Race Face Announces New Turbine R 35 Wheels

Jul 28, 2020 at 15:41
by Race Face  


Because we're riders too, our ultimate goal is always to make wheels we’re stoked to get out on - strong, sturdy, no hassle, and fast! With that in mind, we’re stoked to welcome the enduro-rated R 35 to our Turbine lineup of wheels.

The Turbine R's lightweight, stiff and durable 6069 welded Alloy rim with a dirt hugging 35mm inner width creates a traction-optimized setup for wider tires ( 2.4-2.8 ). A 4.5mm offset spoke bed laced with double-butted straight pull spokes offers ideal wheel stiffness, strength, and overall tension balance. The distinct rim bead means easy tubeless setup and optimal wheel security as you rip through the turns.

The unsung hero of the Turbine R 35 wheelset is our tried and true Vault Hub - high engagement, big time performance. Its oversized body and flanges keep things tracking straight while its wide bearing stance and large cartridge bearings offer great durability, season after season.

The Turbine R 35 is available in 27.5” + 29" and all modern spacing options (Boost + Super Boost) and cassette body choices (Microspline/XD/HG).

Turbine R 35 Wheel Specs
Built For: Trail/All Mountain/Enduro
Sizes: 27.5, 29”
Rim: 6069 Alloy, welded seam, tubeless ready (tape and valves installed)
Internal Rim Width: 35mm
Rim Depth: 20mm
Rim Offset: 4.5mm
Hub Spacing Options: Front - 15x110 Boost (15x110 Torque Cap Conversion Available) / Rear - 12x148 Boost + 12x157 Super Boost
Spokes: Sapim D-Light, 28 F/R, 3X pattern (5 spares included, single spoke length for the whole wheelset)
Wheelset Weight: 27.5” – 1766g, 29”- 1853g
MSRP: $900 USD

Vault Hub Features
- Oversized flange for improved bracing angle and larger bearings
- Wide bearing stance
- 6 double tooth pawls (3 engage at a time)
- 120 points of engagement (3 degrees)
- Individually sprung pawls
- One length spoke used throughout wheelset (F&R).
- Tool-free interchangeable end caps (sold separately)
- Low drag labyrinth cassette body seal
- Available in Boost + SuperBoost configuration
- Microspline/XD/HG Cassette body options available

Get ready to get out and enjoy the wider side of life on our rally-ready Turbine R 35 wheelset. Yew! Available at your local RF dealer or in North America on www.raceface.com or www.raceface.ca.


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 As poor as the community response was to this release, at least RF is responding in the comments, especially to all the negs!
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 Yup. It's easy to run and hide..props to @raceface for not doing that
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 I feel as a satisfied customer I need to chime in. I have had Next SL cranks, Next handle bars and RF stems and I will never go back to any other. I have the RF cover on the tail of my truck that replaced the Dakine which I didnt care for and again love the RF (the position of the cushions for the fork and velcro to secure the downtube position). I have the RF ambush knee pads and I can tell you here in the muddy PNW it's a god sent. I can take my knee pads off without dragging dirt all over and can put them on and off on descents and climbs without having to take my shoes off in a matter of seconds.

But most of all I love their support. Whenever I call them I get someone who actually knows about their products and obviously rides. This has made me a loyal customer of theirs.

