The Complete Guide to the 2023 World Cup DH Teams

Feb 6, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

It's been a busy off-season of team rumors with big changes for 2023 and some teams completely disbanding. Now that the UCI has released its downhill team lists, we can take a look at all the team moves and try to anticipate what the 2023 World Cup race season might bring.

Beyond Racing
Abigail Hogie, Anna Newkirk, Evan Turpen

After testing the BiXS Lane DH prototype last season Abigail Hogie, Anna Newkirk and Beyond Racing moved on from the brand at the end of 2022. While no bike sponsor has been revealed just yet the team has Evan Turpen on the rider list for 2023. Evan Turpen is no stranger to downhill racing and is behind the wild-looking steel creations of Contra bikes. Could this mean we see some Contra bikes at downhill World Cups?

Canyon CLLCTV Factory Team
Troy Brosnan, Mille Johnset, Luca Shaw, Dante Silva

The Canyon factory team has gone through a few big changes for 2023 as both Mark Wallace and Jakob Jewett left the team to make room for some fresh faces. For the upcoming season, the team has brought Mille Johnset on board alongside Danta Silva. Both Luca Shaw and Troy Brosnan remain with Canyon and will be hunting for some big results.
SRAM Blackbox testing with Mille Johnset. Blausasc France 2022. Photo by Matt Wragg.

Rudi Eichhorn, Phoebe Gale, Kaos Seagrave, Tahnee Seagrave, Oliver Zwar

After no team changes for two years the FMD team has seen a few changes for 2023 as Oliver Zwar and Junior racer Rudi Eichhorn join the team. 2023 is set to be a big year for the team as Phoebe Gale moves up to Elite racing after an impressive two years in Juniors. Tahnee Seagrave will hopefully be making a return to racing after struggling with head injuries throughout 2022. Tahnee has been at the team camp and it's great to see her back training.

Kaos Seagrave has been listed on the team but it was announced at the end of last year that he will be shifting his focus towards more freeride events.
Phoebe Gale looking for a back to back win.

Commencal IC Studio
Thomas Estaque, Hugo Frixtalon, Matteo Iniguez

Thomas Estaque and Hugo Frixtalon are sticking with Commencal after the closure of the Commencal / 100% team with the new Commencal IC Studio team. Thomas and Hugo are joined by Matteo Iniguez for 2023. IC Studio, a marketing agency, also features as a sponsor on the Commencal IC Process team featuring Raphael Iniguez, Elliot Lees and Siel Van Der Velden on its roster.

Images for The Anomaly Photo Jb Liautard

Commencal/Muc-Off By Riding Addiction
Thibaut Daprela, Hugo Marini, Myriam Nicole, Amaury Pierron, Gaëtan Ruffin

The Commencal/Muc-Off By Riding Addiction remains mostly unchanged for 2023 although with Myriam Nicole, Thibaut Daprela and Amaury Pierron on board it stays at a top podium threat. Why change one of the most successful lineups on the circuit? The team has lost young racer Tristan Lemire as he has been picked up by the new Transition Factory Team.
Amaury Pierron rips over the line to take yet another win. He s the man to beat this season.

Continental Atherton
Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Charlie Hatton, Andreas Kolb, Jim Monro, Dom Platt

No changes for the Atherton team either in 2023 with Charlie, Andreas, Jim and Dom all returning. As always all three Atherton siblings are listed on the team although don't expect any racing comeback from Dan as he will most likely continue playing a supporting role. Gee made his racing return at Hardline next year and Rachel managed to get between the tape at Fort William and Lenzerheide so we may see even more of them this upcoming season.

Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing
Christopher Cumming, Ronan Dunne, Louise-Anna Ferguson, Harry Molloy, Veronika Widmann

The Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing has expanded from the two-man squad of Christopher Cumming and Ronan Dunne in 2022 to a fully stacked team that could now feature at the top of the Elite Women's races as it brings Louise-Anna Ferguson and Veronika Widmann on board. Harry Molloy has also made the move to the team as he will be providing his racer expertise as the assistant team manager.
Chris Cumming and Ronan Dunne shooting for Juice Lubes Home To Roost. Philipp Langhans

Cube Factory Racing
Simon Chapelet, Danny Hart, Max Hartenstern

Both Danny Hart and Max Hartenstern are back with Cube for another year of racing. The team is also expanding for 2023 as it adds Simon Chapelet to the roster. Simon has previously been racing World Cups as a privateer with the support of Cube France and was the fastest privateer at Snowshoe last year.
Danny Hart is always a threat to the podium in Fort William.

Dorval AM Commencal
Camille Balanche, Benoit Coulanges, Monika Hrastnik, Baptiste Pierron, Miran Vauh, Samuel Zbinden

The Dorval AM Commencal has shrunk slightly for 2023 as it drops from eight riders to six. Sticking with the team for another year are the big hitters of Camille Balanche, Benoit Coulanges, Monika Hrastnik and Baptiste Pierron. Both Miran Vauh and Samuel Zbinden are fresh faces taking on their first season with the team.
Camille Balanche still charges ahead further into the lead for the series overall despite having to settle for second place this afternoon.

Forbidden Synthesis Team
Connor Fearon, Magnus Manson, Jon Mozell

Connor Fearon and Magnus Manson return for another year of World Cup racing on the Forbidden DH prototype and for 2023 are joined by Jon Mozell. It will be interesting to see if the off-season has led to any new developments with the prototype, although there is still a long wait until round one. The Forbidden Synthesis Team also have a stacked Enduro team of Emmy Lan, Zachary Rebitt, Alex Storr and Rhys Verner who could lend their talents to downhill if they wanted to.
Connor Fearon coming in hot surfing the dust. It s unbelievably dry out there.

Frameworks Racing
Colin Mulally, Neko Mulally

One of the most interesting teams of 2022 continues as Neko will be hitting the World Cups on his custom race bike. Most recently Neko has been testing out a carbon rear triangle although he still has plenty of plans for the project in the future. We can't wait to see what he does next.

Raphaël Giambi, Christopher Grice, Gaëtan Vige, Izabela Yankova

The Gen-S team has seen some big changes in its roster for 2023 as last year's lineup contained a fair few enduro riders. For 2023 Izabela Yankova is the only returning rider as she will now be joined by Raphaël Giambi, Christopher Grice and Gaëtan Vige.
Izabela Yankova closes out her junior career with a second place.

Giant Factory Off-Road Team - DH
Luke Meier-Smith, Remy Meier-Smith, Rémi Thirion

Giant has also revamped its downhill team as Rémi Thirion will now be joined by the incredibly talented Meier-Smiths. Both Luke and Remy are set to race multiple disciplines again as they are listed on both Giant's downhill and enduro teams. The Giant team could be one to watch in 2023.

GT-Continental Factory Racing
Jess Blewitt, Ethan Craik, Wyn Masters, Ryan Pinkerton

No rider changes for GT as Jess Blewitt, Ethan Craik, Wyn Masters and Ryan Pinkerton all are back for 2023. It looks like the team has shifted from Michelin to Continental tires as a new title sponsor for the team. Just as in 2022 the team also features Noga Korem and Katy Winton on the enduro side and we may see some crossover between disciplines as Noga has taken on some World Cup downhill in the past.

