Red Bull Joyride: Crankworx Whistler 2016 - Results

Aug 19, 2016 at 13:59
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 I thought Gani's run was soo much better than 8th
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 Yeah, Gani was really really ROBBED !!!!!
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 Definitely. Many tricks that no one else pulled that were insane, 8th place must be some joke...
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 @Mattin: I think in some ways it would be best for all the riders to go down without being judged then after all the riders have been, the judges compare all the tricks the riders do on each feature then rank them from 1st to last for each feature then overall see who gets the highest overall rankings for all the trick able features together? For example rank each rider from first to last for how difficult there trick is for the drop, then do so for every other feature then see who overall had the hardest tricks
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 @Mattin: Just look the Replay, and look at the reaction of thomas genon to "2:20:24" for mehdi gani...
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 I thought it would be about 85 or 86 points, an 81 is too less..
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 @cameronumf: nice idea!
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 Completely Robbed
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 @Thinnumor: haha thanks. I think it would work really well however wouldn't be as exciting to watch. Would definitely be the most accurate way of judging though
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 i figured he was gonna get 5th
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 Its very political
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 @cameronumf: That is an absolutely great idea!
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 @davidflu: hopefully FMB see this then, ahaha
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 @cameronumf: I do to man!
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 I request the 3rd run for Semenuk!
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 were all dying to see what he had planned!
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flag paul-bee (Aug 21, 2016 at 13:04) (Below Threshold)
 I was suuuuper hoping that the judges would've given him a 3rd chance.
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 One run per crankworx victory !
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 he prefers trees haha
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flag Niko182 (Aug 21, 2016 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 he didnt even take his second run
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 @Niko182: He did the first three jumps, then slipped a pedal
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 @rabcity: ... and didn't want to complete an imperfect run. probably saving his trick bag for next year.
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flag Niko182 (Aug 21, 2016 at 14:01) (Below Threshold)
 @rabcity: I mean he only did one run. he did the first 3 jumps
in his first run. but he didn't even do his second run.
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 @Niko182: Umm, not sure what you were watching but he definitely did a second run, slipped a pedal and just no-tricked the rest of the course, did make it all the way to the bottom unlike the first run.
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 I guess he was waiting for Scott Seco to shout "CUT!!!" after his wash out in his first run.
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 @Allergysix: oh. My bad. Must have missed it for some reason. I feel pretty stupid now.
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 @rmx1: Well, he started it off with yet again, innovating the sport with such a radical move:
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 I may catch a lot of flack for this, but it bothered me, all his straight airs after the slipped pedal. After seeing Rogatkin throw down after coming up short on his landing, and still pushing? Then Brandon sulking off, seemed like he was pouting. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to see what probably only he is capable of doing.
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 @Triber66: Yeah, kind of a weirdly not very sportsmanship heavy moment there for the entire assembled viewership
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 Oh god it's this conversation again, the free to watch event god forbid athletes don't continue to put on their show after they lose their focus on a pretty dangerous run. Stood hillside by those windy dusty massive monuments of jumps today and I don't think I'd feel compelled to "do it for the crowd just". That's seriously the most voluntary thing you can do as a rider, continue throwing tricks after blowing a run so it's strange to be upset that he didn't. He's not a performing circus act. If he doesn't want to finish throwing down his run that's his choice, it's so strange to see people type out how they felt robbed by his performance. If other riders do it, sweet, more power to them but who f*cking cares if he didn't finish. Dude fell off the f*cking boardwalk and slipped a pedal on a big trick, if you're having an off day you're having an off day and it's never safe to ride after you've done a few things that are bound to psych yourself out.

Oh and Crankworx/Redbull if you read this: Sunday joyride sucks ass.
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 @anchoricex: @anchoricex: yeah with the risks these guys are taking, there is no sense in completing a crashed run. I totally understand why semenuk didn't bother after he slipped a pedal. There's no sense risking it all just to have a run that you know still can't beat Rheeder.

To everyone complaining that he "sulked off," picture how you'd feel after giving the only two chances you had your 100% best effort and it still didn't work out. Id bet a lot of you would sulk off too. Brandon knows he had a chance to win, so you'd better believe he was pissed when he slipped a pedal and it didn't happen.