Whether these wheels are in my future or not I cannot say but I will wait on reviews and word of mouth to pass judgment.
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 @dirtypants: Thanks for riding Race Face !
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 Absurd pricing. I'm also not sold on anything wider than 30mm. I ran Stan's Barons for a bit and had more pinchflats and dented rims than with narrower rims and I run 28-30psi rear and 24-26psi front...
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 totally agree 30 is the happy medium, hell i ride 2.8 with my 35's. a 2.6 would be rim smashing extreme
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 Yep, price is too high. Can buy a set of Bontrager Elite 30 Carbon for the exact same price ($900USD).
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flag chillrider199 (Jul 29, 2020 at 8:38) (Below Threshold)
 Wait wait. $900 for a carbon wheelset is absurd? I thought Enves, Bontrager, or some DT swiss pricing was viewed as absurd.
Or am I having one of those moments where I cannot read obvious sarcasm over text?
But the above 30mm thing, agreed.
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 @chillrider199: I don't understand. We're saying $900USD for an aluminum wheelset is expensive (Aka this Turbine R wheelset). I'm saying you can buy a carbon wheelset for the same price.
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 @Ryan2949: OH SHIT. My bad. I thought I read it was carbon. Yeah $900 is bullshit.
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 @Ryan2949: A carbon wheelset on a hubset that most likely will not perform on the same level of our high end Vault hubset. Our Turbine R wheelsets (both the 30 + 35 models) offer durable performance at a weight that matches up well against these mid-priced carbon options that may not give you the same long term durability of our high end Turbine R rim + Vault hub combination.

We understand that a $900 pricetag may seem high, which is why we build our wheels to be tough and ready to deliver hassle free fun times on your bike season after season.
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 @raceface: The weight is good, especially on the 30s, I'll give you that. Carbon wheelset prices are just as absurd IMO. Wheels take so much abuse, I'm done spending big bucks on them. A solid hub and a rims that balance weight, durability and price are my go to now. I'd love to try the Turbine R 30 sometime, maybe they'd surprise me and prove their value.

I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised by the ARC27s on my new Tallboy. I've pinged the front and rear pretty good a few times now and they're still true and dent free.
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 @raceface: I can just go on chain reaction and get a set of hope or stan wheels for half the price lol why would I wanna pay twice the price for your wheels?
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 @Ryan2949: When Bikeradar reviewed the $1200 Bontrager Line Pro 30 Carbon wheels, they had three rear wheel failures.
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 @Bob12051968: Was this on the 2021 model? If I recall they changed their rims for 2021 vs 2020 and under.

EDIT: Just saw it's from 2018.
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 35's are boat anchors, and if you're going to pay $900 for wheels, you're better of spending a little more building lacing a set of Mk3 Flows to Kings or Hadleys.
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flag ti-marc (Jul 29, 2020 at 12:22) (Below Threshold)
the rear hub is crap...
creaking like mad!!!!!!
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 @mhoshal: stans rim is noodle
raceface hub crap
hope world war proof
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 @raceface: how's the warranty?
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 @ti-marc: Hey there. Saw your few different comments on your opinions and experience with our Vault hub and we have commented on some of those below. Would truly invite you to drop an email through to our support team at service@raceface.ca to talk through your Vault hub issues and find a solution that will get you stoked on your RF wheels again!
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 @NotSorry: Thanks for the reply here. Yea we definitely strive to make the strongest rims possible - all the way from the top of the line offerings like Next , and Turbine through the burly Atlas and our rim only options like the ARC Offset.

We think you will be stoked with the performance and durability you would get from the Turbine R 30 wheels. We get tons of positive feedback from all our EWS race teams on the amount of punishment the Turbine's can soak up and be ready for more!
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 @Ryan2949: if you buy a carbon wheelset for $900 new, you are an idiot that likes taking some terrible chances. lol

wheel math:

quality AL hoop=$100 each
quality spokes=$35-50 wheel
Quality Hubset=$400(especially 3º or better engagement)
labor=$150 min.

that's $850 on the low end.

now, how is $900 absurd?????
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If anyone's really itching to spend $900 on an alu wheelset there's always that one little company out of North Carolina and then you're on HYDRA hubs.

I don't have experience on RF hubs but doubt they stand up to Hydras.

Also rather than buy Bontys for $900 you can always have your local wheelbuilder (or friend) lace up some DT 350s on china-direct carbon rims for this price, or less. Based on how well mine have held up I doubt a brand name carbon set at the same price will hold up as well. And you can customize quite a bit on rim dimensions and layup.