Intense Factory Racing
Joe Breeden, Aaron Gwin, Dakotah Norton, Seth Sherlock

Another unchanged team for 2023, the previous season's additions of Joe Breeden and Dakotah Norton are here for another year alongside longstanding riders Aaron Gwin and Seth Sherlock. The team are set to be on another new prototype as they have switched to a new high pivot 6-bar prototype over the off-season.
Warning shots were fired last time out in Lenzerheide but it appears something is once again clicking for Aaron Gwin. Will we see true Gwizzard form in the US or legendary Sainte Anne

Lapierre Zipp Collective
Antoine Rogge

An interesting spot on the team list is a potential return to downhill for Lapierre. Antoine Rogge has been added as the only downhill rider on the normally enduro-focused Lapierre Zipp Collective. Antoine previously raced for the Lapierre Overvolt team and managed to score a top 20 finish at Lenzerheide last year and a fourth place at the European championships. Although this wasn't done on a Lapierre bike and instead on a bike from another brand. Antoine's setup may be the same this year but it would be great to see Lapierre return to downhill with a race-worthy bike.

Madison Saracen Factory Team
Matt Walker, Greg Williamson

The Madison Saracen Factory Team sees some big changes for 2023 as only Matt Walker returns. Alongside Matt in the new two-rider setup is current UK national champion Greg Williamson. While Madison Saracen has reduced its factory team presence it has started a new UK development team.

MS Mondraker Team
Jacob Dickson, Eleonora Farina, Brook MacDonald, Toby Meek, Tuhoto-Ariki Pene, Kilian Schnöller, David Trummer

The MS Mondraker Team remains mostly unchanged as it still features the likes of Brook MacDonald, Eleonora Farina, Tuhoto-Ariki Pene and David Trummer. It appears the team has picked up Kilian Schnöller for the 2023 season. Eleonora Farina will be one to watch for a first Elite win this year as she broke into the top five four times last season.
David Trummer cutting hit own rut in the open.

Norco Factory Team
Lucas Cruz, Gracey Hemstreet, Mark Wallace

If there was an award for the most dramatic team rumors the Norco Factory Team would be a certain winner as it went from pausing all of its factory teams to bringing back its downhill team in the space of a month. While the team may have lost some longstanding riders including Sam Blenkinsop it managed to maintain the Junior World Cup overall winner and Pinkbike's breakout rider of the year winner, Gracey Hemstreet. Alongside Gracey are Lucas Cruz and the fresh addition of Mark Wallace making it an all-Canadian team.
Gracey Hemstreet coming in hot taking both the win and the overall for the Junior Women.

NS Bikes UR Team
Kye A'Hern, George Brannigan, Vanesa Petrovská

The NS Bike UR Team keeps its three-rider squad for 2023 as Kye A'Hern, George Brannigan and Vanesa Petrovská are all returning for another year of racing. Vanesa Petrovská will be heading into her final year of Junior racing and she will be looking to score some top results as last year's winners have all moved up to Elites.

Nukeproof SRAM Factory Racing
Dan Booker, Sam Hill

The Nukeproof Factory team may also have a presence at this year's downhill World Cups as both Dan Booker and Sam Hill are registered to race. Before you get too excited and start putting some of Sam's iconic race runs on repeat we reached out to Nukeproof who said: "Sam just likes to keep the DH neighborhood curtain twitchers busy and his options open."
Sam Hill

Pivot Factory Racing
Ryan Griffith, Jenna Hastings, Dane Jewett, Jakob Jewett, Bernard Kerr, Ed Masters

After a very successful 2022, the Pivot Factory team remains mostly unchanged for 2023 although the roster now includes Jakob Jewett who joined the team at the end of last year. 2022 Junior World Champion Jenna Hastings will be back and looking to take on her first year of Elite racing while Bernard Kerr continues to hunt his first Elite win after coming so close last season.
Jenna Hastings takes her first World Cup podium.

Rockshox Trek Race Team
Tegan Cruz, Vali Höll

Rockshox Trek Race Team has dropped to just two riders this year after Jamie Edmondson left the team during the off-season. Both Tegan Cruz and 2022 World Champion Vali Höll are back for another year. Vali had an incredible 2022 season and will be hoping to carry the momentum into 2023 once the racing finally kicks off in June.
Vali Hoell claimed top spot in qualies but unfortunately came unstuck when the leaders jersey went on today.