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 @rmx1: Word. See way too many posts about how he's a "poor sport" and all this horse shit, anyone else who airs a run doesn't get nearly the same amount of shit, if any at all. I guess my biggest point is that he is in no way obligated to put on a run just for show to appease folks and it is flat out f*cking strange to be upset about that. The entire hillside and audience was cheering for him even though he aired his run away. We were out there cheering for him, happy to see him get down and happy to see him go home not hurt. He's a hero to everyone out there, and despite what anyone in here has to say he's not a shitty guy, he's one of the nicest professional mountain bikers I've ever met. Doesn't have an inch of bad bone in his body, and I know he sees a lot of the comments here and the buzz on social media about how he's a poor sport. That's what sucks, he reads this shit some of you guys say about him and I know he's way too nice of a guy to come in here and try to say anything back. Why he still f*cking competes for those guys is beyond me, clearly he loves the sport more and has given more to it then all of us. Dude delivers great content to us year round, and puts on a show when he can. Sometimes he can't, and that's seriously okay.
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 @anchoricex: He is a poor sport, she sorry he was sulking like a 13 year old. His interview was one of the least professional interviews I've ever seen.
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 @Triber66: considering how many riders made it to the bottom (4? 5?) I don't think anyone can blame semenuk or any other rider for doing a safe run after a mistake. Besides, I think rogatkin it's a little bit crazy, he did the same after the insane crash he had at rampage, that's not pushing, that is being stupid. If you want to throw some tricks you fell confortable doing, go ahead, but if you're pissed off, and not focused, you better get down (semenuk could have walked on the first jump and be done) and forget about it until next time
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 @aldago: His interveiw just confirmed his attitude, he was mad, and I get it. But it reminds me of when a little kid doesn't do well at something he normally does, and then they quit. All athletes, from any sport, are basically public figures and will be under more scrutiny than the average person. It comes with the territory. I'm not mad at him, but how you respond to defeat says much about your character than how you respond in victory. And I don't think he represented himself very well. He has been doing this so long, it's easy to forget how young he is. we live, learn and grow from our experiences. Still a fan.
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 It was weird seeing semenuk so ill prepared. Usually he comes to joyride focused and with all his tricks dialed. He has is on slope course in his backyard, and I'm not trying to down the half cab (which was nuts), but you'd think he'd come to crankworx with that trick dialled and not overotate like he did. And I think he should have finished his run, rheeder had the win and he still threw more tricks than semenuk.
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 @Jackers: not to be rude, but have you ever done a half cab off a drop before? Try half cabbing down a set of stairs some time! Coming up to a drop that large backwards completely blind (like backwards looking over your shoulder blind) and then only rotating 180 degrees isn't easy. Add a tiny gust of wind and some nerves and tada you're over rotated a few degrees.
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 @rmx1: oh you misunderstand I completely agree on the difficulty aspect. That being said, semenuk poorly landed one world first and he gets all the praise in the world, where as rheeder stomped a full run and doesn't seem to be getting nearly as much publicity. And rogatkin does a new trick every comp basically
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 Don't worry, we'll all see what Semenuk has been hiding in the next Raw 100. I have no idea how Rogatkin is still walking.
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 Are you referencing the first rogatkin crash or the second? I wasn't able to watch the whole thing.
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 Because he's russian
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 rogatkin scares me sometimes. rampage last year, then his first crash today proves that he will try to finish is run unless his bike is unrideable. gotta admire his heart, but at the same time i feel like someone should be checking him for concussion symptoms before he drops back in
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 @NWuntilirest: His first crash looked worse to me but his bike objected more to the second one. I can't believe he called it a 'case' in the interview. He came 6ft short! He did go about a million foot high tho!! He's not short of bollocks that's for sure.
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 @NWuntilirest: His first crash looked worse to me but his bike objected more to the second one. I can't believe he called it a 'case' in the interview. He came 6ft short! He did go about a million foot high tho!! He's not short of bollocks that's for sure.