Idea - wheel shootout. $900 carbon wheels vs $900 alu wheels. Why the hell haven't the big players done this yet.

Get on it PB!

Also - I'll happily thrash these vs some Bontys and report back @raceface
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Because this isn't a custom built wheelset where you're paying for all the parts individually, including labor.

Price out your bike this way and it's hella cheaper in most cases to buy a full bike instead of the sum of it's components and the local shop to throw it together.

I'm not pushing any one brand but a Stan's Flow MK3 wheelset msrp on their site is $679. This wheel set is about 33% more expensive.

Yes a premium hub can easily justify a $900 pricepoint. Is anyone saying these hubs are as good as Industry Nine ones? They would have to be to justify the price.
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 @WasatchEnduro: I9 hydras are $620 or something alone. I literally build wheels for a living and I wouldn't build someone Stans Flows on hydras for under $900. literally no profit in that.

these are both lower priced and of probably lower quality than stans/I9

as much as distrust all RF products after multiple failures, I don't think these are out of line price wise, if they had commensurate quality.
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Just saying that the Industry Nine Enduro S Hydra wheelset is priced in line with this 'top tier' offering from RaceFace.

I just checked again and it's not $900, it's $975 list. If that's the benchmark for a top tier alu wheelset that's 'mass produced', not custom built, then this offering from RF is overpriced.
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 @WasatchEnduro: i have both, IMO the Vaults are better then the I9’s
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“That’s a bold statement.” -VV
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 Meh im happy with my 460 euros bomb proof fortus 30 wheels
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 @raceface: those rims look exactly like the e13 trs+ rims..... Hhhmmmmm, perhaps they're both rolled in the same factory in China... I mean, Alex rolls a lot of the high end dt Swiss stuff and others.... If race face cared sooo much about building a burly, hassle free ready to go wheel set, why don't they set a new standard on lower pricing....
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 I've been on @raceface Vault hubs for a season and a half or there about now. I can say from my own personal experience that they are quite good. I'm most impressed with the bearings and sealing - Southern Ontario dirt is just sand and silt, and manages to to cook bearings pretty quick. I've seen many hub bearings not last half a season of riding. RF sealing is so good, the factory grease coating on the outside of every bearing (under the seal and cap) still looks new to this day when I pop them off, and they roll smooth as they day I built them. They have a very slight bit of drag, which I suppose is the price of great sealing, so it's hard to complain at all. 120 poe of engagement, also well sealed and still operating as they should.

Then there is the hub geometry. The extra tall flanges allow you to use shorter spokes, and result in wider bracing angles, which theoretically should help build the Vaults into a stiffer wheel than most other hubs. And they also look kind of cool, IMHO.

For the record I have ridden and own/owned Onyx, Factor, Chris King, Industry Nine, Hope, DT, and others and I (again from my experience) definitely think RaceFace Vaults are a very fine hub that I would use again myself without any hesitation.
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 @ti-marc: I had horrid creaking on my Turbine Rs. Turned out to be the rim rather than the hub, try finding the 1mm hole in the rim edge and pinching it there, you might be able to hear it. Lots of people have had this problems with the weld failing there. I've had it on 2 rears, the original one I bought and the warranty replacement. Fortunately I didn't pay sticker.
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 Sure your dented rims aren't from the fact that stans are made of garbage, and very little of it at that?
Bet you wouldn't smash a dt xm551/hx581

I've got some reynolds carbon i36 on the trai bike, and I agree they are too wide for 2.5, can't stomach 2.6 too bouncy and to squirmy and they roll over at speed. They work ok with 2.5 but the sidewalls are a little exposed by the knobs, and the rims are a little exposed by the sidewall. Ive got some 30mm internal on the dh bike but with different casings and such a different bike its hard to compare the rims.