Santa Cruz Syndicate
Jackson Goldstone, Laurie Greenland, Nina Hoffmann, Greg Minnaar

After a refresh of the team at the start of 2022 the Santa Cruz Syndicate remains unchanged as the stacked lineup of Jackson Goldstone, Laurie Greenland, Nina Hoffmann and Greg Minnaar carries on into 2023. All eyes will be on Jackson Goldstone as he shifts up to Elites, he has already secured a Hardline victory so we expect there may be some big results coming.
Goldstone doesn t do pencils.

Scott Downhill Factory
Yannick Baechler, Marine Cabirou, Vicky Clavel, Brendan Fairclough, Alix Francoz, Johan Garcin, Vincent Jouvenal, Dylan Levesque, Dean Lucas, Elliot Vallon

Scott's factory downhill team maintains a big presence for 2023 as it returns in 2023. Marine Cabirou is still recovering from her crash at the Leognag World Cup where she broke three vertebrae.
Dean Lucas on a tear for team Aus.

Specialized Gravity
Loic Bruni, Finn Iles, Jordan Williams

The Specialized Gravity team keeps Loic Bruni and Finn Iles on board for another season and adds to its already high-level podium threat with the signing of Jordan Williams. Alongside Jackson Goldstone, Jordan will be shaking things up in Elites this year. The triple threat of the Specialized team could be a tough one to beat.
Finn Iles still riding on a high after the madness of MSA.

Transition Factory Racing
Tristan Lemire, Taylor Ostgaard, Valentina Roa Sanchez

Details are still light on the Transition Factory Team but from the team list, we do know the lineup will feature Tristan Lemire, Taylor Ostgaard and Valentina Roa Sanchez. We are sure some more details on this new team will be announced soon.

Trek Factory Racing Gravity
Kade Edwards, Bodhi Kuhn, Loris Vergier, Reece Wilson

The Trek Factory Racing Gravity team keeps Kade Edwards, Loris Vergier and Reece Wilson, but it brings on Bodhi Kuhn after Charlie Harrison's retirement from racing. The team has also switched from Bontrager tires to a new setup with Pirelli.
Your fastest man today Loris Vergier.

Union - Forged By Steel City Media
Oliver Davis, Christian Hauser, Antoine Pierron, Frida Ronning, Lachlan Stevens-McNab

Steel City Media's Union team shakes up its rider roster for 2023 as it welcomes Antoine Pierron and Christian Hauser after the departures of Oliver and Ben Zwar.
Third today for Lachlan Stevens-McNab.

Unno Racing
Ike Klaassen, Angel Suarez, Niko Velasco

After withdrawing from World Cup racing in 2019 Unno is back racing as its signs Angel Suarez, Ike Klaassen and Niko Velasco to its new setup. We are not sure yet what bikes the team will be riding just yet as there is not currently a downhill bike in its range.

YT Mob
Sian A'Hern, Oisin O'Callaghan

The YT Mob has also returned after a break from racing with Sian A'Hern and Oisin O'Callaghan set to take on the downhill World Cup season. The team has also signed Jack Moir on the enduro side of things, although he is most likely stocking to the EDR series.

All the other UCI-registered downhill teams

555 Gravity Racing: Ryan Brannen, Douglas Goodwill, Luke Williamson

Backyard Racing Factory Team: Janis Lehmann, Noel Niederberger

Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli: Henry Kerr, Henri Kiefer, Lucas Lagneau

Chili Racing Brigade: Jamie Edmondson, Anna Charlotte Germann

Commencal/Schwalbe: Austin Dooley, Pau Menoyo Busquets

Commencal IC Process: Raphael Iniguez, Elliot Lees, Siel Van Der Velden

Commencal Les Orres: Léo Abella, Lisa Baumann, Jack Piercy, Erice Van Leuven, Antoine Vidal

