyh: Bullshit!
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 @chrismac70: aight give me a source for that then… no one seems to have one
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 @TannerValhouli: I don’t have a source to say that Redbull fills cans with water but I know first hand that Monster does it. I find it difficult to believe that Redbull isn’t doing it to.

That is not to say that Redbull athletes don’t or would never actually drink Redbull. I’m sure many do drink it as there are benefits to it as you pointed out. But there are likely some instances where they might be on camera but not want to actually have the real thing at the time.
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 Huge congrats to Patricia. Bummer people gotta ruin a positive post with their own ideology. Be happy for a talented 16 year old girl pushing the limits FFS
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 Go ask Pauline Ferrand-Prevot why she's not wearing a RedBull helmet anymore... She said she doesn't want to advertise that crap anymore, she'd rather be a good role model for the younger crowd... Respect!
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 Watch out checo, she might have a shot at the RB19
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Lewis earns an OnlyFans helmet? What’s the difference?
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 it's debatable if you want to drink RB or Monster, but very few people want to drink OnlyFans - that's the difference
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 I dont hate Redbull, I do hate the awful helmet designs we are left with, time to bring back the 80's 90's 00's bling helmets...
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 Congrats Patricia! Keep ripping!
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 Gymnast turned mountain biker, cool!
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 Are you friends with Patrica...yea i didn't think so
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