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WynTV: Finals Chat - Val Di Sole World Cup DH 2017

Aug 27, 2017 at 12:44
by Pinkbike Staff  
An incredible conclusion to the world cup DH overall series. Wyn Masters catches up with the best riders in the world and gets their take on the events that went down in Val Di Sole.

Hit this link to head to Guga's GoFund me page - help out a broken rider!

MENTIONS: @wynmasters / @GTBicycles

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 Greg is such an honest dude. Still bummed he didn't make it...
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 Isn't he such a top bloke!
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 "its hard to pick yourself up for a party after a weekend like this"......."but I'm sure we will". Classic Syndicate. Got to love em.
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 So many little wankers dissing him because he's not all smiles after being disqualified or having a bad run. People don't get how much time and energy is involved in this racing shit.
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 He is my idol for sure. Such a down to earth and honest guy. So gutted for him.
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 OG and classy as always. Would have loved to see him win it, but also good to see an American get the win.
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 @evildos: and his hair is perfect lol
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 I missed the bit on Gustavo Guga last week - did not see the article. For those that missed it as well:


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 There was an article about him but things fly off the main page here kinda quickly especially during Crankworxs. I'm stoked to see them promoting his fundraiser here.
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 Wyn and Tahnee have an empathic connection that transcends spoken words--they can just stand there in awkward, clumsy silence, totally at ease. Wyn doesn't even need to use his puppet to express his feelings to her--she just gets him.
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 It took me longer that I'd like to admit to realize it wasn't Dean Lucas's hands.
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 or was that Tom Hardy???
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 After reading this I went back in to watch it and was like "ahhh!"
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 Tahnee has the best Wynterviews.
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 Between asses in the background and her one word answers, that was painful.
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 Is Amaury the french Ratty? couldn't understand a thing he said
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 He's young and probably didn't bother learning english yet but with the results he's had this year he will probably realize He's more likely to get interviewed and take some English lessons. Remember Loic and Loris on their first year? Didn't sound much better... Give the guy a break
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 @mollow: I should have added that they both have a good vibe that translates well. =)
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 Great, I love these. Wyn looked like he'd finished the bottle by his final comments... Smile
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 looks like one bottle per interview
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 Yea, yea, yea.
Coolest was the reaction from Loris from the sip of wineWink
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 On the booze
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 I wanted to hear blenki's answer
  • 22 6
 Let's see how many dislikes this comment can get
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 You're a lazy piece of shit.
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 Good race but it was a shame Greg's flat stole away what could have been a super exciting finish. No wonder he's gutted.
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 Best wyn tv yet
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 stoked for gwinn, always been a fan but damn, the interview to Greg split my heart in two :'(
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 Wyn is getting pretty good at this!
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 Probably for the best, he isnt getting any better at the racing side of things.
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 Ecole (?) legs?
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adjective - informal
a child's word for little (often expressing endearment).
"an ickle baby seal"
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 Love the support between riders! Love the shout out to help your brethren that have gone down!
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 Great season of WynTV. Great work @wynmasters! Much appreciated interviews, humor, and shenanigans.
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 Peaty you are a hero! I know it means the world to Seb!
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 Well I'm a fan of Gwin and a huge Syndicate fan. But honestly I'll pick a party with the Syndicate any time win or loose!
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 to make it a 10 race schedule , what tracks could they use ?
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 Belmont Schladming Meribel. Done.
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 God damn auto correct. Bromont.
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 @nickel: Would much rather they sub out one of those and give the Aussies or Kiwi's the proper chance at making a scary trail
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 Schladming Maribor Champery Andorra Rotorua Mt Saint Anne Bromont Les Gets Hafjell Val di Sole
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 @ka-brap: I'd also put two new rounds every year rule, there are just so many tracks around the globe that are WC worthy but the sheer cost of WC would turn most of the organizers away and that begins with UCI...
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 I'd like to see the japan or brazil round brought back, schladming, and windham.
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 WCDH season is way too short.
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 They should get Nasa to make tyres . They sent men to the moon surely they could create tyres that don't flat.
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 NASA makes tires...engineers did a better job of putting Morse code on the tread than making them bomb proof.

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 Spot the 3 flower giving girls walking away at the end there.
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 Great season, great narrator
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 "Downhill" - Fabien Barel, 2017
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 "pretty chewy"
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