Evolve Racing: Dean Lindsey, Colin Mcelyea, Evan Medcalf

Fusion Racing: Joshua Arcus, Kael Foale, William Ireland, Alex Lord, Duke Millington, Ellie Smith

Gamux Factory Racing: Mike Leon Huter, Lino Lehmann, Pascal Tinner

IJ Racing-Chigüiro Extremo Team: Sebastian Holguin Villa, Christine Miche Lewis Montes, Jacobo Mejia, Fernando Juan Munoz, Ton Rusinol Sala

Impact Racing: Anna Craig, Toby Driscoll, James Anthony Tomas Elsmore, Alfie Heming, Michael Stuart Jones, Roger Vieira

K Bike: Eliott Baud, Kimi Viardot

KIWIDH: Josh Barry, Cameron Beck, Josh Bonnar, Cameron Clement, Sacha Earnest, William Harvey, Ryan Hastings, Kalani Muirhead, Ty Muirhead, Wyatt Stevens-McNab

Les Arcs Mountainbike Team: Oskar Bouffioux, Yaël Fourcy, Léo Grisel, Léo Guichard, Emily Horridge, Baptiste Jalladeau, Suzy Langlois, Mariana Salazar, Kelian Vanreusel, Chloé Vionnet

Muc-Off Young Guns: Lucas Craik, Luca Thurlow

Outlaw United: Etan Bravard, Ethan Donohoe, Dillon Flinders, Marcus Goguen, Caden Gray, Jack Macleod, Dylan Marino, Drake Parker, Jake Polito, Zac Stratton

Pinkbike Racing: Ben Cathro, Mylann Falquet, Wyatt Harrington, Aimi Kenyon, Thibault Laly, Thomas Ollier, Nathan Pontvianne

Pole Factory Racing: Onni Rainio

Propain Positive: Phil Atwill, Marco Lamaris, Sokratis Aris Zotos

RBF Racing: Stacey Fisher, Gareth Northam, Katherine Sharp

Resolute Racing: Oscar Griffiths, Mikayla Parton

Rogue Racing - After Skull Team: Andrea Bonanomi, Davide Cappello, Nicholas Fugazza, Stefano Introzzi, Simone Medici, Davide Palazzari, Sofia Priori Viale, Julian Stimpfl, Patrick Venturi

Synergy 37: Mario Baldwin, Elise Empey, Matthew Empey, Lia Ladbrook, Carter Sloan

Team High Country: Lewis Allbon, Jackson Connelly, Jobe Gentle, Yuki Kushima, Zali Miklas

The Alliance: Caitlin Flavell, James Macdermid, William Macdermid, Alex Wayman, Luke Wayman

Unior-Sinter Factory Racing: Léona Pierrini, Jure Zabjek, Ben Zwar

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 Be curious to see the math on ROI of some of these teams vs. others. Some of these teams like scott or Mondraker are fielding upwards of 7+ riders. Then some of the most successful teams are 3, maybe 4. Just interesting to know what goes into that thought process. i.e. spend on the best riders vs spend on more riders
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 Not all athletes are paid the same, there is a good chance that those 7 riders cost less than the 3 or 4 riders. Then there is the marketing aspect, a manufacturer that has a bunch of new stuff coming out, wants to show the world how good it is, where someone selling the same old stuff isn't going to get as much new business showing off what they already have.
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flag kyleluvsdh (Feb 6, 2023 at 15:53) (Below Threshold)
 Pinkbike refused to post this on the front page for some reason so here it is:
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 So is Blenki not downhill racing? He signed with crestline but they aren't listed here?
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 This lists UCI registered teams (and their specified DH riders). I believe Blenki is racing independently, with Crestline support. Hence no listing in this article
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 @Cabin: Aah makes sense, thanks bud
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 I am sure that I will be down voted but whatever, I am going to put this out there: This is the first season where I am 'meh' about anything UCI DH related. I will not be able to easily watch it live so I am kind of in this spot where X on team Y does not interest me.
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 Sounds like you were pretty stoked on it previously. You can still watch it through GCN with the subscription. I know, not ideal and change is hard from what we got used to. But its really not difficult to watch it live.
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 @wilsonians: I usually watched Red Bull replays in the evening cause I was usually out riding or doing family stuff. From what I understand replays won't be an option, so I'm paying for a Strava membership this year instead of supporrting the ESO Shitshow. I considered supporting Trailforks, but it doesn't seem as good of a value.

