Video: Pro Rider VS Pro Mechanic - Jack Moir's Canyon Strive Bike Check

Jun 24, 2022 at 8:48
by Pinkbike Originals  

Who knows more about a race bike, the pro rider who races it all weekend or the pro mechanic who keep its running?

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 Interesting that with the size small, the wheelbase is still 1255mm. Thats actually in line with a lot of other size large bikes after the 180mm fork and all that.

For reference, all in size large:

Canfield Lithium (1248mm)
Rocky Mountain Altitude (1249mm)
Santa Cruz Bronson (1249mm)
Nukeproof Mega (1251mm)
Norco Sight (1262mm)
Transition Sentinel (1263mm)
Nukeproof Giga (1266mm)

So, while its "small", its not actually all that "small" from a wheelbase perspective.

And yes, I did actually have all those numbers handy in my bike nerd geo sheet Razz .
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 This is what some buddies of mine have liked...and some are in the industry and get a new bro-bike all the time. They like the slacker HTA and extra wheel base (mostly) but not all the reach. They get the stability without losing dynamic range of movement on the bike. But that's not what the marketing departments are selling, likely because it just means you need a -2 from Works. Also, stack is part of length as well, I'm a proportional 6-4 and stack/risers are awesome for me at times more than length. You get wheelbase but also a ton of extra leverage to use it.
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 But this also (all mods included) puts him on 455mm reach, which is insanely small for his height.
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 Visit and spend hours checking bikes from different MY with compulsive brooding over and comparing numbers. Perfect friday night activity ;-)
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 @Muscovir: he is something around 185cm tall, 455cm is not "insanely small" for him
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 @Arierep: That's right "455cm" reach would be insanely big.
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 @Muscovir: gotcha
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 My heart goes out to all my fellow female riders in the USA that have now once again been reduced to a lesser being by the unreliable and deteriorating government. Both sides of the hall could have prevented all that happened today for generations, however they have chosen not to so as to have a political campaign strategy. Fuck this shit.
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 What Canyon calls a small has a 460mm reach, their medium has a longer reach than my large Range at 485mm, and their large is a 515mm reach. It's not that weird that Moir rides a small when it's really a medium...
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 @abueno: it's not the govt, it's the landmines (and the rapist) planted in the SC. Time to hit the streets America, the dark ages are coming back.
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 @abueno: dude you don't have to comment the same statement under every article. We know it by now
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 @edthesled: Should be called smallest, not small.
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flag abueno (Jun 24, 2022 at 15:41) (Below Threshold)
 @bashhard: you’re right I don’t, but I chose to support the unsupported. Public forum is just that. Thanks for your feedback though, I am glad to see you are seeing this.
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 @abueno: it's a free country!*

*For devout Christians only...and also whenever it happens to align with the interests of the right billionaire/lobby
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 @abueno: this is not the place
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 my sheet is called "oh god help me pick the right bike" @ocnlogan
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 @abueno: Dude, maybe skip a comment section or two with this copy and pasted unrelated to the article woke signaling comment.

Jack has always rode somewhat small bikes in the past but sure seems to work for him. That being said see Seb's Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Care What the Pros Ride article for further review.
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flag abueno (Jun 25, 2022 at 9:34) (Below Threshold)
 @bainer66: maybe respect women enough to understand that a reposted comment might reach someone who doesn’t even know what’s going on, so they can be informed also?
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 @abueno: everyone who reads or watches any type of news in europe or america heard about it. And it was a long time coming with the judges Trump selected for the supreme court. In short, the USA are f*cked and everyone knows it. Reposting it here does not change a thing. Go and make your vote count in each state so the federal law looks like in California and not like in Texas.
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 @bashhard: That's why air raid sirens exist. Not everyone is switched on to the news every (or any) waking moment. This is a terrorist attack on an entire gender by fascist religious fundamentalists. No more, no less. It transcends everything. The taliban would be proud.
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 @abueno: So you are saying that your comment, while inaccurately saying "fellow female" will somehow allow a woman who is looking through the comment section on pinkbike article that is lightly discussing mechanics vs racers ,to all of a sudden clue into this huge issue that has been in every news outlet for a long time, has been a topic of discussion in countries around the world. Get real.

