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dinero RichardCunningham's article
May 26, 2017 at 21:27
May 26, 2017
Magura MT Trail Brakes – Review
@Jhou: @alexdi: Like Jhou, they worked great out of the box, but when I shortened the line they would always leak air into the system. In the quest for light weight they somehow used the handlebar clamp bolts to seal the master cylinder. The explanation was somewhat cryptic as my explanation was through a shop employee and not directly from Magura. I bled them at least 4 times, good for half a ride. The shop I bought them from bled them at least 10 times, using multiple bleed kits, both universal and two different Magura kits, before fighting with Magura to get a RA#. Worth noting this was from a shop manager, so I can't say who is to blame for the excessive turn around. When I got them back they worked great, but I was afraid to look at them wrong, lest them send me off a mountain. Keep in mind this is the first generation MT8, I believe they are on the 3rd gen design of them now. Compared the Magura Martas, which I still have on one of my bikes and love (again, one bleed in 8 years on those things!), I was beyond disappointed and won't risk the time and money on an admittedly top-tier product that is anything less than bulletproof.
dinero RichardCunningham's article
May 26, 2017 at 8:36
May 26, 2017
Magura MT Trail Brakes – Review
Hoping to get legend performance, like the Magura Marta's of yesteryear (I've only bled them once cutting the line, some 8 years ago). Getting in on the Magura MT8's was a huge mistake and waste of money. After a headache-mess of a time, terrible customer service, and months on back up brakes; I'll never own another Magura product again. I would advise anyone reading and considering a $600 brake purchase to instead buy 5 sets of Shimano SLX brakes. Take four of those sets, and throw them away, you won't need them. The SLX brakes will be the most reliable and last set of brakes you'll ever need lest your ego fall victim to marketing propaganda.
dinero Sweetly09's article
Jan 23, 2017 at 19:02
Jan 23, 2017
World’s First Women’s-Only Enduro Race Series Announced
There are so many races available (for both genders), it's laughable that anyone is even putting up a fight on this. I'm in WA state, and if I included XC and CX (I race both) events with Enduros there would be a race basically every weekend from March to December…. and that’s just WA state. This is a three race series... but its really just one race per state; WA, OR, CA. Let’s assume that anyone who takes contest to the women only races is mad that they can’t participate. We could infer that they would be willing to drive to any, or all of these events. For those that may fit into this category I’ve quickly made a race schedule for all West Coast races that occur within an 8-hour drive radius of the the Sturdy Dirty Enduro events. Included series are: BC Enduro Series, Cascadia Dirt Cup, California Enduro Series respectively. (I can’t find any 2017 info for Oregon Enduro Series but we can assume another 4-5 races added to this list) Apr 29 - Cascadia Dirt Cup Apr 30 - BC Enduro May 6 - CA Enduro May 7 - CAN Nat Enduro May 14 - BC Enduro May 20 - Cascadia Dirt Cup May 21 - BC Enduro May 27 - CA Enduro June 4 - BC Enduro —JUNE 17 — STURDY DIRTY June 17 - CA Enduro June 24 - Cascadia Dirt Cup July 1 - CA Enduro July 21 - CA Enduro July 22 - Cascadia Dirt Cup —AUG 19 — STURDY DIRTY Aug 26 - CA Enduro Aug 27 - CAN Nat Enduro Aug 27 - Cascadia Dirt Cup Sept 14 - CA Enduro Sept 16 - CAN Nat Enduro Sept 16 - Cascadia Dirt Cup Oct 7 - CA Enduro —OCT 14 — STUDRY DIRTY Yeah, 24 Enduros, three of them for women. If you tackle all 21 West Coast enduros, I will personally dress you up like a woman and get you into at least one of the Sturdy Dirty events. Shit, if you pull it off I’ll dress myself up like a woman, join you, and pay your race fee. You would have to be beastly machine of a human to hit all of these races; and certainly ignorant, at the very least, if you’d believe there to be a lack of racing anywhere on the West Coast. And that just the Enduro schedule, no XC or endurance XC. If you are that serious of a racer, you probably have the 5-6 races picked out for the season that you’re periodizing your training around them as you read this. That is, unless you’re considering a “race” a guided ride into the woods on unfamiliar trails. The biggest bike race in the world, Tour de France (sorry I’m also roadie), is a men’s only race. Sometimes they throw together a half-assed women’s Tour, which is why you’ve never seen it. You (me, we, guys) are not a marginalized class or victim in any respect within the cycling world. On the contrary, gentlemen, we run this shit. Maybe it’s time to be more inclusive in the world of cycling. Instead of arguing over the little lines drawn in sand. More butts on bikes, ANY BIKES, ultimately results in greater lobbying power for more trails, more parks, more access, AHEM..morebikelanes…AHEM… At least it’s not a “Women Against Bikes on trails” constituency. Or worse, “Women Who Ride Horses on MTN Bike Trails and Hate bikes” group. Guys, this is a WIN. But I digress. An anecdotal inclusion, I’ve attempted to get my fiancee to try out a race. Her “excuses”… I don’t want guys laughing at me if I crash, I don’t think I’m good enough to have everyone watching me, my ass might look fat in the shorts, I don’t want all the creepy old guys staring at me. Hmm… all valid points, and yes we do stare. Last season, I mentioned to her some of the growing popularity of women only bike events in WA state; her response, “That sounds like fun! We should go!”
dinero ollyforster's article
Jan 5, 2017 at 10:18
Jan 5, 2017
Stepping Out of the Pain With Gee Atherton
@EvoRidge: Man I'm glad to see someone else as crazy as me. I don't have medical insurance and tore my rotator cuff almost identically to Gee. It took a LONG time, and their were some set backs along the way, several months of basically no activity, and a year+ of no riding. But using a very similar plant based protocol that you mentioned (with the addition of pulsed electro magnetic frequency @9.6hz) I'm back riding without surgery or western based medicine. Let me know if you do write an article and consolidate your info, very interested! Plant power, brother.
dinero adamprice's article
Dec 7, 2016 at 20:09
Dec 7, 2016
Online Deals December 2016
Those Shimano winter shoes are one of the best investments I've ever made.
dinero mikelevy's article
Apr 2, 2016 at 12:10
Apr 2, 2016
March 2016: Good Month or Bad Month
I hate when stronger competition joins and pushes the limits and boundaries of a growing sport... a total downer bringing new talent into the sport which might bridge the gap between two disciplines--BMX freestyle and slopestyle............................. Who gives a shit about the fragile egos of the 4-5 riders who tend to dominate these competitions. Exciting riders performing at a new high level will only bring more exposure to cycling. New riders, on any level, in any discipline of cycling, is a win. Expanding our sport on any level is ALWAYS a win. Sorry you're not as good as you thought.
dinero canadaka's article
Mar 31, 2016 at 23:41
Mar 31, 2016
TrailTinder App now live.
HA... I wish... :(
dinero pinkbikeaudience's article
Feb 10, 2016 at 12:25
Feb 10, 2016
Mail Order Madness - Are Wiggle Buying Chain Reaction Cycles?
As a long time bike shop employee and mechanic, I feel a like I can share my experience. I HATE the mantra that LBS are some endangered species that is to be deified and worshipped at all costs. Too often the over-priced, low-quality work, that takes too long, and over priced parts just aren't worth the cost. Not to mention the opportunity cost of actually getting yourself to the shop and hoping to deal with a competent employee. Let's be honest, retail shops in just about all industries are nearly obsolete (see Internet business is faster, more convenient and cheaper than a brick and mortar shop almost every industry. And yes, I order from CRC because their parts are often cheaper than my local distributor and most times faster (and I'm on the west coast of the US!!). We don't go to a artisan shoe maker for our boots, or to a custom tailor for all our clothes. Retail is dead. You have to adapt to survive in any industry as they're constantly evolving. LBS need to focus on the non-tangible goods that create a positive experience... atmosphere, camaraderie, knowledgable-passionate employees, quick turn around on service, guided shop rides, skills clinics, repair clinics, custom bike build consultations, bike fits.... the kinds of things you can't buy on the internet or take too much time/work for the average customer to research. I also agree with a few others above, you have to appeal to the types of riders in your specific area; create a niche, but be flexible. We work on and sell all bikes at our shop. But we happen to be on a massive bike commuting corridor; so what do we stock and sell mostly? Racks, fenders, bags, tubes, tires, tune ups, shitty $500 commuter bikes. I went through five other shops before where I'm at for the same reason you all hate most LBS... slow service, clumsy employees, and mostly the prevailing idea that bike shops are some kind of charity case that deserves life support. And every I check out another shop, or give them a chance it reminds me why I hate most bike shops; I could have just done it faster and cheaper online. No you're not a bad person for ordering online, you're smart. No your LBS doesn't deserve your charity, they have to earn it. Maybe I rambled a bit there...
Added 5 photos to For-sale
Jan 24, 2016 at 17:05
Jan 24, 2016
Jan 24, 2016 at 17:03
Jan 24, 2016