Anyways I think 33-35mm up front, paired with a 30mm rear like crank brothers is pushing might be pretty slick
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 @SlodownU: stans are made of garbage
If i had one given to me I wouldn't waste time lacing it. Dt swiss buddy dt swiss, an enduro rated dt is stronger than a down hill stans....
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 @WasatchEnduro: those stans lasted two of my buddies all of 2 months...
Made of garbage.
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 @WasatchEnduro: my experience with I9 is that they are pretty poorly sealed, and use trash enduro bearings instead of a proper Japanese NTN, and i bent an axle. Also torches were embarrassingly loud i actually put a project 321 driver and ring in my torch because I couldn't deal with the noise.
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yeah the flow set I had years ago was pretty soft. I have no interest in trying them again... just still confused how Lyle rides them off cliffs.
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Ha! My rear hub is a P321 w the silent pawls. Love it.
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 @raceface: OH yeah I did

I emailed about the 20mm end caps having 0.006" (0.152mm) clearance in the thru axle resulting in play even with the axle cranked down.

This is crap. Buy a Hubset based flange diameter and spacing to build a laterally stiff wheel then the hub lets you down.... by allowing latetal deflection.....

Also the rear freehub seal is literally shit.
All 4 of the used ones I've seen have mud and rust in the freehub cavity (not my new one i wouldn't let that happen). Also I like to run oil in my freehub and these won't hold oil...
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 @mhoshal: because Stan's rims are made of cheese and love dents
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 @WasatchEnduro: I wouldn't say the Vaults are necessary better than Hydras. But certainly they don't give up much, and do have some advantages. I can see how someone may prefer the Vaults. They are very good.
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 Is the price ridiculous if they are comparable to carbon in performance and weight? I've had a set of the Turbine R 30mm wheels for almost 2 years now. Haven't even had to true them once. These are probably the most reliable things hanging off my frame, and at 1700g they weigh as little as many carbon options.
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 That's all well and good but when you can buy a product with a lifetime warranty for the same price....
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 I have the turbine R 30mm wheels on a full suspension and a hardtail and I’m also a fat bastard and I cannot kill these wheels. I haven’t had to true them at all.

They are pricey but they are worth it.
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 @BDubs1986: Expect many more seasons of fun on your Turbine R wheels!
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 The Race Face Turbine R wheels are the strongest Trail/Enduro wheels we've ever ridden and tested. For the past 4 years, we've been racing the 30mm version at every EWS stops and we never had a single wheel failure. In EWS if your wheels don't hold up you can get time penalties or even DNFs. You need to be able to fully trust your wheels. They've been through the most horrible treatments and never let us down. The newly 35mm version is the perfect fit for all the new wider tire options. Might not be the best suited for pros and riders who ride really hard but for the vast majority of riders, it's a definitely a great option to consider.
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 So many armchair engineers in here. Amazing how some of you guys are able to know everything about a product including how durable it is and how reliable it is simply by reading the headline on an article.

How can I learn this power!?!?? ????
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 Don’t worry Dubs... you’ll get there some day. You only need 10k hours (unverified) of online research and trolling and a small fee to AE University (dm me).

Riding experience preferred but not necessary.
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 30mm internal width seems to work best for me for 2.3-2.5 tires. I don't like the feel of fatter tires and have no need for rims this wide. 35mm rims are probably too wide for 2.3 tires unless you want your tires to have a very square profile.
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 Even most 2.5s ride like shit on 35mm rims
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 We have our Turbine R 30 wheelset available for riders. With more and more wide trail tires coming out we wanted to offer riders a chance to run those wider tire options efficiently and able to take full advantage of the addition traction this wide tires offer. We are not telling anyone the need to switch from a 30mm wide wheel. The Turbine R 35 is there for riders wanting to take full advantage of the wide trail tires.
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 I'm running my Turbine R 30 with a 2.6 tyre up front and couldn't be happier with it.
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 @tremeer023: Awesome to hear. This new 35mm wide option is available for riders that want to go with a wide tire/wide rim combo. If the R 30 wheels are working for you then keep on keeping on !
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stop spending 4K on carbon we have a set of aluminium hoops that cost$1500.00CDN almost as much as your skateboard.
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 Thanks for your feedback here. CAD MSRP for the Turbine R 35 wheelset is $1195. This is our top end trail/enduro alloy wheelset that rolls on a quality, high end hub (Vault hub) and will last a rider for years. We offer other wheel options at lower pricepoints.
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 @raceface: if these wheels are as good as your cranks I definitely won't be buying them.
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 @ollyman: or handlbars.....had 2 sets of SixC bars snap clean off on jumps. got told by RF that it's crash damage.