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 Rogatkin is a robot confirmed
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 It's not Rogatkin that is scared of casing jumps, it's the jumps that are scared to get cased by Rogatkin!
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 I get more and more nervous watching Rogatkin. He's so damn balls to the wall that he's bound to really get hurt sooner or later.
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 @Pichy: They're all robots. Least that's my theory. All Russians are robots.
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 Acrobat Rheeder not crashing. Adobe take an example and sponsor him!!!
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 Hehe, quite funny
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 So pumped for Rheeder finally putting it together!
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 if only semen didn't spot that penny in the woods in his first run...
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 Not sure semen is the best abbreviation for Semenuk
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 @SwintOrSlude: i'm pretty sure it's perfect as his riding is orgasmic
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 If I ever meet him.. I'm gonna see what happens when I call him that.
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 Damn autocorrect
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 Gani got robbed !
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 yes 4th or 5th place for him : /
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 3rd in my opinion
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 @Mattin: apartment others do not agree .. haha
More or less for mehdi ???
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 he got so robbed
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 I had no idea Brandon Semenuk was a magician. Now you see him now you don't
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 The come back for the Magic Man and El Diablo.
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 Mccaul was seriously confused. Thought he was going to fly out of the trees.
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 That was insane! The highlights for me(obviously next to Rheeders winning run) were after Rogatkin crashing hard and him getting back on his bike, everyone expected him to cruise down, and he started pulling the most insane tricks after eachother! Also that foot plant 360whip off the flat drop, my mind exploded! Same with Godziek frontflipping off the 4ft high flat drop.

Also huge props for Emil Johansson, only 17 and such a dialed and skilled rider! His first run was insane and super smooth, his second run he showed off so many insane tricks. First time at Joyride and taking 4th place, at his age ... I think this guy will win the event within the next 3 years Big Grin .

Also Mehdi Ganis run was insane, he got robbed and should have been much higher on the scoreboard.
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 when i saw that foot plant off the start drop my heart and head both exploded and then i closed my eyes because i knew i was not going to be able to handle the rest of his run, or if he crashed doing what was going to surely be the best run in slopestyle history-
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 Questionable judging in the middle of the pack but no doubt Rheeder's was the winner. Flip whip on the cannon was nuts.
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 If Rogatkin, Testa, and Semenuk had completed runs this would have been absolutely insane
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 It was disappointing not to see what they had in store for the rest of their runs. I was really looking forward to rogatkin and semenuk throwing down the most technical runs in the history of slopestyle.
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 Crazy how many people were falling today.. shows that these animals are still human.
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 I see what you did there
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 Pinbike an Redbull, thanks ever so much for bringing us these live awesome events for free! Congrats to RHEEDER......
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 Thommy G almost 2nd time winner he impresses me everyday. So proud :'( Big Grin
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 Dude had a killer Crankworx and it doesn't seem like folks are really talking about it? Is this dude the most untalked about under valued rider or what? Look at what he did at Rampage last year. With the way he's riding right now... going in to Rampage... he's nothing to be messed with. Dude's on fire right now.
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 So what happened to Matt Jones's 2nd run?
Did I miss it?
I presume he didn't do it because of his fall in his 1st but it would have been nice for them to tell us.
I was waiting for his second but there was no sign of him.
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 i knocked myself out on that crash in the first run, sucks to not get a second run because my head was all dizzy and screwed up but cheers for the support and watching dude!
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 Man hope your feeling better. Your run was starting off sick!
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 @MattJones94: Get your head right man. Better safe than sorry!
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 I cringe every time they go to Tina Dixon. How hard is it to say thank you, back to you guys after talking to a rider? Instead she just randomly turns away and leaves them sitting there awkwardly. Also, how come we don't see Martin competing lately? I know he had an injury a while back, but is there some other reason?
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 he had another injury 2 weeks ago
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 @Ben-nock: What a bummer! Thanks for letting me now though!
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 Agree about Tina Dixon. She's ok otherwise but they should have Hannah Bernard do Joyride.
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 Best trick : Disappearing by Brandon ! Nobody expected that ! Such a shame he didnt make his run this year,cant wait for the next year ! Awesome show !
