Video: Ben Cathro vs Sloppy Conditions - 2022 Snowshoe DH World Cup Course Preview [Update: Unblocked]

Jul 28, 2022 at 11:29
by Ed Spratt  

Ben Cathro, Thibault Laly, and Jackson Connelly head down a wet Snowshoe track.

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 Every time an article is posted and it is *Content Unavailable, I imagine Levy reclined at his desk with his flip flop feet up, Monster and donut in his hand, mindlessly staring at the screen. Suddenly he sees first comment "OMG CONTENT BLOCKED WTF PINKBIKE OMG THIS IS OUTSIDES FAULT I'M PISSED" and he spits out his Monster and drops the donut and starts frantically tapping on his keyboard as fast as he can to fix it.
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 He usually blames UFOs and wishes for a global EMP but otherwise pretty accurate.
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 I only break things tbh, Alicia and Sarah do the fixing Smile
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 You don't ride Snowshoe in the wet. Snowshoe in the wet rides you.
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 That got me wet.
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 it also picks your lines for you
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 Video Unavailable. Red Bull has blocked it. :-(
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 now that's some BullS*** right there
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 They’re giving a preview of what to expect from discovery next year. All content will be discovery.
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 C'mon, Outside! Just buy Red Bull already and let us watch Cathro's run
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 Annoying, but likely not Red Bull's fault. It says the blocked section is the "Watch on Red Bull" banner they ask all teams to use, so it's almost guaranteed that it's just a programmatic thing. Working on it!
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 Works fine for me…
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 @brianpark: It probably is their fault at the root of it - their guidelines they provide to the Youtube copyright tools are too strict if it's catching that. If they weren't using the automated tools, it wouldn't have happened. Mistaken, yes, but it is their fault.
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 It's back!
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 I must say that it makes me feel really good to see these boys terrified. I've ridden this line a lot and the lower rocks when wet always and forever will scare the crap out of me. Line choice just doesn't happen. After 2 world cups in the bone dry at snowshoe, they are finally experiencing proper snowshoe conditions. It's gonna be some great racing. Headed out there tonight. Country roads, take me home!
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 I had put my hands in the mud up top in Expert Class but thought I still had a shot at my class win. Went off the Tombstone table at the bottom of HareBall, both hands squirted right off the grips and I tackled my head tube and rode my balls, armed wrapped around my stanchions to the road.

People have no clue how hard Snowshoe is and yet how hilariously fun it is. I've done a ton of races over the years there.
3 favorite memories were:
1. Push run/race running a new loam section on the flat part of the mountain (passing Dave Weagle on foot who just stopped his run and decided to cheer us on) they cut into the woods after it had rained for a week and the sun came out for 2 days, turning everything to pottery clay.
2. Standing with the E13 owners/team waiting for Heiki Hall to do his race run and this little rock to rock huck in a flat corner, only to see him huck it straight up in the air and implode his tire on landing.
3. Cartwheeling down the Wild Zone with people surrounding both sides and screaming from the lift covered in chunk and landing right beside my best bud and teammate at the time, both of us laughing hysterically trying to decide who dared to try to go down the poop shoot first.
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 Your comment nails it perfectly. I've never had the pleasure of riding snowshoe in "dry" conditions...
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 Can someone do a transcript with artist sketches?
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 Well near the end there is a serious case. The perpetrator was apprehended and the trial, now adjourned, continues Friday.
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Official Red Bull Preview featuring Laurie
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 yikes...looks brutal.
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 @mikeymt: It is. I rode there for all of last weekend. It is as one pro said "proper gnar". They had the course tapped when I was there and most of it was not open to the public I rode portions of it. The part right after the Cupcake road gap is called Ten Gallon. It's seriously fun, but very sketchy. The chute coming out of the woods with the drop further down is easily a 45 degree angle with hard right turn at the bottom. I skipped that one. Big Grin
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 To anyone who's ridden east coast mud on a regular basis (15 years here) it is delightful to watch pros encounter the madness that is appalachia in the wet
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 Amen to that. First trip to Snowshoe Bike Park in 2009 was terrifying for us high schoolers
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 Just going to stare at the article thumbnail and imagine the run. Will be disappointed if Ben does not say Slippy at least 4 times.
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 Wow y'all Redbull must really be struggling financially. Apparently their annual revenue of over 6 billion euro just isn't enough. Thoughts and prayers for Redbull as us plebes use our imaginations for a course preview.
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 Do you think they would have done this if Pinkbike wasn't purchased by Outside mag and the likes?

Probably not.
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 They unblocked it! Well damn, thank you Redbull.
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 Ben channels his inner Claudio on that run!
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 That was the most Claudio preview Cathro has ever done. Well done, mate.
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 Can someone explain how Redbull can copyright block this? They don't own Cathro's camera or the dirt he's riding down.
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 Could be an automated process that detects the redbull logo or something stupid like that.
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 @microwaveric: Yea probably something accidental. They (along with countless other riders) have been filming and posting course previews every race. If it was something they were actively looking to block you' d think they would have done it before the 6th round of the season.
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 probably uploaded it before their official video was released
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 Video blocked by redbull. Well damn. I guess now I have to watch the race on redbull tv instead of waiting for pinkbike to post the results.
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 Haha Cathro "I can't even begin to describe what this is like" next breath "it's like peanut butter" seems like an accurate description from my keyboard.
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 I hope Ben takes the in-race commentary torch from Rob and is the mystery man (or woman) for the 2023 world cup season.
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 The beginning of the end
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 Can’t watch, blocked etc, so went to see Laurie’s POV, DAMN!! That looks so dodgy and scary, the rocks are going to be brutal.
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 I mean, there's no black matting! Track looks sick! Can't wait for the rest of the race weekend!
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 Looks like a proper good track with plenty of lines, should be a good race.
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 Get your live timing for the weekend right here:
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 Those new conti tires look like they work damn good. Everytime I thought he would slip on those off camber rocks he didnt
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 I'm lucky to have just finished watching it before they blocked it. The course makes me anxious and I'm not even riding it.
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 @vtvolk that might be the other way around
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 "Stay on your Bike Benny!"
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 Now THIS is the Snowshoe I remember from racing there 20 years ago.
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 Yep, I was at my last NORBA race in 2001 up there. Slalom and DH. First time I ever saw Lopes crash in a run and then come back next run and destroy Shams March out of the gate..Shaums almost laughed it was such a blowout. Super slippy for the DH runs.
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 I hope Ben takes the in-race commentary torch from Rob and is the mystery man (or woman) for the 2023 world cup season.
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 Greasier than Ricky and Julian trying to do the Big Dirty. Should be some entertaining racing!!
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 O O F Red Bull auto copyright blocked it already... 0_0
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 Fuck. That.
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 Looks like a proper British summer. Ben should feel right at home.
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 Cathro's screaming is the best.
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 Cathro screams are waaaay to derivative of Claudio screams. But still a good watch.
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 Bad kitty
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 Works for me
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 Thank you, mr Cathro!
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 UCI unblocked
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 We're live!!

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