Results: Slopestyle - Crankworx Rotorua 2024

Mar 23, 2024 at 16:14
by Sarah Moore  
While the men's category did not proceed as planned today for the Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza, the women absolutely threw down, with Robin Goomes coming away victorious in the first-ever Diamond Level Women’s Slopestyle World Championship event.

You can watch the replay here.

Pro Women

1st. Robin Goomes 90.75
2nd. Harriet Burbidge-Smith 85.50
3rd. Caroline Buchanan 80.25
4th. Natasha Miller 79.50
5th. Shealen Reno 74.50

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 That was incredible! Every single competitor brought her A-game and I could tell that it's only up from here - getting the nerves out for this first event will set them up for Cairns (Buchanan has thrown backflips and frontflips before). The only downside was not getting to see Patricia Druwen and I hope that changes very soon.
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 Where was Druwen?
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 @mattjolley: pulled out due to illness
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 @nrelf038: Spewing. Can't wait to see her kill it at the next one.
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 Hell yah Robin!! Slayed it.
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 Stoked for her, Champ! @Robin_Riding_Hood
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 Was so emotional to see! I can't imagine the nerves dropping in. I loved Haz and Robin's pure enthusiasm and stoke for each other and just party training down for Run 2. And loved seeing the other girls best themselves from Run 1 to Run 2. I can't wait to see the progression throughout the season and beyond!
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 Natasha Miller, straight out of Coquitlam! Nice work Girl.
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(I've got nothing but we have to do this, right?)
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 I hadn't grasped she was from Coquitlam until the broadcast. My heart swelled with pride, even though I'm from the City of Vancouver. Speaking of which I talked to Mia Moore at the recent Bike Show. She is so amped for Crankworx Whistler.
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 She had such sick style and those bars on lock! If she can learn flips she will for sure be in contention for the top spot! Epic
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 @brance: tbf i def had her above Caroline
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 @brance: I dunno man. I feel like her run was better than Buchanan's. Buchanan lost speed and cased a jump.
Natasha's double bar spin was a bigger deal. It felt Caroline got the podium as a legacy thing.
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 Fantastic to see! I think the camera work could have been a lot better though. Every jump was foreshortened and most of the take-off ramp was shown and just as you were anticipating the pop, the camera would cut to a view where the rider wasn't visible!
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 The best part was watching with my 3-year-old duaghter and when Caroline dropped she noticed her pony tail and got all excited screaming "that's a girl that's a girl" and was jumping up and down the whole comp.

This is giving little girls like mine another thing to dream about doing one day!
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 I watched it live with my wife and our infant daughter. She won't remember the moment, but we sure will.
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 Girls ripping on bikes is always a good thing. hopefully this helps to inspire the next generation of girl shredders even more Big Grin
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 Awesome, more to come on the whole world tour!
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 Sick! Whistler is going to be wild!
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 So good! If you look at how much women's ski and snowboard has progressed in the last few years, slopestyle is going to be so great!
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 Unreal to see this massive evolution in womens slopestyle live and be part of something incredibly special. Thanks to all the riders and congrats Robin!
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 It was so sick watching it! I was unaware of Natasha Miller till this event. She’s going to be a serious threat. This is what women's slopestyle needed. Bringing more women to the spot light.
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 What exactly is a "Diamond Level Slopestyle World Championship event."

Cuz that term has been flying around for the past few days and it's making me insane. It sounds like something 4 year old would name an event.
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 Bronze - Silver - Gold - Diamond. The top tier of the event system
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 @Joyrode: I wonder who will win the bronze tier world championships
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 @Joyrode: what about platinum tho?
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 Buzzing to see the rest of the year. So good and just the start.
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 What a rad event everyone put down such a good performance! Excited for the future of women’s slope style
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 Good show, thanks for throwin' down - fans
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 My personal opinion: That was super boring. Sorry girls. Now go ahead and roast me for being honest. Pfffffff.
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flag Bibico (Mar 24, 2024 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 They'll probably delete your comment. Anything that's not super positive about the women is at risk of deletion. Trust me, I know.
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flag alexjot (Mar 24, 2024 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
PEOPLE.” - Warren Buffett
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 The victory lap/party train at the end felt like a bit of a cop out and wasted opportunity considering the small field of riders and being the first ever Womens event. Like thanks for the opportunity but we aren't going to try and be competitive kinda thing. Yes the men do it too every so often, but for the first chance at the big stage it was just anticlimactic.
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 loads more exciting than the mens this year
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 Maybe you're looking for something more spectacular, perhaps you need to be that person to yourself?

Being a spectator is not about you, it's about the people performing.

If you want more outta' life and can't tolerate or appreciate what others do, then that's about you.

And FYI, your post was a dick move, no different than making the same comment about anyone.

If you can't find anything nice to say, then keep it to yourself.
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 I'm gonna venture a guess and say that these badass women do not give a shit about the opinion of a 49 year old man that spends more time thinking about riding bikes naked and getting his "wiener getting stuck" in the linkage rather than trying to practice these tricks so he doesn't feel so inferior.
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 @emwooldridge: You are so cruel. That potential „Wiener getting stuck“ situation makes me tear out of sleep every single night. It’s traumatic. You girls have no idea!
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 @sanchofula: Do you start crying every time a different opinion hits you? Grow up.
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 @alexjot: nope, I especially don’t care about what anonymous internet jerks think, but I call a spade a spade, and being a dick is being dick.

Maybe you guys are buddies?
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 @sanchofula: So you don’t care what an internet jerk thinks but you are getting all fired up and emotional resulting in getting personal?

Let me ask you something: What is wrong if you get triggered by a random dude’s personal optinion?

A) That random dude’s personal opinion
B) Your self-esteem
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 yes, the tricks were less spectacular than the men. But you have to consider that this was a world first ! You can't expect them to trhow crazy flips if it's the first year when men have been doing crankworx for two decades. Also, the line up was 5 women. Way less women ride than men and since the group of rider is smaller the chances number of elite riders will always be less. You can think that today, but wait for cairns, or next year, or in 10 years. It's like looking at rampage in the early 00's and comparing it to today !
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 Ladies are raising the bar every year, love it
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 That was sick!
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 Were there only 5 women? FULL results, pinkbike??
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 Yes. There were six competitors in all but the 6th (Druwen) did not compete due to illness.
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 @barp: oh lol oops …
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