I've never once paid to watch televised sports in my entire life, that's not changing cause Chris Ball sold out World Cup DH and contaminated the points series with dumb semi results. He is the only winner in this, and the pro DH racers will get drastically less exposure and lower salaries because of it. Last year was peak World Cup, it's all downhill from here, no pun intended. Crankworx and Hardline needs to expand, that's my interest now.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I think the riders should start their own league, they are what brings in sponsors and fans, they should get a go fund me started now, and angle for a 2026 start. After all EWS was a rogue league back in the day.
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 @wilsonians: The races were early AM. I am either riding or making breakfast. Sometimes I get to watch it live but that is tough. Often times, I pulled the Red Bull section up on Apple TV and caught up before reading and looking at killer photos here. It looks like the latter will be how I keep up this season.

I am willing to pay for content. I have a subscription to Apple for music. I have Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I have had others. Knowing that it has moved to a pay scheme is not of concern to me. What is is that I have no idea what it is going to be like in terms of comment, coverage, angles, etc... With so much up in the air, I am definitely not interested in spending my money on it. So, yeah, I guess it has kille my "stoke" for this season.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Good on ya. Stick it it to them by getting a strava membership! Hit them where it hurts.
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 I'm on the Propain team. I post my results to my 150 followers, wife, and 9 year old. Propain doesn't care, nor do my followers, my wife, and year old.
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 I'm not sure if its pinkbike or GT but whoever it is - Please can you find some other photos of Jess Blewitt now? Like one of her actually riding or something? That photo of the sun shining through her hair has been used so many times now and it is really starting to bother me. It is time to focus more on what female riders can do instead of what they might look like in a shampoo advert.

Rant over, thanks.
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 Kept looking to see where Ben Zwar ended up and he's literally the last one on the list!
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 Unior sinter team bike sponsor will be announced soon
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 I've been seeing a Prototype carbon DH bike at Bromont the past 2 seasons. It reminded me of the last Lapierre DH bike a bit. I never got the chance to talk to the guy as he WILL NOT stop to talk about it lol. I'm curious if that's the bike.
Also I'll be on a brand new DH Prototype this season from a brand new company. Keep your eyes peeled Wink
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 No inclusion of Matt Walker and Bernard Kerr under where it says: Pivot Factory Racing?
I see it says Bernard in the short paragraph below but not in the list of names above for some reason, and again no Matt Walker?
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 Bernard Kerr is listed amongst the riders. I’m sure I read somewhere that Matt Walker is focusing on the EWS for 2023, but still riding for Pivot Factory Racing.
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 "Before you get too excited and start putting some of Sam's iconic race runs on repeat we reached out to Nukeproof who said: "Sam just likes to keep the DH neighborhood curtain twitchers busy and his options open."