um, no. I crashed BECAUSE your shit bars snapped.
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That's horrible. A local guy here also snapped one of their bars in normal riding conditions. I guess that doesn't mean it wasn't damaged previously though.

I had the Chromag BZA carbon bar (dh-rated) on my last bike and it was solid. About 25 more grams (235) than the SixC (210).

I'm on the OneUp bar now at 220g and haven't heard of any failures. Have a friend on one too.

I've had good experience though with RaceFace stems, cranks, and bars though, at least the aluminum ones.
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 @WasatchEnduro: LOL. truly horrendous QC, but somehow worse CS response. LMFAO

yeah I have a BZA on my hardtail and the Oneup on my Full sus. both rad bars that take punishment without failure so far. I will never ever buy a piece, nor ride a bike with, of RF carbon on it. I like my teeth too much.
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 @raceface: i adore Raceface and have flown the flag of parts, clothing and people but this is to costly a venture for aluminium and after tax its 1500CDN plus delivery
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 @ollyman: LOL Indeed!
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 @conoat: Super sprry to hear about those bar issues - and we understand your frustrations. When was it tht you had these Sixc bar troubles? Was it the 35 or 31.8 version of the bar? Not sure who here was giving you that response but it is something that we would agree with. Would like to learn more here and investigate what we can do to help you feel better about RF again.
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 @conoat: hope you were ok from that it can be brutal. I stopped using carbon and switched back to Raceface and Chromag aluminium and have had zero issues since. I found that certain clamps scarred the carbon when twisted like a brake lever and that was where my snap occurred. I have seen very few issues of failed carbon bars in the last few years. That said I also switched back to aluminum frames for all bike purchases 2 years ago I prefer the feel.
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 @raceface: one of each size, actually. This was 2017/18. Both of them broke 1-1.5" away from the stem mounting point.

Thanks for the reply, but it was there's two issues as well as a snapped crank that really put me off your stuff. I have beaten the absolUte dog piss out of a set of carbon XX1 cranks for the last 2.5 years and they are fine.
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 I have the old turbine R rims with the vault hubs. My honest review is that I love them. They're solid. I've had them for less than a year but so far so good. I've ridden a friend's bike and the first thing I noticed was how much I hated his wheelset. I'm now a wheel snob; oof.

All in all, if they're like the old ones I'd expect them to be pretty high quality.
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 I don't even know why I clicked
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 35mm is a fad, and a weak rim. To keep weight down, the alloy is thinner, meaning these rims deform easier. A 2.4 - 2.8 non-wide track tire fits fine on a 30mm rim, which is structurally stronger. I busted two 35mm rims within 3 months. Switched back to 30mm rims and only had one failure in 22 months, and that failure was covered as a recall. One set of those 30mm rims was also on a 'weaker' 28 spoke design.
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 Thanks for your opinions here. We are offering a wider 35mm option for our Turbine R wheels because of the numerous wider (2.5 and over) trail/AM specific tires options available now wanted to offer riders a Turbine R level option to run these wider tire effectively. We had have our Turbine R 30 wheel available for a number of seasons now and it is a sturdy, reliable wheelset that has been proven under the bikes of top end EWS riders on the Rocky/RF Enduro Team, Unior/ Devinci Team and the Orbea Enduro team.