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 Soo much wanted to see how Semenuk sorted his mind in terms of new tricks. However, I'm so pumped because of Rheeder's run, so dialed and perfectly executed tricks, like a second Trek's slopestyle robot. And congrats for Swedes, brillant perfomance, and it's always good to see next generation of Soderstroms (ofc I don't think he cant mess up a thing or two in rankings next year Smile )
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 "That slippery wood gets the best of us!"

:-D :-D
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 Since I have been a vocal opponent of Scribd, I better ring in on this new results format. Huge improvement! Works on tablets, all results available without signing up for a useless service or having to download an app, I like it! Thanks PB.
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 Gani and Nyquist were both woefully underscored. Pretty disappointed with that.
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 #nyquistgotrobbed #ganigotrobbed
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 Lemoine and nyquist were definitely underscored
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 PFFFtt Sagan could have won this if he competed on it!
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 Johansson for the podium the next year!
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 Considering that both Lemoine and Semenuk went for that first-ever-in-competition 180 half cab off a drop - is there some kind of trick poaching going on based on what the riders see others doing in practice? It seems unlikely they would both arrive at that trick independently.
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 First ever halfcab in a slopestyle competition, but by no means a new trick, even on an mtb. I think it is very likely that they both arrived at that trick independently.
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 Rheeder and Semenuk were having a half cab contest in practice doing half cab combos off that drop.
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 Under the media micro scope and weight of expectation-
'semenuk is riding with a free coaster I'm so excited to see what he'll do'
falls off bridge, slips pedals, is (understandably) too pissed off to give much of an interview or take obligatory beverage sponsor sip
'then damn it if some BMX kid didn't do the same trick without the hype and while pedalling backwards'
never mind Brandon stay fit for Rampage you can't win them all, keep what ever you had under wraps and have better luck next time, its the highs and the lows that make live sport so captivating which is why millions tune in which is why you get paid to do what you love
and jaegermeister don't contribute a penny and who drinks that shit without jaeger?
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 Great to see an element of adversity here...lots of big names making mistakes , not sure id like to be the course designer right about now
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 I believe the athletes themselves do a lot of input on the course to make it what they really want.
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 sounded like they didn't get to hit entire line prior to contest, course sure seemed to lack any wiggle room considering the limits that many of the top dudes were trying push...
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 @ov3r1d3: Id blame it on the wind way more than the course.
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 Happy that Rheeder finally got his due, though like a lot of people it was disappointing to not see Semenuk and Rogatkin even finish with all hype they had around their new tricks.
  • 7 3
 MEDHI GANI ROBBED!!! NEED THIRD OR 4TH POSITON!!!! ONLY 80.60 WHHAAAAAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ARE YOU SERIOUS JUDGES?
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 This year's Joyride was the worst coverage ever. The camera angles were so bad.
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 Was it just my computer or was there something wrong with the feed? It kept jumping around, repeating certain parts, showing parts of guys' runs...especially during the first runs. Pretty annoying to watch. I am happy that we could watch it though so I shouldn't complain too much.
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 full pull full pull, mccaul i hope your getting some good full pulls tonight.
  • 4 2
 I feel so bad for brandon practicing hard all year and getting stuff dialed and then slipping a foot and not having speed for the next jump???? you got it in the bag next year buddy ????
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 That was the best Joyride I have watched in recent memory. Congrats to BR - a deserving winner.Course was super tricky and the wind was a factor too. Sorry Semenuk and Rogatkin didn't manage a full run but that's the nature of the sport. While I understand Semenuk's attitude to his second run, I admire Rogatkin's never say die approach more. Prize money seems to have risen dramatically which is a good thing IMO.
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 Damn... highest ranking american is an old bmx rider. That's depressing. But good on you Ryan! I personally think it's rad to see what you're doing. I've been saying for years that if some of you bmx guys made the transition to big wheels you'd do well.
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 I was waiting for them to interview Semenuk afterwards for his point of view on what happened. It never happened or did I just miss it?