Ibis Tranny Large 26" wheel Frame

$600 USD
For sale is: -Ibis Tranny Frame -- large size orange color -Seatpost collar -Cane Creek 110 Headset -- crown race, upper/lower bearing, top cone cover, spacers, polished silver color -Original frame box from Ibis This frame is been sitting for about two years since it's last ride. I kept thinking I was going to put it back to use, but I'm too old for a hardtail mountain bike. I'm rolling on wagon wheel, lay-z-boy full suspension now. Time for a new home. Beautiful orange color is what sold me on the bike. Secondly, the rear triangle is adjustable/removable, so the bike can be run geared or singlespeed. The rear triangle chainstays can actually be adjusted shorter or longer for picking up the chain slack on a single speed build. Similarly this makes for a kick ass travel bike that you can keep in two pieces! -Bike calls for a 1 1/8" steerer tube fork and includes a Cane Creek 110 headset. -Bike calls for a 31.6mm seatpost (no included), the seatpost collar is included. During a race a had a chainsuck incident which pulled up the glued on metal chainstay protector that is glued onto the frame. Please observe the pictures carefully as I've taken several of this area. Some cosmetic damage from the chain, some from the glue on the back of the metal protector. This USED frame shows signs of use and wear; some cable rubbing, nicks, rubbing etc from trail riding. Major blemishes have photos. Photos are to be used to provide a general indication of the overall condition. Please inquire with questions or additional photos. Thanks for you interest!

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