I got a better idea, do a full article on all of Sam Hill's epic moments vefore the season starts. You know you want to.
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 Santa Cruz syndicate looks like a powerful team.
  • 3 0
 I didn't know Pole had a downhill bike. Did I miss something or are they probably just putting a dual crown on the VIkkelä? Or maybe not seeing as it's already 190mm
  • 3 0
 Will be very interesting too see. I don't think its probable that they will launch a dedicated dh bike. More likely we will see a modified vikkelä.
  • 2 0
 @yugurt: I heard a rumor they are working on a dedicated DH bike. I bet it will look a lot like Vikkelä. Onni's instagram post had the Vikkelä in it though.
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 @sokantoivo: That'd be really cool to see. I really liked my evolink, and when I finally need another bike it will probably be another Pole.
  • 4 1
 How about a PB Racing update? Inquiring minds want to know what the offseason has been like and how the team is preparing to tackle the upcoming season and all its changes.
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 I'm guessing a really well produced video will come out, just a few weeks after it was needed ;-)
(said with love)
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 Team with biggest age delta: Syndicate
Team who always seems to have the most fun: Pivot
Team who will be confused with half of the other teams: Any of the billion teams sponsored by Commencal
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 Unior Sinter will be racing on Trek Session that means Leona Pierrini and Ben Swar and Co. are going to race on a very competitive machine this year. Effectively, it looks like they are becoming a bit of an alternative satellite Trek team. I'm glad for the riders who will also have support from Fox suspension, TRP will provide the groupset and brake system, while Schwalbe will be the tire of choice and should be able to prevent the Silt wheels from breaking all the time. They should not have many issues getting their bikes serviced properly with Unior tools.
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 FEARON & MANSON are the best name pairing of any DH team and very fitting for FORBIDDEN.
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 Not sure there are enough Commencal teams.
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 That Specialized team is a bit of an alright
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 Super interested to see what Rachel can do. Is it likely she will be back for all the races? World Champs at Fort Bill has got to be on her mind.
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 Commencal / Muc Off looks like an absolute wagon of a team.
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 extremo team for best name
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 But did you see RBF Racing?
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 Where is Loris Revelli?
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 Is Aimi Kenyon still in Jr's? Also @bencathro you racing or full time boss?
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 Aimi is going into her 2nd year of juniors.
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 Curtain twitcher here. "Come on, Sam!"
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 I Denis luffman on fmd shame
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 My best comment of the year would leave you dumbfounded in it's profoundness. Not it's profoundness of ignorance,
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 Only one rider Onni Pole?
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 Don't want to be Rainio my own parade but looks like I missed part of the pun.
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 @mi-bike: a mono-pole-y
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 Maybe that small Pole can hang only one rider
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 Why did I think Greg Minnaar was off to another team? Silly me
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 But what bikes will Resolute Racing be riding??
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 It's called the World Series Now Duhhhh
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 True to tradition pinkbike get Jackson into a bit about Jordan !
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 I would love to see one for the cross country teams
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 That one year old photo of Jess is still amazing!
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 No ride for Dan slack or Jack Reading this year?
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 Why isn't UNNO a registered DH Team with A, Suarez? I hope they don't screw him by not having a DH bike. Shame he didn't end up on a well established team.
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 @payoladas: Opps. Missed it. Thanks.
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 Why does Commencal have 3 different teams? How does that happen
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 Tthey have 7 teams or to be accurate 3/4 supported teams and the others are choosing their frames because they are a known quantity. Just as PBR chose to go the Santa Cruz, while other teams decided to go with Canyon. Canyon is also supporting 3 teams (Cllctv, FMD, Dainese) and an additional 4 teams decided to opt for their frames and. It is a mix of sporting and business decisions on behalf of teams.

More teams are poised to join the rank of Commencal, Santa Cruz or Canyon amongst the teams that are listed and haven't confirmed their frame supplier.

Come to think of it, it is a bit surprising that we don't have more teams using the Trek Session.
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 Am i the only that missed seeing Saturday Sends?
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 Yes, yes you are
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 I miss the best comment of the Year 2022
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 @TreyChristensen: if so please tell me i've just overlooked it or something . Its not on PB from which i've noticed.
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 @likeittacky: That nobody missed seeing Saturday Sends doesn't mean it was posted.It means that nobody cares about Saturday Sends.
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 @mi-bike: Well that explains it. When you feel like the dork in the grade school lunchroom Frown

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