Maybe you should respect the same female riders escape from discussions about her body being presented by men who have no business making decisions in the first place.

I think if you really cared you would be looking for a more direct way to solicit change then copy and pasting a blanket comment in the discussion sections of pink bike articles.
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 @bashhard: Sorry, California government has to be the last thing anyone wants
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 Patent infringement on Wynn"s Mic?
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 @tadabing good call, I’ll send him a bottle.
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 Wyn would have used an empty bottle.
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 @mi-bike: Open and drank it during video
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 Love this kind of content!
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 Is this the industry mentally preparing us for shorter, higher and steeper in the next model year?
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 I hope so!
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 Commencal for one will go shorter, higher, steeper with their next Enduro bike. That’s almost not speculation anymore at this point
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 I think Ben knows more about bikes than just about anyone
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 @stringbeane - yes! And also knows a dangerous amount about rough Italian red blends
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 @Tombrad: Wait until you start him on the Bucky.
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 Completely agree on that!
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 More reach only makes sense on steep trails,any other time it’s a hindrance as you are trying harder to switch weight between wheels when cornering,jumping etc.

Try going through a flat corner with a bike with too long of a front centre and you’ll see what I mean.
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 I dunno man. I’ve accustomed to long bikes over the years and now everything with less than 500mm reach feels wrong. Whether the bike becomes a hindrance in slow corners entirely depends on how active your riding style is. To me it now feels natural to really throw my weight forward into corners to weight the front wheel. It’s a technique that lets you ride stupidly fast but doing this on any shorter bike immediately results on the feeling of going OTB.
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 Great content. Love these unique ideas. Great showcase for the mechanic, rider, and bike. Looking forward to seeing Tom's race weekend content
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 Cheers @eddylinewindancer, the privateer van boys have let me stay for the weekend. Stay tuned…
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 Tom & the privateers should be a series all on its own. @tombrad
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Would love to see a bike check of Dim Tordo’s rig, are they riding the same size with Moir and what kind of setup.
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 Id hope the bike fixer-upper guy would know as he can trick bits up and make that ride smoother lol
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 I'm 5'11" and ride a Rascal with a 445mm reach and 45 stem, couldn't imagine riding anything longer.
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 That's what she said
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 Hopefully the mechanic lol
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 Jack Moir keeping the 90's alive... 6' 6" giant on a size small lol. Super long steerer. Short reach. Seatpost jacket to all-time high!
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 The other article this week said Jack was 6'1" (185cm)? Having never met the man in person, I couldn't argue either which is right. Anyone else know how tall Jack actually is?

Having said that, the man does have quite the length of seat post above the clamp/below the collar. Seems like he could use a 240mm dropper on that frame Smile .
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 Yeah, he's like 6'1 not 6'6.
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 Just a joke. Jack looks huge next to that frame.
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 His saddle is pushed all the way back on its rails.
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 Jack's easily 7ft tall, maybe even 8 on a good day
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 @boozed: I believe he’s 5 foot 14
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 @ocnlogan: ridden with him a few times, I'm 6'1 and he's taller than me by a little bit. I think it's just hit long ass legs that make him look taller, I'd guess he's closer to 6'2-3. Lovely bloke, always has time for the kids/fans.
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 6’3, 470 reach, 50 mil stem, 1255 wb, bike fees fantastic.
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 Look at that exposed seat post!!!!
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 @boozed: Jack Moir is fast on whatever bike it is :-)
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 That's the joke
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 Marketing BS sells all large bikes sooooooo they need some more Marketing BS to sell the mediums and smalls hahahaah BOOM
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 So longer lower slacker is not faster ?
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 define faster? at a bike park with large openings to "open her up" sure they are faster.
For racing, singletrack etc, no not faster at all.
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 Jack Moir's bike is fast whatever it is
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 It is until it isn't. Just like you would't send a grayhound down a rabbit hole.
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 Speed and Power.
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