We are here to offer riders durable solutions and options. We now can offer proven Turbine R wheel performance in both the popular 30mm width and now 35mm for an efficient option for running wider, aggressive tires. The overall strength and durability of the 30 and 35 Turbine R wheels will be same.
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 I'm running the Turbine SLs for XC/DC and they are surprisingly rad. Light(ish) and burly enough to send, with the right snap for XC racing.
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 Awesome. Yeah our Next and Turbine SL wheels are burly for charging and still light and snappy for more traditional XC performance needs. We design + build strong, durable and FUN wheels!
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 @raceface: Last spring I bought some Next SL wheels and just recently I cracked the rear rim on a dirt jump. My fault, low pressure too much speed in the gnarl. My LBS sent them to you for a no questions repair and you sent me not a new hoop but a complete new wheel with some replacement spokes.It only took a week and a half.
A week and a half in the bike industry is like same day in Amazon terms.
I am so happy I am going to order a set of wheels for my enduro sled. Thanks
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 @RLEnglish: We would not suggest that our Next SL wheels are the best choice for dirt jumping but yes we always stand behind our carbon wheels with our 2 year no fault guarantee! Glad we could get you rolling again in short order. Have fun on those SL's and that next set of R rated RF wheels!
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 I had the similar experience with my Aeffect rear hub disintegrating as I rode... two warranties later and it was replaced with a Turbine R.... So I can't complain about that. The hub seems after about 3 months to be pretty solid but it does squeak like a small mouse is dying when pedalling.... and the rim is holding up just ok. I run DH tire with 30 psi or so and would've expected a bit better.
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 Raceface has the same street credit as Sram on Pinkbike Lol dare you mention there product is amazing but from my experience first class my only complaint I haven’t won there monthly draw keep kicking ass your still the best but don’t rest
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 I bought an older set of raceface turbines back in 2015 and still ride them on the same bike. I have never had to true them or tension the spokes. They hold a true and the tension unlike anything I’ve ever heard of.
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 @freeclimber2k Awesome to hear. Glad those Turbine wheels are treating you so well!
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 The banner ad for these was "Raceface - we let our wheels do the talking". I think let our wheels do the creaking is more accurate. My Rear Turbine R developed a click at the rim in less than a year, as did the warranty replacement. This problem seems common, it also happened to some pro reviewers (blister I think?), and there's tonnes of forum reports.

So @raceface seeming as you're being dudes and taking flack in the comments have you identified what caused this problem and fixed it for the 35s?

Gotta say I love the hubs though, and the equal length spokes are great. I like the wheels, just wish they were quiet.
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 Edit: it was actually the guys at enduro-mtb who had the noisy wheel, not blister.
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 I bought RF Turbine seatpost in 2016 and when it required regular service I was told by local RF representative to literally throw it away and buy a new one. There are no service parts, and it's not possible to service or repair it. It's to be discarded when it malfunctions after warranty period... It means it's even worse than modern printers. It didn't feel nice to be ripped off but as it turns out - the bike still rides with regular seatpost instead of dropper even in 2020. Who would have thought.
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 hey raceface
how come you went with 28 spoke? I am debating on these wheels but I am a clumsy Clydesdale (6'-210#) that has been truing rims since I started riding. The boys at the shop are worried these wont hold up the way 32 spoke's would.
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 Bought a set of Race Face AEffect wheels a couple of years back, were the worst made hubs I've ever seen. Warrantied twice then gave up. Such a shit design and way too much money for such poor quality
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 I just can't go back to pawl-type hubs after having so many fail from various manufacturers, and thousands of trouble free miles on DT350s.
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 Thanks for your comments. We are sorry to hear of your poor experience on that Aeffect wheelset. We are always pushing to create products that offer category leading durability and reliability but here it sounds like we failed you with that older Aeffect wheelset. The Turbine R wheels are at a higher quality in terms of strength and overall design robustness. Comparing the performance of Turbine R wheels to Aeffect is like comparing a race car to a mini van. We do hope you look to RF wheels in the future and give us a chance to win back your trust.
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 @raceface: interesting analogy.... if the difference was so great, why sell the Aeffect in the first place...
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 @LeecarL: Because people want and use things for both sides of the spectrum.
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 @raceface: I was with you till you dissed minvans.
  • 3 0
 @muumuu: Its was not a diss at all. Just saying that we have product offerings that work for all styles of riders and their needs. Minivans rock!!
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 @jpcars10s: if you do
Project 321 are really sick
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 Used to have a pair of Turbine R, creaked so bad and nothing you could do about it, made me lose my mind. Lost proof of purchase in a move so all I could do was shelf them and buy some i9 which have had no problems.
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 Bummer to hear about those creaks on that Turbine R 30 set. What year did you purchase those wheels? Would love to find a way to sort out a solution here.
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 Would cost me almost exact same price to build a set to price is on point. I'm curious is there a non boost his version ? 20mm front axle for DH forks? 26 inch ?
  • 5 3
 Is it Canadians with some undeserved loyalty that keep this brand alive? Consistently the lowest quality hardware.
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 @raceface When will I see more 45mm ID rims? 4 seasons and going strong on the ARC 45, but... 3.0 Minions are a thing and these might fail?
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 "(5 spares included, single spoke length for the whole wheelset)"

