Video: Wyatt Harrington Confronts the Brutal Reality of World Cup Racing - Pinkbike Racing S2E3

Nov 27, 2023 at 11:43
by Pinkbike Originals  

Wyatt Harrington Confronts the Brutal Reality of World Cup Racing
Pinkbike Racing Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3 follows young Canadian racer Wyatt Harrington as he navigates his first year of junior World Cup DH racing. From the lowest lows to the highest highs, Wyatt experiences first hand what it takes to become a professional athlete—and the toll it can take.

The aftermath of Race 1.

Wyatt loved the Val di Sole track.

An emotional last race.


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Pinkbike Racing 2023

Photography: Jack Tennyson
Video: Sleeper Co

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 By a landslide, this series is the BEST content put out on pinkbike. Congrats to Ben and the team!
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 Absolutely brilliant!
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 Agreed, I was really cheering for him and it was awesome to see some success at the end.
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 They got me! What a proud moment full of relief when he came across the finish line smashing it. World Cup racing is bloody hard to figure out for some more than others. I've been there myself and I'm so so glad that Wyatt got a glimpse of hope and relief going into racing next year. Sometimes it's a lot of failures and only a spark of a highlight, but if you can get passed the hard times and stay in the game, figure out what works for you to just love how you feel on your bike and forget about the rest, then you're in for a really fun time. Get after the fun times Wyatt! Stoked to watch you in '24 Smile
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 Getting in front of the camera of the whole internet @ age 16, showing nothing else but your personal failures down to the deepest hole... wow, I mean @wyattharrington you are a MAN more than you think! That takes a whole different level of character.
Be proud mate! You are doing awsome!
Kudos to PB team and Sleeper for showing reality in such respectable way. No sugar coating, but tons of respect. Keep on going!
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 That was fantastic. An emotional ride with a good ending thankfully.
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 This was really awesome to watch, particularly as I ran a DH/4X team in the mid-late 2000’s so felt so much of the pain, frustration and joy of Wyatt’s experience. It is even harder for riders on teams without the big budgets as travel, accommodation and even good food can be hard. We also had a team with four different languages, none of which we all spoke… it made even explaining stuff like where the toilets were a mission. I am interested as to whether you guys only did any of the minor series races (not even sure the IXS even still exists)? We found this a great way of getting riders some early podiums and was a great stress relief from World Cups.
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 Absolutely fantastic. Also does a great job at showing how ridiculously far most of us are from professional athletes.
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 way to stick with it, that was great!
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 Very compelling storytelling! What a complete mind f*&% for a 16 year old. Really enjoyed his track preview at Leogang and wondered what had happened to him. Figured he was injured. Impressive to finally put it all together after so many consecutive failures. Will be rooting for Wyatt next year!
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 Very good document showing DHWC's temperature from another angle.Thanks and bravo Wyatt.
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 I'd love to see similar videos about Pontvianne and Falquet who finished 2nd and 4th overall, respectively, in Men's Juniors in 2023. They finished 1-2 at Mont Ste Anne to end the year.

UCI says they're members of PB's team. So did PB's article about 2023 teams:

Seems to me PB would want to put these two young guys in the spotlight at some point.
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 Back in the day, I raced speed events, mostly DS and a few DH races. I had speed and talent and stuff. Always qualified DS in the top 16, just kind of rolling the course at 75%. At big events, that was out of 120+ people that signed up. I wasn't like that my first couple races. I made simple, stupid mistakes. I remember hearing everything in the background those first couple races. The crowd, the announcer, the other rider. Then, I'd make a mistake. One day, took a deep breath at the start gate with my eyes closed. Then took a second one, eyes opened. Then the gate would drop, I'd roll out, I could see everything, feel everything, I was connected to my bike 110%, I had zero nerves at the gate. Contrast that to my teens and my BMX racing years, had to hit the restroom before EVERY moto. So stressed. At that time I was 24 or so when I figured that out how to deal with that pressure. I still have that focus these days, 29 years later. It's hard to figure out how to teach that mindset to someone that is younger. When to chill, when to hit it, when to just roll a corner, but most importantly, how to become one with your bike. Once you figure that out, the sky is the limit.
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 Pretty tough season, glad he figured out what worked for him in the last race of the season. Results build confidence and results, finding the key to unlocking your speed is an individual thing and hopefully MSA wasnt a 1 off result. Good lock to Wyatt in the future, its a tough and getting tougher sport now with so many young riders coming though absolutely flying from a young age.
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 The quality of this series just keeps on getting better and better and so far, this one was the best. Amazing filming and editing but the story all the way through was perfectly delivered. Ben, Max, Thibault, Aimi, Wyatt and the whole team, please keep doing what you do so well. Nothing captures DH Racing like you guys!
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 Rare to see such a high rate of positivity in the comments--Wyatt and Ben have struck a chord with the Pinkers. As a high school teacher and coach, I am very impressed by Wyatt's composure and determination. The kid shows maturity far beyond his years taking beating after beating and staying the course. Kudos to Wyatt and the whole team for seeing the process all the way through. Grit and determination eventually garner results. Nice work.
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 Sooooo... does that epic finish put Wyatt on PBR for '24? I'm primed to follow his journey now!

BTW - That's the kind of story tale finish Hollywood has been trying to write & act forever. You just can't. It has to be real. S2E3 was as real as it gets. While I'm sure I'm not the only one that's sorry you had to live it Wyatt, thanks for the endorphin rush, and thanks Pinkbike & PBR for allowing it to happen & capturing it.
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 Lessons learned:

1. Crashing is slow.
2. Crashing is slow
3. Crashing is slow.
9. Just being fast isn't enough at the WC level, they are all fast
10. Trust the process and results will come
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 Never giving up is the key. What a way to learn it!!! Way to go Wyatt, and PINK and Ben!
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 Awesome dude, stoked to meet you at Nationals this year young buck! All the best for 2024!
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 I'm dying to hear how this year's suspension stacked up against the ohlins stuff from last year.
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 This is the best content Pinkbike is putting out, I can't make it through these without crying. Wyatt is so strong for pulling out of that hole mentally and getting a great result in the final.
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 Great documentary, host, and rider. Ben is top tier content creator, rider and knows exactly what a young racer is up against. Wyatt should sleep well knowing Cathro signs off on his talent. Just keep grinding
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 Yeah Boi!!!
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 Well done...a Great watch!
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 i liked that! all the opportunities to qualify, missed….then the transition of his attitude for MSAnne and he channels it… cool edir
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 We support you Wyatt and all of PBR in the highs and in the lows! Keep it fun!
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 This video series is so bloody good! Well done Wyatt, you're 16, keep on building and I look forward to seeing you next year.
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 Would be interesting to know what percentage of riders at this level use a sports psychologist compared to 10 years ago.
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 More of them use sports psychologists than you'd think honestly, along with mentors, life coaches, team coaches and performance coaches, I'd say most of the top 20 in youth even. Sport has moved on in terms of knowledge in the last 10 years, the levels of professionalism is incredible and it's why so many of the junior racers come in and do well.
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 Take my hat off to everyone in the series doco, such a polished video to watch.
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 Please tell me subtitles will come?
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 You folks are absolutely smashing it with this season - I love it.
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 Speed and Power
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 Absolutely fantastic!
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 What a thrilling drama!
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 How to go off course in the middle of the course?

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