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 yeah they interviewed him after his second run, he slipped on some dirt/rocks on the wood. he was pisssssedddd
  • 2 0
 @Alex-2000: oh man, I definitely missed it. Thanks for the info...yeah I would've been upset too. I'm pretty sure he was stoked to show the world his new tricks.
  • 2 0
 @LiquidSpin: yeah for sure, i was super hyped to see what he had in store.
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 I was disappointed to see Semenuk not continue his run after the pedal slip... it was a pretty minor mishap and he still could have easily finished anywhere from 2-5th place had he continued his run. Seems a bit arrogant to be like "if I don't win then I don't care at all so I'm not going to even try".
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 If your mind gets off track on a course with that high of consequences it can lead to a serious injury. And there's no way in hell he podiums after that. I think you're forgetting what happens when you lose momentum and timing. He likely would not have been able to complete that run int he fashion he had planned and would have needed to in order to podium. I guarantee you it had nothing to do with him being arrogant.
  • 1 1
 @onemanarmy: so then why do all the other riders who have slight imperfections in their runs carry on with the rest of their run?
  • 1 0
 @bull-dozer: I saw a dude that made two mistakes at 2 very bad places to make mistakes. Did you not see how many people wrecked out on that course during all phases including practice? And that was WITH the proper amount of speed coming in to features. His mistakes both cost him that which probably would have led to crashes.

The russian will learn at some point that sometimes it's better NOT to huck it.
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 Sunday morning joy ride sucks! The crowd was mellow, The announcers blah till Ryan nyquist got on there and actually knew what he was talking about.
  • 2 0
 crazy run from rheeder shame for semenuk and rogatkin pumped for nyquist also!!!
  • 6 4
 hm, perhaps it's just me but... this was one of the least exciting and interesting joyrides in recent years.. :/
  • 6 2
  • 4 1
 Ghani and Emil should have scored higher.
  • 4 0
  • 2 0
 Söderström and Thelander need to get back so we can have some more sweeds up there.
  • 2 0
 This has got to be the worst ome ive watched like 6 full pulls! Happy i didnt book my room last month for 550$.
  • 2 0
 Ghani should have been sitting in 4th or 5th. His run was allot better than that of Anthony or Logan.
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 did i miss the riderstrain for Steve Smith? hoping to catch a home town train for Steve like crankworks newzeland for Kelly Mcgarry.
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 congrats Ed Masters #spiritofslopestyle
  • 12 10
 Brandon you still the king , remember that !
  • 5 3
 A drunk king at that.
  • 23 11
 He'd be the king for me if he acted like a true athlete after his second run. He was so bitter during that interview. I know he's an all or nothing guy, but come on Brandon. Enjoy the sport not just the podiums. Rheeder is the true character for me.
  • 4 2
 Rheeder put down the best run ever
  • 5 4
 l don't get why dressing like mope in your little sisters tightest jeans is still the "look".
  • 2 0
 Much like in BMX, baggy shorts and the insane tricks they're attempting are not a good combination. They're going for function over fashion.
  • 3 0
  • 1 0
 brendan shanahan i believe just help his boy out Brett RHEEDER take the win this once.
  • 4 2
 lemoine was fire!!
  • 3 2
 Gani encore plus, j'ai rien compris à sa note !!
  • 2 0
  • 4 7
 Gutted for Semenuk that he had a bad day. Everyone knows he has the talent to win. But he could have put on a show for the fans on his second run. Yes he knew he wasn't going to win halfway down but the least he could have done was a stylish trick for the fans on the final jump. Even a goon ET would have had the kids in the crowd cheering. People make a huge effort to come see him ride at Crankworx. I think he disappointed a few fans with that move. Unlike Rogatkin who put on a great show even after his mistake. #primadonna #setsabadexample
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 Wasn't Rheeder with Monster before? Anyone know why the change?
  • 4 0
 Because Monster is the devil's drink, and Rheeder ain't no satanist.
  • 1 0
 @Pedro404: LOL hahahaha!!!! awe that ones great.
  • 1 0
 @Pedro404: Thats a good enough reason for me
  • 2 1
 Rogatkin made Semenuk look a a whinny little bitch.
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