Nice to see those spare parts and equal spoke size in use.
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 Is 35mm the new 2.5 maxxis tire? Kinda seems like it for rim width.
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 Couple hundred more gets you some sweet I-9's. 28 spokes on an "Enduro" wheelset?
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 those raceface rim are super quality.
but the the 2 part rear hub is not good for the price$$$$$
my hub is dead and the rim still good!
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 Sorry to hear about the issue with your rear Vault. Have you been in contact with our service team? They would love to talk about your hub and find a solution to make things right and get that wheelset rolling again! Please send an email out to: service@raceface.ca and they will work with you on a resolution.
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 @raceface: thanks you for your advice.i really like raceface product!
i try ,they just say is not warranty anymore?
i just got my new CUSTOM wheelset raceface arc30 offset with chrisking hub (1500$ euh)
slam it on the chromag do trial/dirt jump/trail/enduro/bike park and repeat
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 Fourth season on my trusty 29" Turbine R wheelset and still going strong, thanks @raceface !! Smile
  • 3 2
 Meanwhile, I am still riding my 21mm Sram Roam 50.
  • 9 2
 Awesome! If that rim width works for you then have at it. Not pushing any agenda here....just offering product options for all riders.
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 I could put a set of DT rims on Onyx hubs for $900. You guys seem to think your hubs are premium but I can't see how that is warranted.
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 why are bike wheels more than my trucks ? 1200 gets you 4 wheels and 4 tires at most wheels hops like discount tire
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 Well for starters, your truck wheels are likely a single solid piece of metal with zero moving parts. Compare that with your bike’s hollow cross section rims, tape, tubeless valves, spokes, nipples, hub shell, freehub, pawls, springs, bearings, endcaps, etc. All of which need to be manufactured to a fairly high degree of precision and then assembled.
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flag Ajirruti (Jul 29, 2020 at 13:35) (Below Threshold)
 @MegaStoke: yeah i see the words you wrote down and still dont see it. im also gonna compare them to stans wheels that are all assembled by hand or so they claim and run 400 cheaper ??. not to mention the amount of testing that car wheel manufacturers need to do before putting a wheel on the market im sure cost a little more . like Dynamic radial and cornering fatigue ,Torsional fatigue, Hydrostatic burst tests, Impact testing, Strain gauging/stress analysis, Rim contour/dimensional checks, Rim flange strength, Metallurgical tests, Coatings analysis and Forensic investigation. now im sure race face invests some time and money but to just say "theres moving parts in a bike wheel" to justify the cost comparison ...say you break a spoke a bike shop charges a dollar a spoke , hoops are cheap the real money is in the hub ... i love RF but .... the market is super inflated
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